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Autumn Harvest makes use of a special instance called The Realm of the Autumn Harvest, which contains the main quest hub for the event. Here you can obtain Autumn Harvest Signets, Autumn Harvest Ambersap currency and Potions of Enhanced Autumn Eyes.

Tip: Ambersap

First up, just a quick tip: Autumn Harvest Ambersap (event currency) works with token bonuses.

Getting to the Realm

To get to The Realm of the Autumn Harvest, start off by going to either Sanctum (Guardian) or Meridian (Defiant) and speaking to a quest NPC surrounded by pumpkins and hay. They are located at the following co-ordinates:

Pumpkin Patching (Daily)


Pumpkin Patching is a Daily quest that will take you to the Realm of the Autumn Harvest instance.

Reward: 25x Autumn Harvest Ambersap + 5040XP + 31g 50s.

  1. Collect Pumpkins 0/6.
  2. Find a Faerie Ring and enter Realm of the Autumn Harvest.
  3. Decorate Autumn Harvest with Pumpkins 0/6.

1. Collect Pumpkins 0/6

First objective is to travel to Silverwood or Freemarch and pick up pumpkins. You’ll be able to see the quest indicator icon on the map to see where the pumpkins are.

Autumn Harvest Pumpkin Picking Pumpkins

Once there, collect 6x Pumpkins. They should respawn fairly fast – but if there are a ton of people there, try some of the other locations on the map.

2. Find a Faerie Ring and enter Realm of the Autumn Harvest

Find a Faerie Ring that is shown as a ‘Two Mushrooms’ Icon on your map. They appear throughout Mathosia. They will despawn and respawn in a random spawn location every now and then so don’t panic if you see one disappear.


Click on the Soup in the middle to be teleported to The Realm of the Autumn Harvest, a special instance for the Autumn Harvest World Event!


3. Decorate Autumn Harvest with Pumpkins 0/6.

Once you’re inside The Realm of the Autumn Harvest, use the quest item ability by clicking on the icon next to the “Pumpkin Patching” quest, or going into your Quest Log (default key “l“) and click on the pumpkin quest item.


Aim and throw your pumpkin at piles of existing pumpkins scattered across the instance.


Note: You only have to do the Pumpkin Patching quest once. Afterwards, all the Faerie Rings will remain active for you so you can enter The Realm of the Autumn Harvest without the quest. That said, it’s a daily and gives 25 Ambersap so well worth the time.

The Realm of the Autumn Harvest

The Realm of the Autumn Harvest is a special instance for the World Event that you can enter whenever you click on the Soup in the middle of a Faerie Ring found in all Mathosia zones.

There are two questgivers – Atrophinius and Rollo.

  • Atrophinius is located at /setwaypoint 1092 832 in the instance. He gives two quests: Close Rifts and Hand of the Harvest.
  • Rollo is located at /setwaypoint 1160 830 in the instance. He gives the Autumncap Haul quest.

Close Rifts (Daily)

Atrophinius gives a quest that involves closing Rifts. It’s a daily quest that usually requires you to close two Rifts of a specific planar type that would grant experience.

The name of the quest depends on which type of Rift is required – this rotates at random on a daily basis. “Irrigation Regulation” for instance requires you close 2 Water Rifts.

Reward: 1x Autumn Harvest Signet* + 5,040XP + 31g 50s.
Objective: Close Rifts (differs based on which quest you get).

For this quest, be sure to check which planar Rift is required and mentor down to a level near the Rift’s mobs so their portrait’s ‘Level’ text is not gray to you.

Mentor Level 44

Mentoring: Right-click portrait. Set Ascended Mentor level close to mob.

*Note: Tacitus has mentioned that the 1x Autumn Harvest Signet reward is intended. [r]

Hand of the Harvest (Daily)

This quest involves helping out Atrophinius’ buddies in the instance. There’s 4 ways of helping Atrophinius and I’ll list them by fastest to slowest method of completing the quest. This quest is a Daily Quest.

Reward: 25x Autumn Harvest Ambersap + 5040XP + 31g 50s.
Objective: Help Atrophinius’ Minions 0/15.

Method 1: Killing Summer Ravagers

This is the fastest method IF you manage to catch them as they spawn. Summer Ravagers are beetles that spawn in swarms of 20+ in a tight bunch at either the left-most end of the map, or the right-top most end of the map. You can AoE them and it’ll quickly complete the quest for you, especially if you use ground-targeted AoEs.


It can also be pretty fast if either not many people are killing them, or, you are in a large raid group (since you share quest progression). Note that once they leave their spawn area, they’ll quickly ‘split up’ and be harder to chain AoE unless you have a ground-targeted AoE channel ability like Circle of Oblivion (Cleric Inquisitor Soul) since they will follow a distinct path.

Try using a target macro as well if you want to supplement some Ravager killing whilst doing other stuff:

tar Summer Ravager

Note: They don’t spawn continuously so if there’s a lot of players in the instance, this won’t be the fastest method of completing the daily.

Method 2: Pulling out Liferoots

This is the second-fastest method if you know where the spawns are. Basically most of the Hedges will have Liferoots around them. These Liferoots will only ‘appear’ when they are attacked – either by an NPC that will randomly engage them (like the ‘Rooter’ boars), or, by you using a Ground-targeted AoE ability at their location. Cleaves also work.

Below are major locations of the bulk of the Liferoots. Click on the image below for a larger view:


Method 3: Killing Frostjacks

3 Frostjacks will appear near Atrophinius’ location and begin to channel a freezing spell on players and NPCs. If they finish their channel, that player/NPC becomes frozen for a small amount of time. If you help kill them, you’ll be rewarded with 5 points towards the quest objective once all 3 have died.

You can tell when they respawn as Atrophinius will emote information about the Frostjacks spawning. I place this 3rd in terms of speed because the Frostjacks have a long respawn timer.


Method 4: Kicking Compost Crawlers back into their Den/Cave

This is by far the slowest method. You have to find a Compost Crawler (shambler), then use a Reactive you get whilst near one to kick it all the way back to its Den/Cave. Very slow, especially since you need to be pretty precise or you might overshoot the Den/Cave.

Also, the Compost Crawlers like to move around even after you kick them; they can be kicked into the fence and log/etc and someone else can accidentally (or on purpose) kick the Compost Crawler away.

Unless you hate yourself, don’t use this method.


About Bee Hives

You might be wondering “What are all the bee hives for?” Good question! They aren’t used for anything – just decoration. The Realm of the Autumn Harvest instance is a copy of the Normal difficulty version of Realm of the Fae and in that version of the dungeon, it has those bee hives.

Autumncap Haul (Daily)

Rollo is a satyr in the instance that provides a daily quest based on collecting Autumncap Fungus (Fungi; plural) in the open world.

Reward: Potion of Enhanced Autumn Eyes + 25x Autumn Harvest Ambersap
Objective: Collect Autumncap Fungi 0/8.

The Potion of Enhanced Autumn Eyes will allow you to see artifact nodes scattered throughout the instance.

How to get Autumncap Fungus

You obtain Autumncap Fungus from the open world. All zones in Mathosia have them and they are found on trees and rocks.

Change Since Previous Years

This year the Autumncap Fungus harvesting was changed. There is no longer a reactive ability and instead you will need to pick up the fungi manually. Unfortunately Trion did not change the locations of the fungi.

What this means is that there will be many Autumncap Fungus that are out of reach – mainly the ones on trees.

You are also no longer able to collect more than the 8x Autumncap Fungus for the quest, so you can’t stock up for future dailies.

[Note: Due to these changes, some nodes will be unreachable. This will be fixed in the hotfix on Oct 28th.]


Thanks to this year’s changes, Gloamwood is no longer the gold mine for Autumncap Fungus as most of the fungi are unreachable on trees.

Stonefield remains a decent place to farm as there’s hardly any trees, with most fungus being on easily accessible rocks/bones. Areas such as Titan’s Rest near the giant skeleton’s helmet, Granite Falls and Quarry Stone Basin/Mine Loop as also great places. (Thanks to VeeK for pointing these locations out!)

What are Potions of Autumn Eyes?

[Note: The Potions of Autumn Eyes currently do not work. This will be fixed in 28th Oct’s hotfix.]

Since 2015, Potions of Autumn Eyes only comes in one flavor: Enhanced.

The Potions basically allows you to see artifacts hidden in the instance. These can’t be seen by Omen/Quantum Sight. There’s a large amount of ‘Artifact spawns’ that respawn at a relatively fast rate. They give you a random Artifact, although the loot table is restricted so it doesn’t include some of the newer artifacts in the game.

Artifact Locations

Below are three areas that house a lot of Artifacts within short distance of each other to maximise your pots.

ahartifactslocationsIf you want to be really efficient and make the most of each of your potions, you should make use of your class/racial abilities. For instance

  • Racial Abilities: Angelic Flight and Mighty Leap. High Elves’ Angelic Flight and Bahmi’s Mighty Leap racial abilities can help a ton with moving from a batch of artifact nodes to another.
  • Run-speed buffs: Temporary runspeed buffs in souls like Inquisitor (Judicial Privilege) will help out a lot in getting from node to node. Same applies to any Insoles you might have lying around.

The Artifact Nodes are generally around rocks and trees – so any location with lots of thin trees will be worth checking out as they usually have 2-3 artifact nodes each and you can generally pick all 3 nodes up without having to move.

You can check out the main Autumn Harvest Guide here.

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