News: Dyes to become Previewable

Senior UI Artist Gingers has updated the Rift community with a teaser that Dye Previewing will be coming soon!


  • Dye Previewing coming to the Rift Store interface.
  • It won’t cost Credits.

This should help out with people’s decisions on what outfits to buy!

How it Works:

You click on a Red Dye. That dye becomes your Primary Color for your entire outfit.You click on a Blue Dye. That dye becomes your Secondary Color for your entire outfit.
If you click on another Dye color, that becomes your new Primary and so on and so forth.

When you change outfits by previewing different outfits in the cash shop, your entire outfit will show the Primary and Secondary dyes you have chosen to preview for the new outfit.

Preview Options
There’s a variety of preview options; it’s not just the dyes in the Cash Shop interface that you can use to preview colors on your outfits, there’s also:

  • Dyes from Wardrobe -> Dyes.
  • Recipe: Dyes from Crafting -> Apothecary -> Dyes.
  • Dyes in your inventory.
  • Dyes that have been linked in chat.

Check out Gingers posts:
Dye Previewing Announcement
How it Works

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