New Epic Mage Tank Crafted Gear

Mage General Feature Image

There’s a couple of new Epic-grade Mage Tank Crafted Gear available to the Mage Tank Arbiter soul with RIFT Patch 2.7 Hotfix #2. These are:

  • Outfitter: Belt, Cape, +53 HIT Helm;
  • Artificer: +53 HIT Ring.

Note: Currently the Belt, Cape and Helm recipes are bugged and although they appear in the Outfitter recipe vendor (and Outfitter section of Rift Store -> Crafting), they require 375 Artificer to craft. This will likely be fixed in the next hotfix.

These should hopefully help Mage Tanks push into Expert dungeons and beyond!

Epic Mage Tank Crafted Gear Recipes

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