Patch Highlights

Listed below is a Patch Highlights Archive:

Patch 3.2: Echoes of Madness

  • Patch 3.2 Release Notes
  • T2 20-man: Return to Hammerknell
  • Tier 1 Nerfs. Most bosses either 10-15% hp or damage dealt drop. Some mechanics tweaked.
  • Nightmare Rift VIs Added. Also two new Nightmare Seal tiers.
  • Major Wardrobe Overhaul. New collections system, dye buckets and weapon wardrobes.
  • IA Changes. Random queue, HK IA and Commendations of Renown notoriety turn-in.
  • New Dailies/Weeklies: NMR6, NT Onslaught, Craft Weeklies, NT Uncle Stan fishing derby.
  • Dimension additions: Several interactive items including Revelation Imp, Artifex Zaviel, interactive books and cat vendors. Sky projectors and additional music boxes.
  • Twisted Artifacts added to Plane of Water zones.
  • Minions additions. Several attractor minions now available in RIFT Store and crafted. [r]
  • Elo Rating now visible for PvP under PvP window -> PvP tab.
  • Major Class Changes:
    • Mage Harbinger buffs.

Patch 3.1: Nightmare Tide Expansion

  • Patch 3.1 Release Notes
  • T1 10-man: Tyrant’s Forge
  • Zone: Tyrant’s Throne.
  • Raid Rift: The Darkest Magic.
  • Chronicle: Rhen of Fate.
  • Crafting and Dimension UI improvements including a Favorites.
  • Planar Attunement level increased to 1,427.
  • PvP Warfronts were adjusted with reduced max time limits and increased scoring for faster Warfronts.
  • Major Class Changes:
    • Mage Necromancer Overhaul.
    • Rogue Marksman Changes.
    • Warrior Reaver Overhaul.

Patch 3.0: Nightmare Tide Expansion

Patch 2.8: Madness Wakes

Patch 2.7: Binding of Blood

You can check out a summary in our “A Look Back: RIFT Patch 2.7 – Binding of Blood” or check the below links for further information on major additions to the Patch.

Patch 2.6: Dream Weaver

Patch 2.5: Song of Dreams

Patch 2.4: Beyond Infinity

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