RIFT 2.7 Hotfix #2

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Trion is updating RIFT with RIFT 2.7 Hotfix #2 as at 7:30AM PDT on 14th May 2014 (NA) and 1AM GMT on 15th May 2014 (EU).


  • Ascend-a-Friend improved. They’ll have a new Referral Rewards section added to the Rift Store later in the day after the hotfix with items to purchase with Referral Coins gained each time one of your referrals purchases a Credit Pack. [Info]
  • Bindings of Blood: Laethys; The third Tier 3 Raid encounter is out with this hotfix! [Check out a run-down of mechanics here]
  • Bindings of Blood: Greenscale has also had some adjustments.
  • Greenscale, Budgie and a new Spectral Supply Crates/Lockboxes now contain gear appropriate for Mage Tanks (when mages open these boxes). New upgrade tier also added to lockbox gear. [Info]
  • Adjusted up the spawn rate for Unstable Zone Events.
  • Break Free‘s 5sec Immunity buff after you use it now also blocks Debilitate.
  • Class Changes: Some Arbiter, Physician and Liberator changes/fixes. Mage Tank Arbiter mentoring fixed.
  • Various Mage Tank Gear fixes. New Mage Tank Gear Recipes: Mage Tank Ring, Helmet, Cape and Belt. [Info]


RIFT 2.7 Hot Fix #2 – 05/14/14

Have a friend you’d love to play RIFT with? Then we’ve got a program for you! The RIFT Ascend-a-Friend program has been improved and makes inviting your friends to join you in RIFT better than ever. In addition to the handy ability to summon your friend to your side, when your newly Ascended allies purchase something with game cards or money in RIFT, you’ll earn Referral Coins that are redeemable at the in-game store for special items like mounts, pets, costumes, and even REX. At this moment, it is not available in-game, but will be later today! Watch this post for updates.

Mysterious forces seek to rewrite history by thwarting the imprisonment of the Blood Storm. Join those who originally bound Laethys to protect Telara from the Dragon of Greed.

* The pet bar will no longer sometimes clear out if you have a summoned pet and are changing your macros.
* Mentoring should be slightly more forgiving to Mage tanks!

* Greenscale, Budgie and the all new Spectral Supply Crates now contain gear appropriate for Mage tanks!
* A third upgrade tier has been added to level 60 lockbox equipment.

* Fixed a bug in which Hellbug Fissures could appear in bad locations during and after the Unnatural Speciation zone event. Thanks to Niagara for the report!
* A few of the more stable zones should now be a little more unstable. The weightings of the unstable zone events in some zones has been increased!

* Quest: Army of the Dead, Go Back Home: Can now be completed once more.

* Quest: Stairway to Oblivion: The Syntyche should no longer be getting stuck during the final confrontation.

* Atrophinius will no longer get drunk and wander off, preventing certain quests from being turned in.

* Break Free: The immunity effect now blocks Debilitate effects.


* Icy Blast: Now requires line of sight to the target in order to cast.
* Crystallize: Harbinger weapon buffs will no longer generate mana from this ability.


* Emergency Response: Can now proc Simultaneous Treatment.


* Medical Facility: Now a 1 minute cooldown.
* Neutralize: Can now be cast on other players.


* Reduced the total number of Shamblers to 21, down from 24.
* Dhel’s damage bonus is now 40% for 20s up from 20% for 15s.
* Diona’s cooldown has been reduced to 120s from 180s.
* Murderous Overgrowth health has been reduced (approximately -4,500,000).
* Petrified Genesis Oak has had its health slightly reduced (approximately -1,500,000).
* Greenscale’s health has been slightly reduced (approximately -8,100,000).
* Noxious Spores and Venom Cloud are now mutually exclusive; they cannot overlap for a double tick.

* Some Torvan essences for Mage tanks were inheriting stat upgrades when converted into greater essences. They have had the additional stats removed to be in line with other callings.
* Hunt Legend Mage tanking essences have been moved to the Raid 2 store.
* Some upgrade paths on store-bought Mage gear have been fixed.
* Relic cloak recipe for Mage tanks are now on the same loot tables as all other relic quality capes.
* Hunter Legend’s Fortifying Cloak is now available on the store, requiring Torvan faction.
* Despoiler’s Force Staff now shows properly on the store without changing the level flag for level 60 players.
* Hunt Legend Arcane Knight’s Sandstone and Hunt Legend Arcane Knight’s Stratified Lifewood no longer give stat upgrades when converting to greater.
* Fixed some Mage tank gear to have the Deflect stat instead of Block.


* Added recipes for epic Mage tank ring, helmet, cape, and belt.

* Clearing the crafting skill level filter in the store will no longer sometimes cause crafting recipes that are for sale not to show.
* Fixed Crafting buttons and right-clicking crafting stations so that they always open the Crafting Window to the correct profession.
* Fixed an issue where clicking on quest sticky icons would sometimes bring up the achievements window.

Originally Posted by CM Morgana on 14th MAY 2014

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