Budgie Madness ending reminder

Budgie Madness is ending at 8:15AM Server Time on 12th February 2014. [Time Converter] according to the patch notes that introduced Budgie Madness Promo Week.

  • Daily/Weekly resets are at 4am Server Time.
  • Shards are going down for Patch 2.6 (North America) at 8am Server Time on the 12th February for approx 3hrs. (2am GMT on 13th Feb for EU).

As such, if you’re after that final round of daily budgie race quests you’ll need to do it between 4am ST and 8am ST on 12th February 2014 or else you’ll miss out on those 30 Bird Seed.

Reminder that the Budgie Madness Promo Week will be occuring several times in the year – enough times to get an Ashen Budgie mount on the dailies alone.

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