Mayhem in Mathosia (15th-19th March)

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A Mayhem in Mathosia Event has begun on the Live shards! This is an event that occurs every now and then involving extra rewards being available in particular zones on the Mathosia (pre-SL) continent.

Time: Started on 15th March and ending on 19th March 2014 at 10AM PST (NA Server Time).
Event: Mayhem in Mathosia (Silverwood and Freemarch)
Quest/s: Planar Challenger found in Silverwood and Freemarch.

There is no tracker for this event as Carnival of the Ascended is already taking up the World Event Tracker.

Table of Contents:

  • Overview
  • Planar Challenger Quest
  • Tips
  • Achievements


Mayhem in Mathosia Events involve increased rewards for participating in various zone events in certain specific zones that usually include rare mount drops, costume piece drops and other similar items.

Mayhem in Mathosia is currently up for Silverwood/Freemarch until 10am PST on Wednesday, 19th March 2014.

Past Mayhem in Mathosia Events have rewarded (for completing zone events in those zones) items such as Sapphire Ki Rin Mounts, Lavender and Cinder Hellbug Mounts, Lesser Boosts, Crimson Gothic Hat and other costume/weapon skin items.

You can check out Trion’s previous announcement articles on previous Mayhem in Mathosia events to see what they are all about:

Planar Challenger Quest


A Planar Challenger offers the “Mayhem: Silverwood and Freemarch” quest that you can obtain in Sanctum and Meridian. This quest can only be obtained until 19th March. After that, it will no longer be obtainable (but the quest will still remain in your quest log until approx. a week after the Mayhem event is over).

Quest Locations

The Planar Challengers are located in Sanctum and Meridian.



The Planar Challenger in Sanctum is located at (7406, 3082).



The Planar Challenger in Meridian is located at (6125, 5237).

The Quest


Objective: The quest involves killing 700 rift creatures that grant experience in Silverwood or Freemarch. Rift creatures are rift invasion, rift foothold, zone event boss and creatures that come from rifts (not the normal spawning mobs on the map).

You will need to mentor down to a level close to the level of the mobs you are fighting for them to grant experience and thus count towards this quest. (Right-click your character portrait when you are not in combat and not moving and choose “Set Ascended Mentor Level”. Unless the mobs are under Level 10, mentoring to Level 16 should usually allow you to be within exp-gaining level of most of the mobs in Silverwood/Freemarch).

Note: There is a bug right now where you will only progress through this quest if you land the killing blow on a rift creature (instead of simply tagging it). [r] Due to this bug, the quest will remain in your quest log and still remain completable up to approx. a week after the Mayhem event ends. [r]

A fix for the KB bug is being worked on and prior to this they are adding party-sharing for the quest (so that if someone gets a kill-blow in your party, it counts for all of you). [r].

Reward: You will receive open world currency of your choice (for example, 650 Infinity Stones) as well as an Epic-version of Crucia’s Supply Crate.

Deadline: The quest will become unobtainable when the event ends at 10AM PST on Wednesday, 19th March 2014. However it will remain in your quest log for approx a week after. [r]


  • Find out which shards have Zone Events currently up in Silverwood and Freemarch using Rift Event Watcher. Join CrossEvents@Faeblight public channel by typing in “/join crossevents@faeblight” (without the quotation marks) in chat and find a cross-shard events group or someone to anchor you to the shard you wish to hop to.
  • Open Temporal Flux rifts by using Air Lures on Rift tears in Silverwood and Freemarch. Phase 4’s Powder Kegs (you have to destroy 20 to progress) are also counted towards the quest. Plus the Temporal Flux rift gives you a rare chance at a Mechanized Temporal Vault – so two birds with one stone!
  • You can also use Invasive Species lures which has quite a few mobs as well. You can buy the Invasive Species lures in Rift Store -> Rifts section for 800 planarite each. These rifts also give a chance of dropping 3 types of Hellbug mounts and 3 types of companion pets.
  • Sinister Tide lures can also be bought at Rift Store -> Rifts section for 800 planarite each. These have a chance of dropping a Cerulean Crocnard Mount.
  • Make sure to mentor down so that the mobs’ level text is at least green to you! (if it is gray, it means you won’t gain exp from them) This allows you to earn level-appropriate world event currency and more currency. Mentoring down to a level that is within 3-4 levels of the mob you are fighting usually works out.
  • When turning the quest in – Token Boosts work on the open world currency so you could be looking at ~1k Infinity Stones in total from the quest.



You can find Achievements for Mayhem events under Achievements (default key “H“) -> World Event. There’s 3 achieves shown in the above image relating to the Silverwood/Freemarch version of the event.

When completing zone events in Silverwood or Freemarch, you may receive Friendly Gift, Dirt Clod or Rhubarb Pie items in your Rift Loot Bag. Use these on the targets as indicated in the tooltip or achievement to progress the achievement.

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