PTS Update + Datamining for 15th Dec 2014

Nightmare Tide PTS Update Feature Image

An approx. 700mb update hit RIFT’s Public Test Shard (‘PTS’) on 15th Dec 2014. Combining both PTS Update and Datamined file information since there’s not much.


  • Update to Live
  • Interesting Config Files

As always, everything below is subject to change prior to hitting Live and some things included below may never make it to Live release.

Update to Live

The vast majority of files downloaded were to update the PTS to the Live client’s data since the PTS hadn’t been updated for a while. A lot of files previously in ‘patch_#.pak’ files have also been moved to their primary locations ‘textures_#’, ‘map_texture’, ‘vfx_#’/etc.

Interesting Config Files

There some interesting configuration files in this week’s PTS update:

character configuration files

  • anim\mount\jump\asset\bahmi_female_mount_bike_jump_cycle.kf

More stuff for the upcoming hover bike mount. Configuration files for each race and gender have been updated with “mount_bike” files.

character_ep2_0 configuration files:

  • rig\asset\mount_bike.nif
  • anim\portrait\asset\mount_bike_mount_bike_portrait.kf

Again, more “mount_bike” files. The hover mount bike is coming, at some point.

The Darkest Magic Raid Rift

The Darkest Magic Raid Rift Lure

The only other thing of note in the latest PTS update + datamining would be a new Raid Rift for Draumheim – “The Darkest Magic”. The lure can be found on the PTS under the RIFT Store -> Rifts -> Raid Rifts for 125,000 Planarite and 250 Void Stones.

The Darkest Magic Preview

The Darkest Magic Raid Rift. Img Src: Slipmat.

Slipmat on the RIFT Forums went ahead and checked out the Raid Rift’s opening dialog. The Darkest Magic uses the Nightmare Rift art assets and seems to run along the lines of the wacky machinations of Draumheim with a ‘Gaml Announcer’ and even a Rabbit mob.

The ‘Gaml’ in ‘Gaml Announcer’ probably relates to one of the many other Ghar Stations dotted within the various oceans of the Plane of Water.

It is unknown what kind of mobs will appear from this Raid Rift or if the Raid Rift brings forth new essences.

Not much this time round. I was hoping to see Rodney and Monty finally arrive for Rogues and Warriors or even Tyrant’s Throne in preparation for RIFT 3.1. At this stage given how close it is to the Christmas holidays, there’s probably not going to be a major update to the PTS until next year.

For past PTS Updates, click here. You can also find past datamining here.

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