Guide: Conquest: Steppes of Infinity


Conquest: Steppes of Infinity is a new Conquest map introduced on 12th March 2014. There’s a lot of chatter with players having no clue what is going on and what the objectives of this new map are like, so here’s a guide on the new Conquest map.

Table of Contents:

  • Overview
  • The Map
  • The Objectives
  • The Chest
  • Tips


Conquest: Steppes of Infinity (‘CQ: SOI’) is a new Conquest map that has been introduced on the 12th March 2014. It can be accessed from the PvP Window (default key “k”) at Level 60 in the Conquest tab.

It shares a rotation with Conquest: Stillmoor so that they will alternate at random.

The Map


The Conquest: SOI map encompasses the bottom-left area surrounding the two forts, Fort Antapo (left) and Fort Brevo (right).

  • Nightfall’s base is in the top-right area;
  • Oathsworn’s base is in the top-left area;
  • Dominion’s base is in the bottom-middle area.

The Objectives

Basic objective is two-fold; bring the kill count to 1,500 or have one team hit 10,000 points to start the 5min timer, and have the highest amount of points when the timer ends to win.

Increasing points occurs in two ways:

  • Channeling a Sourcestone obtained from one Fort to the other Fort’s Extractor/s;
  • Upgrading Dream Generators that spawn in various locations on the Forts and around it.

Decreasing points occurs when:

  • Dying whilst carrying a stone seems to decrease your faction’s points by a small amount.
  • Fully upgrading a Dream Generator removes 25 points from each of the opposing factions.

Sourcestones (Stones) and Extractors

Each Fort has 6 Sourcestones (Stones) in their center and 4 Extractors on their side quadrants.


Collect a Sourcestone from one fort and carry it over to the other fort. Click on an Extractor and use the reactive to channel the Sourcestone. Once the channel ends, your team gets 75 points.

soiconquest6Since it is a channel, you can be interrupted. As such, if you are carrying stones you should either go in as a team or try to find an extractor that is unguarded and hope nobody is looking at their map (since they can see stone carriers on the map).

Once you finish channeling you can pick up a sourcestone in the new fort and go to the opposite one.

Dream Generators


Dream Generators appear on top of Forts and nearby. They will appear intermittently throughout the fight and respawn every now and then. They are like normal extractors in that you can upgrade them several times.


Upgrading Dream Generators provides 1 point per channel tick. Once they are fully upgraded they will despawn and respawn again after a certain amount of time has passed.

Jump Pads


To access the Dream Generators on top of Forts, you will need to use the Jump Pads littered around the Forts. These are mainly found on the mid-level areas surrounding Extractors and on top of the parapets (upper level) themselves.

The Chest

As with CQ: Stillmoor; CQ: SOI also has CQ Chests.

The Conquest Chests spawn in the middle of both Forts for the winning team after the 5min timer is over.

The Conquest Chests reward a random chance at Infinity Stones, Conquest Marks and even a rare chance at Radiant Infinity Cells.


A few tips for players:

Multiple Entrances


You don’t have to go through the 4 main pathways leading up to the Sourcestones at the center of each Fort. Instead, there’s another 2 entrances per corner where the Extractors are that you can enter from.

If you can manage to hold the Extractor area and the above parapets – you can effectively create a ‘choke point’ for anyone who is currently at the center of a fort.

The High Ground


You can get on the ‘high ground’ by walking up the ramps near the Extractors on the sides. This may prove useful if you have decent numbers and have a pull tank to pull people up to the high ground. After that, LoS issues with their healers should drop them fast.

It also gives you a better view of what’s happening around the fort – although it does have limited range.

Hope this guide gives you a better idea of what Conquest: Steppes of Infinity is all about!

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  1. Burnettsoholic
    March 13, 2014 at 12:48 am #

    Straight forward guide. Cheers.

  2. September 13, 2015 at 5:26 am #

    Isn’t this disabled at the moment? You could put it in top of the article. 😀


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