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PTS Update + Datamining: Rodent, Snail, Heart Mounts

Latest PTS Update brings: New ‘Reactor’ weapon skins; Dimension Decoration Scratchers; Patron Bonus Info; ‘Snail’ mount; ‘Rodent’ mount; ‘Heart’ Levitate mount; Glass/water building blocks; and Celestial Wings.

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Rift5: The Rider Giveaway

With RIFT fast approaching its 5th birthday, RiftGrate will be holding a series of “Rift5” giveaways. Spend the final month before RIFT’s 5th Anniversary riding through the streets on a blazing-hot 4th Anniversary Arclight Rider Mount! Giveaway ends midnight 31st Jan 2016 (PST).

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A Look Back: Datamining the Future – Dec 2015 Edition

In December edition of ‘A Look Back – Datamining the Future’, let’s take a look at the data files that have yet to appear on Live (or even PTS) to figure out some of the content we can expect in 2016.

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RIFT/Trove Cross-Promo with Free Loot!

Quest in RIFT; level up in Trove – Get free Chloromancer Class in Trove; Free Peaceful Hills Dimension Key, Trove’s Cubic Cloak and Vox (Budgie) Mount in RIFT!

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RIFT Fae Yule Guide 2015 2 Feature Image

Guide: Fae Yule 2015

Fae Yule 2015 starts 3:30PM server on Thursday, 10th Dec 2015. Learn all about the event including quests, store items, farming event currency, minion chain adventure patterns and how to obtain all the achievements. Activities abound this holiday season!

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RIFT 3.5 Winter's Wrath Patch Notes Feature Image 3

RIFT 3.5 Winter’s Wrath Patch Notes

RIFT Patch 3.5: Winter’s Wrath is out with a new Affinity System and Affinity currency to spend on new loot; new Warmonger tier of PvP armor/weapons with Tier 2 hit; last four bosses of The Mind of Madness Tier 3 raid are out; $20/$100 Credit Pack Promo; VFX applied on wardrobe weapon slots; Atia/Shal Korva/Peaceful Hills dimension keys; all mounts amphibious, and more! Fae Yule also begins Thurs 10th Dec at 3:30PM server time! Full patch notes + additional info here.

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General Feature Image

RIFT News Tidbits 3rd December 2015

RIFT 3.5 Preview article by Trion; CM Ocho teases that 3.5 launch date might be announced tomorrow; further Affinity-related info including further PTS testing with point adjustment; Frosty Levitation mount preview by Nithydux; Fae Yule IA rewards and Dark Icicle gain info; and guild chat problems. From the community: Seshatar posts guide to getting ready in 2 weeks and Grim posts up some PvP videos!

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Livestream Summary: Mind of Madness Arisen Arak

Trion had an early Wednesday livestream due to Thanksgiving where they showed off the last four bosses to the Mind of Madness raid: Enigma, Lady Justice, Dark Genesis and The Arisen Arak. Check out a sneak peak at these final bosses and what it will take to down them.

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Arclight Ascendancy Promo Week Golden Arclight Rider Feature Image

Arclight Ascendancy Week is back!

Arclight Ascendancy Promo Week is back with the new Golden Arclight Rider. Pick it up as a rare chance drop from the new lockbox or participate in daily quests to earn currency towards an Arclight or Crimson Arclight Rider mount!

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PTS Update + Datamining: New Dimensions

Latest PTS datamining and another update. A whole heap of new dimensions including Ovog Shrine, Landquarium and Haunted Terminal; Fae Yule skins added with 21st update – check out the Holly Corgi!; Nightmare Budgie mount skin added; Help Tips for Primalist & Affinity; Level Cache image; four Puzzle icons; and Price Tag images.

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