Purchasable Artifacts, Artifact Wings & More!

Trion’s Director of Community Relations Linda “Brasse” Carlson has posted up an article with a plethora of information about artifacts in RIFT and some upcoming changes. You can read the article directly here and discuss it on the forums.

Quick summary of key points below, with further information from dev posts on the forums:

Upcoming Artifact Changes/Additions

Artifacts for Credits

With the 17th February 2016 hotfix, you will now be able to fill out missing artifact slots in your collections with Credits.

Basically you “Draw” a random artifact from a specific artifact set. The more artifacts you have collected in that set, the lower the “Draw” price. When you hit “Draw”, one completely random empty slot in the artifact set you choose will be filled out. The artifact is auto-consumed (so won’t appear in your inventory). [r]

  • All slots in every collection can be filled out (if you have the funds). [r]
  • This is available for all collections, even ones for artifacts that are no longer obtainable outside of minions. [r]
  • The more slots that need to be filled in a collection, the higher the credit cost per slot – so you are encouraged to collect more of a set before turning to your wallet.
  • Slots are picked at random from the collection you choose. All artifacts in a collection have an equal chance of being picked, although cost will increase based on rarity and difficulty to obtain the artifact/set. [r]

Note: You’ll still have to manually go out and collect your Callweddi puzzle pieces from PTW artifacts. [r]

Dead Simon has also mentioned that the tech is in place to prevent a set from having this Credits-purchase feature; so if Trion chooses to restrict a set from being available for Credits, they can do so. [r]

Pricing of ‘Draws’

Gingers posted up some examples of the prices (with Patron discount) for the ‘Draws’.

* Twisted: The Guffin Plot, I have 1 white rarity artifact left to get = 63 Credits
* Exarch Invader Tide Artifacts, I have 1 green rarity artifact left to get = 180 Credits
* The Gorge, I have 1 white rarity artifact left to get = 45 Credits
* Nightmare: Rough Raptor’s Recipies, I have 1 purple rarity artifact left to get = 1800 Credits

Note: As mentioned before, prices will depend on rarity/difficulty of the artifacts remaining or the artifact set itself, as well as how many artifacts you have already collected in the set.

New Artifacts and Achievements

Artifacts will go up to about 1,400 artifact sets; and the article seems to indicate that you’ll probably get a new tier of achievements above the current 1,200 max.

  • There’s currently 7,975 artifacts. On Feb 17th, there will be more artifacts in Planetouched Wilds [likely the Twisted Artifacts Dead Simon has mentioned before]. There will be 8,100 artifacts and exactly 1,400 artifact sets*. [r]

*Dead Simon has since discovered that 14 artifact sets are actually slated for RIFT 3.6. Therefore, there won’t be 1,400 artifact sets when the 17th Feb hotfix launches. [r]

Artifact Wings

The article shows off the below ‘artifact wings’. It has what looks like translucent tentacles with glowing artifact sparkles mixed in. Unknown what the animation looks like.

RIFT Artifact Wings First Look

TrionBrasse has confirmed that it will be rewarded with the 1,400 Artifact Set achievement. [r]

There will be exactly 1,400 Artifact Sets when the February 17th 2016 hotfix goes Live. Along with the Artifact Wings, you’ll also get the title “Dazzled by Shinys”. [r]

Look forward to these new changes and additional artifact sets to collect starting February 17th 2016! If you’d like to read the full article, which also includes general information about obtaining artifacts and the various types: check it out here! There’s also a discussion thread available here.

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3 Comments on “Purchasable Artifacts, Artifact Wings & More!”

  1. jeffrey
    February 18, 2016 at 4:00 am #

    nice try tho to get more people to spend credits xD i’ll just keep buying mine of auction house 😉

    all recent change’s towards pay to play have made my decision much easyer to not spend 1cent anymore on rift 😉

  2. Kevin
    August 21, 2016 at 9:33 pm #

    1,400 Artifact Set achievement?!
    1,400 Artifact Set achievement?!
    1,400 Artifact Set achievement, you must be fucking kidding.


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    […] of money, I noticed you can also buy artifacts now in Rift. Just click a button and spend your store credits for spin-the-wheel to get an artifact […]

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