Guide: Autumn Harvest World Event

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Autumn Harvest is an annual World Event that celebrates all things Autumn, Halloween and Fae. A new special instance opens up filled with questgivers, halloween masks, spooky mounts and artifacts nodes only visible with special potions.

Autumn Harvest 2015 lasts for three weeks this year from 22nd October to 3:30PM Server Time on Friday, 13th November 2015.*

*Autumn Harvest has been extended by one day till Friday 13th Nov due to issues accessing the quest hub instance during the first day of the event. This extension is not reflected in the world event tracker.

Known Bugs

A list of known bugs from the current Autumn Harvest world event:

  • Laethys Missing World Event Tracker. Players from the Laethys shard are having on-going issues viewing the world event tracker. All quests and activities are still available though.

Store Items

Autumn Harvest Store Guide BannerThere’s a whole plethora of Store Items available during the Autumn Harvest world event that you can access via RIFT Store (default key “]“) -> World Event. Items include Halloween masks, pumpkin & bat themed weapon skins, disguise items, a special Spinderella mount and some nice earrings.

Most items require either event currency or Credits.

Quests Guide

Autumn Harvest Quests Guide BannerAutumn Harvest makes use of a special instance called The Realm of the Autumn Harvest, which contains the main quest hub for the event. To reach this quest hub, you first need to complete the “Pumpkin Patching” daily quest which can be obtained from Sanctum (Guardians) or Meridian (Defiants).

Obtaining Event Currency

There’s a few ways of obtaining event currency:

  • Daily Quests. Most of the daily quests give some Ambersap, with Close Rifts giving 1 Signet.
    • Pumpkin Patching (25x Ambersap).
    • Hand of the Harvest (25x Ambersap).
    • Autumncap Haul (25x Ambersap).
    • Close Rifts (1x Signet).
  • Closing Rifts. Must be mentored to around the level of the Rift or else you won’t get any currency. Gives around 12 Autumn Harvest Ambersap.
    • The “An Auspicious Harvest” rift whose lure you can obtain for 5 Ambersap from the RIFT Store -> World Event seems to pay out more Ambersap than normal rifts.
  • Completing Zone Events. Zone events will also give some Autumn Harvest Ambersap.
  • Autumn Harvest Instant Adventures. The bosses in the Autumn Harvest version of Gloamwood Instant Adventures gives some Ambersap.
  • Autumn Harvest Minion Adventures. These give 8-12 Autumn Harvest Ambersap and have a rare chance of dropping Autumn Harvest Signets. Seems like Signets have a chance of dropping from both the 5/15min Autumn Harvest adventures as well as the 10hr ones.

Bonus Currency

Token bonuses work on Autumn Harvest Ambersap, so get out your +10% token boost gear before turning in quests!

Minion Adventures

Autumn Harvest Minions Guide BannerThere’s two main types of Autumn Harvest minion adventures: a chain from the RIFT Store and the 10hr Promo adventures. The chain adventure rewards 5 minion cards and the 10hr promo adventures provide an assortment of currency and Autumn Harvest-related items. There’s also a rare chance at Autumn Harvest Signets.


Autumn Harvest Achievements Guide BannerThere’s several achievements related to Autumn Harvest that you can find under Achievements -> World Events -> Autumn Harvest. Quite a few of the achievements have rewards such as an Armored Reaper mount, pets, a Grim Harvest cape, disguise pots and a Creepy Crawler portrait badge.

Other Activities

Autumn Harvest also includes some other activities that pop up during the event.

  • Gloamwood Instant Adventures. Hit “.” and join “Featured: Gloamwood” for some halloween-themed Instant Adventures!
  • Autumn Harvest Rifts:
    • An Auspicious Harvest. Available at the bottom of RIFT Store -> World Event for 5 Autumn Harvest Ambersap currency. Gives ~50 after completing the entire rift.
    • Witch’s Brew. This is a Death Rift that randomly spawns in Mathosia.

Hope you found this guide useful, and best of luck getting those spooky items (or earrings) you’ve been eyeing this Autumn Harvest!

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