Guide: Summoning the Golden Devourer Open Raid Boss

Golden Devourer Feature Image

The Golden Devourer is a special Level 67 Open Raid Boss that appears in The Dendrome (Level 60 zone in Storm Legion/Brevane). It was introduced with Fae Yule World Event 2014.

The Golden Devourer is found at the same place as where Senbora the Devourer spawns at the bottom of Greenscale’s Crater in the Level 60 zone, The Dendrome at (4491, 4545).

Note: You will need a large group, probably multiple raids to take this boss on, especially if you want to take him down in a reasonable amount of time as he can spawn with approx 1.5 billion hp.

Summoning The Golden Devourer

Golden Devourer Golden Mark Nightmare Coast Location

Golden Mark Nightmare Coast Location

To summon the Golden Devourer, you need to go to the Level 65 Expert Dungeon – Nightmare Coast.

Just behind the first boss of Nightmare Coast is a stream with some blue lights guiding the way to a cave.

  • You can enter Expert Nightmare Coast yourself via Shimmersand at the portal located at the south-most point of the purple line in the image above.
  • You can solo this by avoiding mobs, being in a heal spec and just running to the cave.

The Golden Mark

The Golden Mark Buff

The Golden Mark Buff

Going into the cave will get you the 1hr “The Golden Mark” buff and instantly teleport you to the cave right in front of the Golden Devourer’s spawn point in The Dendrome.

The Golden Devourer will spawn at the same time that you are teleported to Greenscale’s Crater in The Dendrome whilst having “The Golden Mark” buff up.

Unlike Senbora the Devourer, you do not need to kill all the parasites in the area to spawn the Golden Devourer.

(Thanks to Tahrin for the information on how to summon The Golden Devourer!)

Reward for The Golden Devourer

Minion Card The Golden Devourer

You get a quest completion (kind of like carnage quests) even without picking up any quests once the Golden Devourer dies. The quest rewards: Minion Card: The Golden Devourer; 200x Fragments of Horror (Tier 1 Raid currency); Dark Ice Bell, 434k XP and 1p 73g 34s.

Minion Card: The Golden Devourer has Earth and Assassination attributes and starts with 12 stamina.

Have fun with the boss and getting your Minion Card! The quest is auto-completed upon kill and you seem to only get to complete it once. Subsequent kills only rewards a very small amount of Void Stones and planarite.

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