Guide: Holding a Daily Raid Rift


Below is a guide on how to hold a Level 60 Daily Raid Rift.


  • Obtain Raid Rift Lure via Cash Shop -> Rifts.
  • Send a message in CrossEvents@Faeblight and/or Level 60 chat.
  • Make sure you make it clear what the loot rules are.
  • Make sure you have a decent raid composition.
  • Make yourself Master Looter.
  • Open Raid. Summon if you can.
  • Pewpew and collect loot.

Daily Raid Rifts

Holding events where other players bid on items can net you a significant amount of platinum before you know it, benefit you through upgrades to your Focus, or provide you with a source of Dreaming Stars.


Daily Raid Rift groups involve buying the Raid Rift Lure for the day’s Daily Raid Rift quest and doing the rifts with other players. Lots of people do these quests for the notoriety gains and Infinity Stone gains.

1. Buy the Lure

You can buy the Raid Rift Lures from pressing “]” and then heading to Rifts category. You’ll find them just above the bottom of the page.


They cost 60,000 Planarite and 900 Infinity Stones.

2. Send LFM on Channels

You can post on CrossEvents@Faeblight and/or your own shard’s Level 60 chat with something along the lines of “LFM DRR. 1 RES 1 BID. Min. bid 100p” or something similar.

To join CrossEvents@Faeblight, type “/join crossevents@faeblight” into your chat window (without the quotation marks). Also make sure that your Chat window is viewing messages from this channel by right-clicking on your Chat Tab (at the top of your chat window), going to Settings -> Channel Messages and then make sure CrossEvents@Faeblight is ticked.

3. Make your Loot Rules Clear

From the get-go, make your Loot Rules crystal clear. Do this when you post your LFM messages on public/private channels.

Syntax should be something like:

LFM DRR *loot rules*; *group comp requirements*

I.e. LFM DRR 1Res 1Bid 100p min bid; Req 1Tank, 2Heals, rest DPS.

Res = Reserve. This means you want to reserve a gear drop for yourself.Bid = Bid. This means players can bid on an item, otherwise if there are no bids it is reserved by you.
Roll = Roll. Means people can just roll on the item drop/s.

Sometimes you’ll want to be more specific. I.e. “Cleric Essences Reserved, Rest Roll” or “1Bid, 100p min bid. Other Class Roll”.

4. Raid Composition

Make sure you have a decent raid composition in the raid.

1-2 Tanks
1 AoE healer
1 ST Healer
Rest DPS

That’s minimum. An extra healer doesn’t hurt. Look at people’s gear to get an idea of how much of each role you want. An ST healer in full Tier 1 raid gear probably doesn’t need much help.

Depending on your numbers, you could also look at getting a Bard and/or Archon in the mix to help boost the rest of the raid.

5. Make Yourself Master Looter

Make sure you are Master Looter when you start the raid group. Press Y when you have at least one other person in your party to Convert to Raid. Then right-click your portrait and change the Loot rules to Master Looter so that only you can loot the items.

Raid Rifts drop 2 chests at the end. The chests give a random Raid Essence or other gear. You can either choose to keep the essences, or make others bid platinum on them.

6. Open Raid and Summon

Go to the appropriate Zone and find a Raid Tear (orange side-ways eye/tear on the map), then open the Raid Rift using your Raid Rift Lure.

Undying Hunger = Ashora
Mutant Progeny = Ashora
Crucia’s Chosen = Steppes of Infinity
Bloodfire Incursion = Steppes of Infinity
Hell’s Insurgents = The Dendrome

If you have the appropriate PA Summon skill, you can summon your raid to the Raid Rift. This saves a lot of time that is usually wasted waiting for people to arrive at the Rift. Press P -> Ascended Powers to check if you have such a Summon ability. (The Summon abilities come from Tier 3 of each elemental Planar Attunement tree, accessed via default key “U”).

7. Pew pew and Collect Loot

Pewpew once all the above is complete. Make doubly-sure you have Master Looter!

Once the Rift is closed, collect the chests, link it in Raid chat (have chat window open by pressing Enter in the chat message input area, then shift+left-click on each Item you want to link).

If an item is Reserved – state it in chat. You can make some coin from Reserved items by runebreaking (with Runecrafter profession) the items into Dreaming Stars and either selling those, or creating high-demand Lustrous Runes and selling those.

If an item is for Bid, ask for people to start bidding. Make sure to count down timer (like 3, then 2, then 1) to indicate the bids are closing. Make sure to trade with the winner early on whilst everyone is there just in case they decide to forfeit their bid and you need to trade with the next highest bidder.

If an item is Roll, ask people to roll.

Make sure to give all items to the appropriate recipient and remind all raiders to collect their Quest Item.

Also, don’t forget to thank them all for coming!

Hope this guide helps you start and complete a successful Daily Raid Rift group!

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3 Comments on “Guide: Holding a Daily Raid Rift”

  1. December 3, 2013 at 1:34 am #

    Crucia Chosen can only be opened in Steppes, not Ashora.

    • December 3, 2013 at 2:55 am #

      Thanks for noticing that dotSilver! Was supposed to say Steppes of Infinity, thus why they were each included on their own line, but for some reason I must have had a mind blank when I wrote it. >_<


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