RIFT News Tidbits 21-23rd October 2014

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RIFT news tidbits for 21-23rd October 2014. Check out all the info below:


  • Get 8x Level 65 Gear in 5min. Check out this short guide to getting 8x Level 65 gear pieces (including chance at Hit+100 gear) that takes approx. 5-10min of your time! [Guide]
  • Goboro Reef Elites Removed. Elites to the west and north of Gyel Fortress in Goboro Reef have been removed because they were rewarding a lot of Manugo notoriety. These have been disabled until a future update. [r]
  • Minions Info. A bit more information/clarifications about Minions has been added:
    • Minions can currently all level up to 25. [r]
    • You now receive Dimension Stashes instead of dimension items to save bag space when your minion brings back a lot of dimension items. [r]
    • Diplomacy Adventure Rewards (notoriety) are being reduced because they were set too high. [r]
    • The Minion Starter Pack is not rng – it has a fixed amount of minions -> All the minions shown on the left side of the Minion Start Pack Feature image currently on the RIFT Store front page. In a future update the tooltip will be updated to list all minion cards that the pack contains. [r]
  • Nightmare Tide Instant Level 60 Codes. For those who bought the Ultimate Nightmare Digital Edition and have yet to receive their codes in their e-mail inbox, please check your spam folder (and if you use gmail, your Promotions and Social tabs). If you still cannot find your code in your e-mail inbox, please ask Trion’s customer service for assistance. [r]
  • PvP Prestige Issue. Right now you can’t gain prestige in PvP. This is not just a visual bug (so you are actually not gaining any prestige) but Trion are aware of the issue and engineers are working on a fix. [r]
  • Issues with Guard. If you are a tank and have been having issues wrapping your head around the new Guard stat – make sure you have your tank-specific buff up that activates guard. Every tank soul has one. I.e. Paladins have Shield of the Hero. This will activate the Guard stat from your gear. [r]

Extra Life-related (25-26th October)

  • On Greybriar. Extra Life will be on Greybriar this year (so probably the Extra Life guild and various activities will occur on Greybriar (NA). [r]
  • Main Post Updated: Trion has updated the fundraising goals’ rewards. Instead of a Lifebound Steel Bundle for the $25 milestone, it’s now a Night Owl Pet. You can check out the full post here. They’ve also updated their Team Page adding in Trove, Defiance and ArcheAge rewards as well! Check them out here!
  • Contest by Nogardgib: Nogardgib@Greybriar has started a contest for Extra Life. There are giveaways for those who help donate to Extra Life through his fundraising page including:
    • a Dream Soul Pack;
    • Volt mount;
    • Toxic Hellbug mount;
    • 2x REX, Storm Legion Infinity Edition;
    • 2x 3-day Patron Passes;
    • 1x Dwarven Smithy Goggles; and a
    • complete set of Companion Pets, Artifacts, Dimension Kits and Fireworks from Summerfest 2014. He is also giving away a lot more during the 24hr gaming marathon event this weekend!
    • Check out his fundraising page here for more details!

Community Content

Below is a list of content created recently by the RIFT community!

  • Contest: Ultimate Nightmare Collector’s Edition Giveaway. Kiwi from Rift Dream Dimensions has started an Ultimate Nightmare Collector’s Edition giveaway! The contest requires you to post a screenshot of your dimension and tweet and follow Kiwi and various other community contributers. Check out her contest here! Ends Oct 26th!
  • Contest: Nogardgib’s Extra Life Patron Pass Giveaway. Nogardgib@Greybriar is giving away a 30-day Patron Pass! Just reply in this thread here describing what you like about the RIFT community in general. Winner will be drawn at 3PM PDT on Sunday, Oct 26th!
  • HS Design Cleric Outfit Cosplay. HS-Design is at it again, this time cosplaying the Frost Keeper Cleric outfit! [r]
HS Design Cleric Frost Keeper Set

HS Design Cleric Frost Keeper Set Cosplay

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