Guide: Popular Private Channels

There are a few popular private channels that a lot of people join for cross-shard grouping. It’s a good idea to join them so you can do cross-shard events and other group activities.

Note: These are mainly catered towards Level 60s with Level 60 content. This is NA-only.

How to Join a User-created Channel

To join a user-created channel, type “/join channelname@shardname” replacing channelname with the name of the channel and shardname with the name of the shard/server the channel was created in.


CrossEvents@Faeblight (NA), CrossEvents@Gelidra (EU#1), CrossEvents@Brisesol (EU#2)

This channel is used to look for members (“LFM”) and look for groups (“LFG”) for various cross-shard activities such as zone events, great hunts (GHs), strongholds (SHs) and for instanced PvE content like raids and dungeons.

You’ll usually also find weekly dendrome boss multi-raids forming on this channel, usually on the weekends and right before and after Wednesday weekly reset (4am Wednesdays Server Time; PST).


CrossRaids@Faeblight (NA)

This channel is used to look for Raids. It’s not as active as CrossEvents@Faeblight as that channel also has LFGs/LFMs for Raids, but you’ll still get some people forming for Level 60 Raid content.


HelloKitty@Hailol (NA)

This is another premade channel for Conquest. It’s pretty active and usually LFMs are posted on both HelloKitty@Hailol and PvP@Laethys. You’ll sometimes have several premades posting to this channel as well as PvP@Laethys and they’ll be competing with each other.


There are other premade channels as well – although some of them are rarely used unless the premade leader who created the channel decides to run a premade in CQ.

There’s also premades who have private channels that are invite-only. You will need to find your own way (by speaking to the premade leaders for those channels – for instance) to access those channels.

Rift Terminology

Lost in some of the terminology being thrown out on these user-created channels?

Check out the Guide/List: Rift Terminology.

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