Notice: For Those Who Can’t Login

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Notice: If you can’t access your character/s in RIFT since today’s RIFT 3.4: Into the Wilds patch, Trion has mentioned a few things on this issue:

Disable Addons

First, if your issue is with character login, try disabling Addons from the character select screen. Then restart the game and give it a go. A few players have indicated that they were able to successfully enter the game with their character after that.

Upcoming Hotfix

There should be a hotfix coming tomorrow (Oct 8th) that should fix the issue.
Hotfix has now gone out. Unfortunately, didn’t fix the issue.

If You Are Stuck

If you are still unable to access your character after trying the ‘Disable Addons’ option, please post your charactername@shardname in TrionBrasse’s thread here.

Trion’s CS team will try their best to manually unstuck your character for you throughout the night.


[10/08/15 3:08PM] Snedhepl has stated that Trion has identified the issue and a fix is in the process of being implemented. However, it still needs some internal testing before it can be safely deployed onto live “in the near future”. No exact ETA yet. [r]

[10/08/15 9:17AM] Snedhepl has mentioned that they’ve figured out the reason why a few players’ mains aren’t able to login: It’s because you have a large amount of collectible items on your character and after a certain value, the game is unable to “unpack all the values and errors out”.

RIFT 3.4 Hotfix #1 tried to tell the game that unpacking all the values on your character is okay, but unfortunately the fix didn’t work out. Trion still investigating a solution.

Hi everyone!

Thought I’d drop in and give you all an update as to what’s going on. We are currently still investigating a fix, but right now it seems related to how many collectible items your character has: once a certain number is reached the game is then unable to unpack all the values and errors out.

The fix was an attempt to inform the game ‘no really this is fine, you really can unpack all those values’. Unfortunately said fix didn’t take and we are continuing to investigate this. It is our top priority.

[Source: Snedhepl]

[10/08/15 7:30AM] NA goes down for RIFT 3.4 Hotfix #1 with possible fix.

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