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RIFT 3.5 Hotfix #11

Latest hotfix adds the ability to fill up uncollected artifact slots with Credits; Patron subscriptions now purchasable from RIFT Store; Dimension Decoration Scratchers are now available; Twisted Artifacts are now up in the Planetouched Wilds; Arisen Arak tweaks, and some bug fixes.

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Livestream Summary: Multithreading

Latest RIFT Livestream showed off the multicore support addon as well as in-game performance differences between it and normal mode. Red Hawk also teased some upcoming soul changes (some potentially hitting PTS as soon as next Monday); Call to Arms event happening again next weekend with some adjustments; Gingers mentioned Patron UI changes coming to PTS soon; and next RIFT Livestream will be next week with info on 3.6 content.

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PTS Update + Datamining: Rodent, Snail, Heart Mounts

Latest PTS Update brings: New ‘Reactor’ weapon skins; Dimension Decoration Scratchers; Patron Bonus Info; ‘Snail’ mount; ‘Rodent’ mount; ‘Heart’ Levitate mount; Glass/water building blocks; and Celestial Wings.

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Purchasable Artifacts, Artifact Wings & More!

Trion posts article on upcoming artifact changes/additions: Slots fill-able with Credits; Artifact Wings; 1,400 Artifact Set achievement; more artifacts to Planetouched Wilds (probably Twisted).

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RIFT Tech Talk Roundup Feature Image

RIFT Tech Talk Roundup

Summary of all the tech-related info in the past few weeks sourced from articles, livestreams and numerous forum dev posts. Multicore support; 64-bit support; tech debt reduction through refactoring; and the tech improvements of 2015 including the new reporting system and GUD system.

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Livestream Summary: RIFT in 2016

Trion held their latest Friday RIFT Livestream on 5th February 2016, talking about RIFT 3.6: Celebration of the Ascended, some further tech talk, about recent additions/changes to the game as well as other additional content tidbits. Click here for a replay of the 5th February 2016 RIFT Livestream video on twitch.tv. Legend: Black/Normal Text = […]

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RIFT 5 Years of RIFT Producer's Letter Feature Image

5 Years of RIFT – Producer’s Letter

With the game’s 5th Anniversary fast approaching, RIFT’s Game Director Christopher “Archonix” Junior has written up a lengthy Producer’s Letter going over the year that’s been and the year ahead. There’s new Carnival quests and rewards, news about additional souls for all callings, new daily login reward system and more! Big tech news as well, including true multicore support and conversion of the game into a 64-bit client!

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Livestream Summary 22nd Jan 2016 Tech Talk Feature Image

Livestream Summary: Tech Talk

Latest RIFT Livestream talks all about engineering and tech in the game. Stream goes over roles, bug & code testing processes as well as info on big engineering projects in 2015 and 2016.

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Planes of Heroes of Telara Feature Image

A Look Back: The Planes of Heroes of Telara

With RIFT’s 5th Anniversary coming up on March 1st, let’s take A Look Back at the past few years of RIFT, what has come and gone, and what the 5th year may hold. We begin with “A Look Back: The Planes of Heroes of Telara”, taking a look at the many iterations of RIFT that have come and gone, and what the game was like before it was known as RIFT.

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Livestream Summary: Puzzles, Quests and Lore

Trion holds their first RIFT Livestream for 2016! Captain Cursor, Dead Simon and CM Ocho briefly went over some info about lore, puzzles and quests. Some tidbits to speculate on, including a ‘possible’ journey to Ghar Station Prime. Trion Worlds CEO Scott Hartsman makes a guest appearance as the company celebrates their 10th Anniversary!

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