Crashes with Latest Hotfix

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Some players are experiencing a whole heap of crashes in RIFT since the latest hotfix.

Snedhepl has stated that Trion are looking into this:

This is being looked into by the engineering team. Please folks click ‘send’ on crash reports when the message box comes up. We do get them and they are useful.

For now, please report any crashes in RIFT by clicking “Send” in the crash report request window that pops up whenever your game crashes. This will send useful information so that Trion can pinpoint the issue causing the crashes.

[Update] Should be fixed with RIFT 3.1 Hotfix #2.5. Simply close and relaunch the game and you should get a small update that will hopefully fix the frequent crashes experienced since Hotfix #2. [r]

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One Comment on “Crashes with Latest Hotfix”

  1. gizmovision
    February 5, 2015 at 3:42 am #

    add me to the crash list…
    my cash data was sent and we restarted the game.

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