Livestream Summary: 4th April 2015

Livestream Summary DTC Roadshow 4th April 2015 Feature Image

Feendish and Dimension Diva over at The Dimension Touring Company had a special DTC Roadshow livestream on the 4th April 2015 with special guests Senior Game Designers Noah “Morticus” Holmes and “Vladd”. The DTC Roadshow is a weekly livestream talking and touring all things dimension every Saturday from 11am-12pm PDT.

Click here for a replay of the Livestream video on youtube. Stream starts at approximately 37min into the video.

Black/Normal Text = Livestream Summary.
[Dark Blue Text] = My own comments. i.e. May not be indicative of actual content.

As always, everything can be subject to change prior to the content hitting Live.

Dimension Info

RIFT 3.2

Items coming with RIFT 3.2 were mentioned briefly, probably because they have already been talked about on the forums and already revealed with the latest PTS Update.

  • A whole variety of interactive dimension items will be available with 3.2. Although not specifically mentioned, you can check them out here. Some will be obtainable via RIFT Store, others via Artifact sets/puzzles.

RIFT 3.3

Two main items of note are confirmed to be coming with RIFT 3.3:

  • The art team is looking to add a handful of new dimension keys for 3.3, some of which will be in Nightmare Tide locations. Deniger’s Stand (Freemarch farm) is on the list. Some of these will likely be crafted by Dream Weavers.
  • Certain Nightmare Tide assets that are not already dimension items will become dimension items. Marigold is currently working on this, slated for 3.3. Crafting via Dream Weaver will be one of the distribution channels for some of these items. This includes Cosmic Trees and Akvan-related items.

Additions with no ETA

Approved or in the request list, but no ETA.

  • Morticus might add more existing skies as Sky Projectors in 3.3. He mentioned that it isn’t hard to create Sky Projectors as it does not take art or engineering time, only his own time. However, the sky must already exist in-game.
  • More non-VFX dimension items for Dream Weavers. They prefer to keep new crafted dimension items with the Dream Weaver profession.
  • New building blocks including certain colors of marble, darker wood and more of the basic colors.
  • Disc building blocks for existing colors/textures. Unfortunately when you increase the size of the disc, the thickness will also increase.
  • Group Item Adjustments. Being able to group scale/rotate/move. This is on the request list, but not at the top of the list. No ETA.
  • Ambient Sounds Toggle. There’s a request to be able to turn on/off a dimension’s ambient/background sounds without having to turn all in-game ambient sounds off. No ETA.
  • 3D Sound Items. Basically items which have a certain range of sound. Say, a running water sound item that you can place underneath your Tavern. The area around the sound item will have this sound. No ETA.

Dimension Collections System

Morticus stated that they’d love to add a dimensions collections system along the same lines as the new wardrobe collections system coming in 3.2. You would basically convert dimension items into a collection and use them without having to take up bag space.

It would not only save bag space for yourself, but likely server load as well since there wouldn’t be as many dimension items floating around the game world.

The idea has been approved, but in terms of priority/scheduling it is quite a ways down the list. No ETA. They need to get design, art and engineering resources all available to add this system in.

As an idea of the amount of work required, Vladd and Archonix spent several weeks just to populate the new wardrobe system’s collections. In comparison, there’s 2,300 different dimension items thus far in the game.


There were a few possible additions, but were in the ‘maybe’ category.

  • Morticus will have a chat with Marigold about possibly introducing hollow tube building blocks. Vladd mentioned though that the main issue would be interior lighting.
  • Looking to increase active dimensions slots to above 20. Still checking with engineering to see if it is feasible or not. Basically, dimensions require a lot of data – all those dimension items and their various rotation/scaling settings need to be pulled from the servers.
  • Morticus stated they would look at the possibility of adding additional achievements for dimensions.
  • Morticus will keep in mind the idea of allowing items in World Event dimension kits to be available individually for World Events.
  • Non-PvP teleport devices so you can let players teleport in your dimension without getting flagged for pvp. No ETA.

Mystery Boxes

On the topic of Mystery Boxes, Morticus stated that they would look into taking certain assets and putting them directly on the RIFT Store.

However, it is still important to keep some important items to make the Mystery Boxes desirable. If they remove an item and put it directly on the RIFT Store, they’ll need to add a new item to be placed into the Mystery Boxes.

Vladd also added that this would be more likely if they add a whole new Mystery Box to the RIFT Store. In that case they might ‘piece out’ some of the items from the old Mystery Box to be available directly on the RIFT Store.

Off the Table

A handful of things that Feendish and Dimension Diva mentioned during the livestream are unfortunately off the table.

  • Tier 6 or higher item limit. They explained it just isn’t possible. 2,520 item limit is the max they can allow due to server/hardware limitations. However, it ‘might’ be possible to increase the item limit on the lower-item-count dimensions, as long as it does not exceed 2,520. They’ll look into that.
  • Salvaging dimension items. Salvaging dimension items is likely not going to happen due to the sheer number of dimension items that get generated in the game. It would mess with the economy too much and they would be forced to increase prices by a significant amount to compensate.
  • Dying Dimension Items. No plans to allow dying of dimensions items. That said, they do have an approved list of new building blocks coming out.
  • PvP Dimension Improvements. No plans for any additions to PvP dimensions. However, they might create non-PvP teleport devices.
  • Combat NPCs. NPCs that fight back are off the table due to pathing and other issues. However, they can create more stationery NPCs with scripting (talking/etc).

Creation Process

Dimension Item

Morticus and Vladd gave a little bit more information on how dimension items are created. They can’t simply grab items from in-game and batch convert to dimension items.

Dimension items are able to be scaled, moved and rotated. As such the art team needs to do a little more work on existing in-game items to make them useable for dimensions. Take the example of an existing tree asset. Marigold needs to take that tree and then check textures and make sure there aren’t any ‘holes’.

Usually trees have a hole at the bottom because in the open world you aren’t going to see the bottom of the tree. However, as a dimension item you can rotate it – and so Marigold needs to add a bottom to the tree. Perhaps resizing causes some low-quality textures to suddenly become more apparent – that needs to be fixed up. Same goes with a lot of other assets.

Once Marigold/art team cleans it up, Morticus then converts it to a dimension item. Depending on how Trion wants to distribute the item (crafting, store, artifact set, minions, kits/etc), Morticus will then place them in the appropriate channel.

Dimension Key

The creation of a dimension key takes extra work. It’s not just cutting out a slab of the world. Art resources are used to make everything work out. They need to get rid of excess items so you have a cleaner slate to work with, add appropriate boundaries and make sure you don’t fall through the world or get stuck anywhere.


Do you have suggestions for specific dimension items you would like to see added into the game? Send an e-mail to Morticus at

Some suggestions that were mentioned on the livestream include:

  • Building Blocks. Send Morticus your specific texture requests for building blocks.
  • Sky Projectors. Have any other Sky Projectors suggestions? Send them Morticus’ way. They will need to already be in-game though.
  • Achievements. Got any ideas for additional dimension achievements?

For suggestions in general, it is best to ask for specific items rather than large areas filled with items. So instead of asking for everything in Freemarch, it would be better to ask for a farm building that you can specifically refer to (like one in a specific location).

Other Info

  • Morticus will take a look at the reliability of vfx items to show their vfx. Please send an e-mail to Morticus with your hardware, graphics settings and specific vfx items you can’t see and he’ll pass it along to the engineering team. Specific dimension and/or character info can also help.
  • Morticus will check what is going on with the missing rainbow fish trophy rewarded from collecting Nightmare Tide Fishing artifact set.

An enjoyable livestream with plenty of new information about upcoming and future additions to dimensions with Feendish and Dimension Diva joined by Senior Game Devs Morticus and Vladd whom took time off their Easter weekend to answer player questions.

The Dimension Touring Company holds their DTC Roadshow where they tour and chat about dimensions every Saturday from 11am-12pm on their twitch channel here.

Interested in other Livestreams? Trion holds a RIFT livestream almost every second week on their channel here. Past Livestream Summaries can be accessed here.

There’s also more information and screenshots of upcoming RIFT 3.2 interactive dimension item additions here.

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9 Comments on “Livestream Summary: 4th April 2015”

  1. April 4, 2015 at 7:46 pm #

    Thank you for this great and thorough summary!

  2. Dimensiondiva
    April 4, 2015 at 9:37 pm #

    Khortish, your summary of Today’s DTC Roadshow with Vladd and Morticus is terrific! Thank you very much!

    • April 4, 2015 at 9:44 pm #

      No problem; thank you very much for the livestream! Loved it!

  3. yshaarj
    April 5, 2015 at 5:56 am #

    Too much focus on dimensions
    So far, i only see dimensions as second life, useless in an mmorpg
    Please, someone said that focus on more lore (even better than vanilla) or bigger new areas (tyrant was almost an insult)
    I cant comment on official forums anymore 😦 and i didnt even say bad words

    • April 6, 2015 at 6:22 pm #

      I know how you feel yshaarj. I just couldnt be bothered anymore and went off to play another mmorpg. Rift is playable only when you take 2 year breaks every few months of play.

    • April 6, 2015 at 6:49 pm #

      It probably depends what you play in the game. Raiding is usually multiple days on a weekly basis and pvp is whenever you feel like it. There’s also dimensions, zone events, story quests, IAs, dungeons, chronicles/etc. A 2-year break is a little long, but it’s certainly a good idea not to burn out. It’s definitely a benefit of F2P – go in, consume content, then take a break and play some other games – consume their content, then come back when a new major patch comes out.


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