Guide: Reaching Planetouched Wilds Weekly Quests

There are four new weekly quests in the Planetouched Wilds which rewards Nightmare Tide marks.

Planetouched Wilds Weekly Quests

To get to them, you need to go to the Plain of the Ancestors in the Plaintouched Wilds located east of Droughtlands in Mathosia.

Location Planetouched Wilds Weekly Quest NPCs Turok Bolormaa Enkhtuya

All four NPCs are located at /setwaypoint 10113 4944.

Also just a heads up: Two of the weekly questgivers are inside the hut behind Turok.

Jumping Guide

It seems a lot of players are having trouble jumping up to the weekly questgivers.

Planetouched Wilds Weekly Jumping

In order to be able to easily make the two jumps required to get to the weekly questgivers, you need to have the Shalistiri’s Gift buff; basically the superjump you get in the zone.

The Shalistiri’s Gift is applied to you throughout the zone. HOWEVER, it only applies on your home shard. This is why a lot of players are failing the jumps. Go on your home shard and you’ll get the Shalistiri’s Gift buff; then you can easily jump onto the floating platforms!

If that fails, relog. It seems moving to a different instance removes your buff.

Once you have the Shalistiri’s Gift buff, the jumping becomes super-easy. Hope that helps you pick up the weeklies!

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