Guide: Dendrome Raid Weeklies

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Dendrome Raid Weeklies (“DD Weeklies”/”Dendrome Weekly Bosses”) are weekly quests that revolve around killing the three open-world raid bosses in the Level 60 zone, The Dendrome.

A decent chunk of rewards are granted for killing them each week.

Below is a guide to everything you need to know about the Dendrome Raid Weeklies including where to obtain the quests, where the bosses are located, all their mechanics and strategies for each boss.

Table of Contents:

  • Overview
  • Senbora the Devourer
  • Ahkane the Eternal
  • Kaaz’Ra



Dendrome Weekly Lady Nessie

There’s 3 Weekly Quests associated with the 3 open world Dendrome raid bosses obtained from Lady Nessie <Knight of Monsters> in Hailol at (3964, 5444).

The Reward

For your efforts, Lady Nessie gives, per boss:

  • 450 Infinity Stones
  • Dendrome Raider’s Cache that contains approx 200-300 Empyreal Slayer’s Marks + a rare chance at gear that is Expert/Tier 1 level.
  • 228,501 XP and 140,100 PA XP.
  • 1 plat, 23 gold, 63 silver.
  • 2,500 The Lycini Notoriety

If you’re in a good multi-raid for the Dendrome bosses, you can finish all 3 in under 30min total. Use pots/boosts for that extra bonus!

Mysterious Talisman

When you accept one of the weekly quests, you will receive a Myserious Talisman quest item. This item gives HIT + 200 and TOUGHNESS + 200 for 15 minutes in the encounter area for each of the Dendrome Weekly Bosses.

You can access the item either via the icon on the quest tracker or in your Quest Log item bar (Quest Window default key is “L“). If your Quest Log Item Bar is full, the quest item will probably be in your Inventory.

Map Guide

Dendrome Weekly Boss Map 1

Joining a Multi-Raid DD Weekly Group

Joining a Multi-Raid Dendrome Weekly Raid Boss group involves the following steps:

Step 1: Join CrossEvents Channel

Join crossevents@faeblight (NA), crossevents@gelidra (EU#1) or crossevents@brisesol (EU#2). To do so:

  • Type “/join crossevents@faeblight” without the quotation marks into your chat.
  • Press enter to submit the chat command which will make you join the channel.
  • Replace ‘faeblight’ with gelidra if you are on the EU Cluster #1 or brisesol if you are on EU Cluster #2.

Step 2: Post or Send Tell


  • Post something along the lines of “LFG DD Weekly. Invite please” which means that you are Looking for a Group to the Dendrome Raid Weeklies; or
  • Message/whisper/PST someone who has posted looking for members for a DD weekly raid such as “LFM DD Weekly. PST for invite.”

Step 3: Joining the Raid

Once you have joined a raid, teleport to the shard that the event is happening on by right-clicking your portrait and choosing Teleport to Shard -> [shardname]. I.e. if the DD Weekly is occuring on Faeblight, right-click your portrait then select Teleprt to Shard -> Faeblight.

Step 4: Head to The Dendrome

Most Weekly Dendrome Boss multi-raids will follow the following kill-order:
Senbora -> Ahkane -> Kaaz’Ra

Thus, head to Senbora who is at Greenscale’s Crater. If you are unsure which boss your raid is starting on, ask them.

Popular Forming Times

You’ll find there are certain times when it is easy to form large, 5+ multi-raid groups on multiple shards at once:

  • Starting from 30min prior to Weekly Reset (4AM Server Time on Wednesdays), the North American shards tend to start forming multi-raids. Right after Weekly Reset there will usually be 5-6 multi-raid groups per shard over 3-4 shards (so around 300+ players forming groups).
  • Throughout Reset day and the day after there will usually be smaller multi-raid groups forming.

The reason the multi-raid groups cap at around 5-6 raids per shard is because Kaaz’Ra tends to bug out (disappear) if the multi-raid’s DPS is too high.

Senbora the Devourer

Guide Senbora The Devourer ButtonSenbora the Devourer (“Senbora”) is the first boss most raids go for. Take the Achyati Village porticulum in the top-right, then head down to the bottom floor of Greenscale’s Crater where Senbora the Devourer is located.

Ahkane the Eternal

Guide Ahkane The Eternal ButtonAhkane the Eternal (“Ahkane”) is usually the second boss that is killed. Once you’ve killed Senbora, teleport to the Azcu’azg Oasis porticulum in the top-left corner of the Dendrome. Then mount up into Venific Locus where Ahkane is located.

The Kaaz’Ra

Guide The KaazRa ButtonThe Kaaz’Ra (“Kaaz’Ra”) is located in Hive Kaaz’Gfuu at the very top of the Dendrome. He is the last boss to kill.
Mount up from Venific Locus where you killed Ahkane and head to Hive Kaaz’Gfuu.

It is highly recommended to mount up and stick with the raids to avoid getting attacked by all the Elite mobs in the Hive.

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