PTS Update + Datamining: New Dimensions

RIFT’s Public Test Shard (‘PTS’) was updated on the 19th November 2015 with ~2.92GB download. The PTS Update itself had a large amount of Patch 3.5 content that you can check out here. For the data files, there were a few images that seem to point to new dimensions.

The PTS was also updated on 21st November with a small update to fix graphics issues and load up some item previews that were missing previously. The Trove dimension is also available for free from a quest NPC in Sanctum/Meridian.

Patch versions are TEST-303-83-A-1058935 and TEST-303-84-A-1059323.


  • New Dimensions. Couple of loading/preview images for various dimension keys.
  • Other Info. Fae Yule skins added (bunch of previews); Nightmare Budgie mount skin; Help Tips for Primalist & Affinity; Level Cache image; new Puzzle icons and Price Tag images.

As always, everything below is subject to change prior to hitting Live and some things included below may never make it to Live release.

New Dimensions

From the PTS Update, we know that there’s a Shal Korva dimension key from the Shal Korva Dimension Key Grab Bag, as well as the Trove dimension key. However, the data files seems to point to a few more!

Peaceful Hills Dimension Key

First up, the Trove dimension key is called Dimension Key: Peaceful Hills and is modeled after the biome of the same name in Trion’s voxel MMO, Trove. It is available on the PTS from the NPC “Chloromancer Evort” in both Sanctum and Meridian.

Below is a feature image from the data files.

Trove Dimension Key Peaceful Hills

It seems the gray blocks surrounding the dimension is supposed to be the edge of the dimension. However, there’s no barrier yet so you’ll fall through the map if you try to jump onto the gray blocks along the edge.

Dimension Upgrade Info

  • Level 1 – 190 items – Free.
  • Level 2 – 285 items – 10 plat or 4 Credits.
  • Level 3 – 570 items – 30 plat or 18 Credits.
  • Level 4 – 760 items – 60 plat or 36 Credits.
  • Level 5 – 1,520 items – 2,990 plat or 1,120 Credits.

Final upgrade cost seems a little weird. Might be a bug.

The voxel grass bounces around a bit, and every now and then you can hear the same ‘thunder’ sound that occurs when Shadow Giants drop from the sky in Trove. Of course in the dimension, no Shadow Giant drops down.

Size Comparison

Just some more images of the dimension to give you a size comparison.

The cornerstone sign gives a good idea of the size of the cornerstone. You can also jump onto it. The bottom screen shows the likely height of the building blocks as well. There’s also a mini-map – the two main green regions in the middle are likely show the accessible areas in the dimension.

RIFT Dimension Peaceful Hills Dimension Key Size Comparison

There’s also a Trove Dimension Item Promo Bundle that contains a few flat color building blocks, trees and shrubs that you can obtain from RIFT Store -> Dimensions on the PTS.

Dimension Key Feature/Loading Screen Images

A couple other potential dimension keys were revealed via feature images and loading screens.

RIFT Dimension Feature Images Nov 19th 2015

They seem to be (left-right; top-bottom):

  • Khort (Planetouched Wilds)
  • Ovog Shrine (Planetouched Wilds)
  • Haunted Terminal (Tempest Bay)
  • Shal Korva (Planetouched Wilds)
  • Landquarium (Draumheim)
  • Peaceful Hills (Trove)
  • Atia (Ember Isle)
  • Realm of Autumn Harvest/Fae
  • Port Scion (Draumheim) (probably just Shadow Scion).


First image is likely Khort in Planetouched Wilds. It’s located in the bottom-left corner of the zone.

RIFT Dimension Loading Screen Dimension Key Khort

The loading screen shows one of the side areas from the viewpoint of someone standing in the center of the town. Unknown how to obtain this key or the boundaries.

Ovog Shrine

Second dimension key preview image is clearly the Ovog Shrine. It probably includes at least some of the surrounding area as well as the main building.

RIFT Dimension Loading Screen Dimension Key Ovog Shrine

I’m guessing they’ll include the pool in the middle. Again, no clue where you’ll obtain it or the boundaries of the dimension.

Haunted Terminal

Third image is the inside of the Haunted Terminal in Tempest Bay. There’s no loading screen image in the latest PTS update files.

The Haunted Terminal is the massive building at the front of Tempest Bay that you can see when you port into Tempest Bay. You also enter it during the “A Hero Rises” chronicle.

RIFT Haunted Terminal Tempest Bay Outside

There’s rails and two levels inside the Haunted Terminal (via “A Hero Rises”), as well as two more levels at the bottom with a large winding staircase that you can access from Tempest Bay.

Has a rather nice stained glass painting.

RIFT Haunted Terminal Glass Painting

No clue where you’ll be able to obtain it. From the preview, at the very least we know you’ll have access to inside the terminal. No idea of you can access the bottom elevator area.

Shal Korva

Another multi-level dimension in Shal Korva, Planetouched Wilds. No loading screen.

The Shal Korva dimension key is obtained as a rare chance drop from the Shal Korva Dimension Key Grab Bag, available on the PTS under RIFT Store -> Dimensions.


Bottom-left area of Draumheim with all the grass.

RIFT Dimension Loading Screen Dimension Key Landquarium

Boundary probably encompasses the entire Landquarium region.


The next image is likely Atia on Ember Isle. It’s a Defiant area filled with Kelari in the bottom-right area of the main island.

RIFT Dimension Loading Screen Dimension Key Ember Isle

From this angle, it looks like they’ve removed a lot of the assets inside the area.

Realm of Autumn Harvest/Fae

Next up is the Realm of the Fae or Realm of Autumn Harvest. The loading screen shows the Autumn area. Unsure if the dimension covers the entire instance or just the Autumn area.

RIFT Dimension Loading Screen Dimension Key Autumn Harvest

Although we only know where the Shal Korva and Peaceful Hills dimensions are at, my guess is that at least some of them will appear as Affinity Rewards. Ovog Shrine and Khort seem like they might pop up with the Shal Korva Quartermaster. Of course, pure speculation at this point.

Other Info

Fae Yule Previews

Some of the Fae Yule skins have been added with the 21st Nov PTS update so you can now preview them.

Fae Yule Capes

The two Fae Yule 2015 capes in skin form:

RIFT Fae Yule 2015 Capes Skins

Holly Corgi

The Holly Corgi companion pet now has proper preview with the skin added on the 21st Nov’s PTS Update.

RIFT Fae Yule Holly Corgi

Mink Mounts

Blue and Midnight Mink mount skins. Still not up on PTS yet, but this at least confirms there’s two new Mink mounts and the previously datamined icons weren’t related to something else.

RIFT Blue and Midnight Mink Mounts Skins

Xmas Music

There’s a Christmas-themed music file. Might be a Fae Yule dimension music box in the Fae Yule Dimension Grab Bag. You can hear it here.

Fae Yule Portrait Badges

And the image for the two Fae Yule Portrait Badges have popped up:

RIFT Fae Yule 2015 Portrait Badges Skins

These are skins, so might not be indicative of actual size or even the proper dimensions.

Nightmare Budgie Mount

A skin has appeared for the Nightmare Budgie mount. Might pop up with the next Budgie Madness Promo Week.

RIFT Nightmare Budgie Mount Skin

Help Tips

A few new tips have popped up in the help encyclopedia in-game. Some for Primalist as well as the new Affinity System.

RIFT Primalist and Affinity Help Tips

Level Cache Image

An odd image appeared with what looks like level icons and a chest.

RIFT Level Chest Image PTS

The 10, 20 and 30 coins are used as icons for level achievements under Achievements -> Character -> Advancement. If you’re Level 65, it should be under “Level 65!” achievement. The chest usually denotes a reward, bundle or lockbox.

Perhaps it’ll be a new heirloom/Ascended armor bundle that levels up with you, just like the cape and accessories from other bundles. No information right now and might just be an old image that was in the files.

Puzzle Icons

RIFT Puzzle Icons Nov 19th 2015

Oddly, there were four puzzle icons, showing screenshots of existing puzzles in a frame. Seems similar to the ones that appeared earlier on related to the Pentomino Premutator, which ended up as the puzzle mosaic dimension item icons. Is this a new puzzle relating to existing ones perhaps?

RIFT Puzzle Icons Enhanced Nov 19th 2015

Not quite sure on the first one (perhaps Dendrome?), but the 2nd might be the Seratos “Seeing Dots” one, the 3rd is clearly the Circuits puzzle and the last is definitely the Draumheim puzzle.

There’s also a ton of physics files under a folder named “Simon’s Playground Physics” such as:


Looks like Simon might be planning on adding another layer of the Callweddi puzzle, or perhaps something entirely separate. Of course, it could just be paintings of existing puzzles, or perhaps replica dimension items.

Price Tag Images

RIFT Red Price Tag Icons

There’s two price tag images with metal chain links. They ‘might’ be related to the sales that were hinted at slated for around Thanksgiving (Nov 26th).

The metal chain is interesting though. You’d expect something like rope or ribbon. Could potentially be related to Minions, which also use the chain image to denote chain adventures.

Quite a few new dimension keys for dimensioneers, a possible new puzzle from Dead Simon, some Fae Yule skins added in, Nightmare Budgie mount and a few other unknown additions like the price tag images and help tips.

If you missed it, check out what’s currently on the PTS in the PTS Update: Patch 3.5 Content article!

For past PTS Updates, click here. You can also find past PTS/Live datamining here.

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8 Comments on “PTS Update + Datamining: New Dimensions”

  1. Scanna@Gelidra
    November 23, 2015 at 3:28 am #

    The second puzzle icon is from “Black Box” puzzle in Morban 😀

  2. Wabbit
    November 23, 2015 at 11:19 pm #

    That Holly Corgi is terrifying.

  3. xcal
    November 29, 2015 at 6:25 am #

    The Puzzle Icons are hints to the location of 4 of the books of Professor Tok:
    Goboro, Morban, Ardent Domain, Draumheim

  4. November 29, 2015 at 10:47 pm #

    The Port Scion dimension is likely the quest instance, as the dimension “Shadow Scion” from the Ultimate Nightmare Edition is the one located in Draumheim.

  5. December 2, 2015 at 6:05 am #

    Anyone else notice that the NPC’s name Evort spelled backwards is Trove? 🙂

    • December 2, 2015 at 2:31 pm #

      Haha nice; never realised that! And Chloromancer being the new Trove class coming out in December! :O


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