RIFT 3.0 Hotfix #11

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Trion is updating RIFT with RIFT 3.0 Hotfix #11 as at 7:30AM PST on 17th December 2014 (NA) and 11:00PM GMT on 17th December 2014 (EU). ~150MB patch.


  • Fae Yule-related:
  • PvP: A Very Fae Yule Whitefall – winning should now reward Marauder Supply Crate at Level 65 like all other Level 65 warfronts.
  • Gift of Giving achievement moved to Legacy (so you can no longer earn it).
  • Merry Mink mount’s bells now have sfx.
  • Burning Lumps of Coal at a hearth should now grant a small amount of Snowflakes again. [Note: Still broken – ended up giving rewards without consuming coal, so it has been temp disabled again.]
  • Quest: Lost Traveler – your quest item will no longer be removed prior to quest completion.
  • Nightmare Rifts now count towards Quest: ‘Rift Closed!’
  • Level 65 Fae Yule Necklaces are now available under RIFT Store -> World Event.
  • Level 65 Fae Yule Essences have had a boost in stats.
  • Faelight Sparkles Payout Changes:
  • Completing Level 65 Warfronts/Dungeons with charges gives 6 sparkles. Down from 10.
  • Completing Level 65 Warfronts/Dungeons with no charges grants 4 sparkles. Up from 1.
  • Conquest Chest now grants 10 sparkles. Up from 5.
  • Completing Nightmare Tide zone events now grants 4 sparkles. Up from 1.
  • Completing Nightmare Tide Daily Raid Rift, Weekly Raid Rift, Weekly Nightmare Rift and Weekly IA quests gives 4 sparkles each. Up from 0.
  • Minions-related:
  • Fae Yule 10hr Promo Adventures should be back up.
  • Yulogen, Ivory and Atrophonius Minion Cards now have more stamina. Yulogen also has a 3rd attribute – Assassination.
  • Due to a bug, the new Minion achievements that were supposed to be added in today will arrive in a future hotfix.
  • Nightmare Tide Typhoon Edition is up on the RIFT Store for credit purchase again. Doesn’t seem to have a timer.
  • Various Class Changes. Clerics, Mages and Rogues have a handful of class changes.
RIFT 3.0 Hot Fix #11 – 12/17/14

* PVP: Winning A Very Fae Yule Whitefall should now award a Marauder Supply Cache at level 65.
* The Gift of Giving achievement has been moved to the Legacy category.
* Merry Mink bells now have more jingle.
* The Fae Yule Grand Cape should now have the proper appearance for Mathosian females.
* The burning of Lumps of Coal should once again grant small amounts of Snowflakes.
* Quest: Lost Traveler: The Candle will no longer be removed from inventory prior to quest completion.
* The World Event window now links to the Fae Yule Achievements.
* Game maps now include markers for Fae Yule content.
* The Fae Yule companion pets (Goose, Mav and Ice Bird) should no longer aggro other NPCs.
* Nightmare rifts now count towards the completion of the daily quest “Rift Closed!”
* The Merry Mink mount is now properly flagged to zoom at 155%.

* Quest: Faelight Sparkle:
– The quest now displays the purple World Event quest icon.
– The quest now appears in the Fae Yule section of the quest log.
– Players can no longer accumulate more than 500 Faelight Sparkles at once. Any Faelight Sparkles above 500 are removed on turn-in.
* Completing Warfronts and Dungeons with no charges now grants 4 Faelight Sparkles, up from 1.
* Completing Dungeons and Warfronts with charges now grants 6 Faelight Sparkles.
* The Conquest Chest now grants 10 Faelight Sparkles.
* Completing a Nightmare Tide zone event now grants 4 Faelight Sparkles, up from 1.
* Faelight Sparkle payouts are no longer blocked by the Conquest blocker on accident.
* The Faelight Sparkle payout items now apply the ability to users even if they are dead.
* Added Small Faelight Sparkle caches to the following level 65 quests:
– Daily Raid Rift quests
– Weekly Nightmare Rift quest
– Weekly Instant Adventure quest

* The Fae Yule Tree Staff and Snow Globe now have credit prices. (They can also be gifted!)
* Removed Radiant Infinity Cells as a requirement to upgrade the level 60 Necklaces in the World Event category.
* Level 65 Necklaces are now available in the World Event category.
* Boosted the power of the level 65 essences in the World Event category.
* Updated the text on the Fae Yule Bonus Boxes to more clearly reflect what can be expected when opening them!
* Fixed an issue with dropped and purchased Snow Ki Rin being 100% less Bound to Account then they should have been.

* Revamped Fae Yule Promotional Adventure Rewards!
* Fixed the Fae Yule minion adventures that were not displaying the correct reward art while the adventure was in-progress.
* Yulogon has gained expertise in assassination! Yulogon, Ivory and Atrophonius from the Fae Yule minion pack have become hardier and had their Stamina values improved.

* Fishing Artifacts from Nightmare Tide should now appear in the Auction House in the Fishing Artifact category instead of Normal.
* Artifacts from the Depths of Murder set should now appear in the Other Artifact category, instead of Quest category.
* Nightmare Rift artifacts should no longer have flavor text from Death Invasion artifacts.
* New Minion achievements have been added for completing additional adventures.

* The Typhoon Edition of the Nightmare Tide Collector’s Edition is now available in the RIFT Store for credit purchase.



* Divine Favor: Fixed an issue where Divine Favor was not recalculating its healing values when it procced additional heals.

* Mass Reversal: No longer affected by the Global Cooldown.


* Reflective Presence: No longer affected by the Global Cooldown.
* Haunting Pain: The damage over time effects now count as cast time effects, rather than instant effects.

* Possesion:
– Reduced cooldown to 60 seconds, down from 120 seconds.
– Reduced duration to 15 seconds, down from 30 seconds.
– Abilities gained from Possession no longer replace the caster’s ability bars, and instead appear in the temporary ability bar, to be used alongside most of the caster’s abilities.
– Now prevents pet-summoning abilities from being cast.
* Putrify: No longer affected by the Global Cooldown.


* Planar Rejuvenation: Fixed an issue where Planar Rejuvenation was not correctly affecting Necrotic Core after the hotfix.

* Poison Mastery: The bonus Weapon Damage and Attack Power have been increased to 3% per point, up from 2% per point up to 3% per point.

* Achievement: Harmony of Heroes: Removed the experience requirement. Level 60+ players will now be able to close rifts in Mathosia, Brevane and Dusken without issue.
* The Golden Devourer: The Golden Mark now contains more information on the effect and lasts for 1 hour.

* Quest: The Goddess: Viewing the Visions of Fate will no longer knock players out of stealth.

* Nightmare Tide Expert Dungeons: Players must now kill at least one boss in a dungeon before requeuing.

* Various bug fixes.

* Fixed an issue where several Cleanse effects were not triggering the damage from Threngar’s Conduit of Martrodraum.
* Freezing Void can no longer be reflected.

* Exiting the dungeon after completion and re-entering no longer grants rewards.

* Fixed an issue causing the instance to not reset at the objective “Investigate below the monastery” after a soft reset.
* Fixed an edge case where players would not increment the chronicle quest.

* Corrupted Stave now upgrades to Corruption’s Nerve.
* The Dreamsource greater essence now only works with single target damaging abilities.
Originally Posted by CM Morgana on 17th DECEMBER 2014

You can check out previous patch notes here.

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