This page provides a quick summary and links to each guide on RiftGrate.

Nightmare Tide


Rift Terminology
Learn the lingo before you get lost in public chat.

Summary of the major Addons to help you provide a better experience whilst participating in the various activities in Rift.

RIFT Event Trackers
Summary and links to all up-to-date zone event trackers for RIFT. Make your zone event farming a breeze!

Guide: Mounts
Find a mount to your liking and learn exactly where to obtain it, level requirements, mount speed and other information.

A bunch of guides for various achievements in RIFT. (Right now mainly dungeon achievements).

Making Platinum in Rift
An important part of almost every MMORPG, learn various ways to make money (platinum) in Rift!

Making Platinum without the AH
Don’t have your 1,500 Loyalty yet to sell on the AH? Check out other ways you can make plat in order to buy REX to meet the min. Loyalty.

Making Platinum in Rift: Old Instance Farming
Learn how to make 500p+ in just over an hour each week in RiftGrate’s on-going “Making Platinum in Rift” series!

REX (Rift Exchange) Trading
How to trade REX.

Popular Private Channels
Find out all the popular user-created channels so you can join in cross-shard events, GHunts, SHs, DRRs, Raids and Conquest premades.

Accessing the PTS + Dummy Foundry
Want to parse, try out the highest tier raid gear or even get instant level to 60, max PA and max Conquest Points on the PTS? Need to know how to obtain the Public Test Shard client? This is your guide!



61 Inquisitor Guide – Cleric Ranged DPS
Find out all there is to know about the Cleric’s 61 Inquisitor Ranged DPS spec – its highest ranged DPS soul with plenty of utility to boot.

61 Druid Guide – Cleric Melee DPS with Strong Solo Gameplay Potential
Find out all there is to know about the Cleric’s 61 Druid Melee DPS/Solo spec.


61 Tempest Guide – Warrior Ranged DPS
Find out all there is to know about the Warrior’s 61 Tempest Ranged DPS Spec.


Artifacts Explained
Learn how Artifacts spawn, the different types of spawns and what triggers Unstable zone events.

Unstable Artifacts
Find out how to obtain Unstable Artifacts, Planar Squirrel Mounts and Unstable Artifact Set Rewards.


Dream Weaving Craft Profession
Learn about the Dream Weaving Craft Profession, including where to find the trainer, leveling up tips, Recipes List and Dream Orb Stat Sheets.

Open World

Holding a Daily Raid Rift
Learn how to hold your own successful Daily Raid Rift!

Summoning The Golden Devourer
Learn how to summon the Level 67 Open Raid Boss, The Golden Devourer and get your Minion Card: The Golden Devourer, 200x Fragments of Horror and 1x Dark Ice Bell!

Respawn Shortcut back to Ahkane the Eternal (Video Guide)
Video guide showing a shortcut for Guardians who respawn behind the mountain when fighting Ahkane the Eternal. (Dendrome Weekly Open World Raid Boss)

Bloodfire Stronghold
Guide to the Bloodfire Stronghold. Get your Flame Walker Mount!

Runic Athenaeum
Runic Athenaeum contains a whole slew of new Soul-based lore quest chains as well as the entrance to Storm Legion Tier 3 Raids. Find out information on all the quests, portals, Hero’s Unrest Lures and more!

Sinister Presence Locations
Find out all the locations for the 16 Sinister Presences found in Level 60 Chronicles and Expert Dungeons required for the “Dreams of War” achievement and to obtain the Sinister Presence quest.


Archive of Flesh
A guide to the bosses & achievements of the Level 60 Expert Dungeon, Archive of Flesh.

Exodus of the Storm Queen
A guide to the bosses & achievements of the Level 60 Expert Dungeon, Exodus of the Storm Queen.

Nightmare Coast
A guide to the bosses & achievements of the Level 60-63 Normal Dungeon, Nightmare Coast. Part of the Nightmare Tide expansion.

Realm of Twisted Dreams
A guide to the bosses & achievements of the Level 60 Expert Dungeon,Realm of Twisted Dreams.

Return to Deepstrike
A guide to the bosses of the Level 60 Expert Dungeon,Return to Deepstrike!

Tower of the Shattered
A guide to the bosses & achievements of the Level 60 Expert Dungeon, Tower of the Shattered.


Intrepid Drowned Halls (Raid)
Guide to the Tier 1 10-man Raid, Intrepid: Drowned Halls.

New Fire Raid Rifts
Guide to the Bloodfire Incursion and Hell’s Insurgents Fire Raid Rifts added during the second week of Patch 2.6.

Dendrome Raid Weeklies
Find out how to obtain the Dendrome Raid Weeklies, where they are and full mechanics and strategies for handling each of the three bosses: Senbora the Devourer, Ahkane the Eternal and The Kaaz’Ra.


Conquest: Steppes of Infinity
Learn all these is to know about the new Conquest: Steppes of Infinity map – what are the objectives, how to start timer/etc.

PvP Dimensions
Find out the what, how, where and anything else you need to know about PvP Dimensions and the items associated with them. (Not just for PvP-use!)

World Events

World Events are large multi-week events that include a variety of quests and other additions that are temporarily added to Rift. They are split between Annual World Events that occur on an annual basis at specific times, and one-off World Events that only ever appear once.

Annual World Events tend to re-use most of the content from the previous years and so the older guides will tend to cover almost everything.

Carnival of the Ascended 2015
Find out everything there is to know about the Carnival of the Ascended 2015 – where to go, new goods, Carnival games, strategies and tips!

Air Saga World Event
Complete walkthrough of the Air Saga World Event, including the questchain, zone events and more!

Mayhem in Mathosia World Event
Guide to a Mayhem in Mathosia World Event. These occur at random and in various zones with extra rewards for completing zone events including a chance at rare Ki Rin and Hellbug Mounts, Boosts and Costume Pieces.

Fae Yule 2014 World Event
Complete guide to Fae Yule 2014 World Event!

Autumn Harvest World Event 2013
Check out a guide to the current Autumn Harvest World Event!

Promo Weeks

Promo Weeks are Rift Store Promotional events mainly aimed at certain limited-time/quantity Rift Store items. They tend to be re-introduced at random times.

Arclight Ascendency Promo Week
The Arclight Ascendency Promo Week adds a new hoverbike – the Arclight Rider Mount – to the game, which is 155% and Amphibious (lockbox version).

Arclight Infiltration Promo Week
The Arclight Infiltrtation Promo Week adds new Lifter mounts – Arclight Lifter and Storm Legion Lifter Mounts – to the game. This promo week also adds two new Attractor Minion cards: Jineth and Archaelogist Herim.

Budgie Madness Promo Week
A guide to the Budgie Madness Promo Week. Get your Budgie mounts!

Razorback Roundup Promo Week
A guide to the Razorback Roundup Promo Week which adds 155% amphibious Razorback mounts!

Temporal Flux Promo Week
Find out how to get your Blue and Gold Empyreal Walker Mount; or how to work towards the Black Empyreal Walker Mount.

Unicornalia Promo Week
The Unicornalia Promo Week brings forth new Opal and Onyx Unicorn Mounts as well as Limited Edition: Sparkle Troves that provide a rare chance at Tier 2 raid gear, amongst other things.

Mech Week 2013
A guide to Mech Week 2013 (the first Temporal Flux Promo Week when it was called Mech Week).

Tips of the Day

Tips of the Day are random, useful tips that are posted from time to time.
Check them all out in the Tips of the Day section!

Some highlights:

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