Soul Fixes + other news tidbits

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A few soul fixes are on their way either with this week’s hotfix or next as well as some other news tidbits that may interest you:

Mage Arbiter Fix

The Mage Arbiter soul is getting a fix to the mentoring issue where mages who mentored down a few levels were seeing huge differences in stats. [Source: Kervik]

Warrior Liberator Changes

A few changes/fixes for the Warrior’s new Liberator soul:

  • Neutralize is fixed. Should be in the patch tomorrow.
  • Medical Facility is gonna be a 1m cooldown. Should be in the patch tomorrow.
  • Mass Casualty Response and any other Liberator AoE heal will no longer target pets. That will go live next week.
  • I’m evaluating suggestions to Ameliorate and Deliverance but will probably wait a few more weeks before making any drastic changes.

[Source: Vladd]

Ameliorate’s power modifier will also be adjusted for a 4s channel making it more effective:

I actually did this this morning while I was fixing all of the AoE’s. Turns out I had the old power modifier from when it was a 2s channel. It is now adjusted for a 4s channel so… 100% more effective.

[Source: Vladd]

Rogue Physician Changes

A few changes for the Rogue’s new Physician soul coming next week (not tomorrow’s hotfix):

  • Viral Infection is now a 10 minute duration.
  • Supportive Care will now proc off of absorb abilities as well as healing.
  • All AoE healing and absorb shield effects that could target friendly pets will no longer do so.

[Source: Vladd]

Other News Tidbits

Some other news tidbits include:

  • Dead Simon has put in a change coming with this week’s hotfix to prevent players from stealing each other’s artifacts when catching the same Unstable Artifact Thief. You also won’t lose your net. [r]
  • Faratha noted that the game cannot handle ‘memory’ in terms of dimension items (so you can’t, for instance, create a plow-able farm) as the items cannot remember what a player has done to an item after they leave the dimension. It would also be very difficult to have dimension items that change from one item to another. [r]


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