RIFT News Tidbits 3rd-5th Jan 2015

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RIFT news tidbits for 3rd-5th Jan 2015. Check out all the info below:

Fae Yule World Event

The Fae Yule World Event started on 11th Dec and will end on 8th January at 3:30PM Server Time.

  • Faelight Sparkles. There’s currently been no word from Trion as to whether the Faelight Sparkles quest will disappear on Wednesday weekly reset or Thursday 3:30PM ST (when Fae Yule actually ends). It’s also unknown whether you can keep the quest or even earn Faelight Sparkles after reset/event end time. Even so, you won’t ‘lose’ anything if you just pick up the quest (if available) for the coming reset and carry on with normal play. At worst the quest will disappear.
  • Have feedback on Faelight Sparkles? There’s an active topic on the forums which Daglar has replied to asking for feedback to help them gauge what they liked or didn’t like about this quest. Check the thread out here.


  • PTS Update 2nd Jan 2015: PTS Update information and screenshots are now up. You can check them out here. Update includes Tyrant’s Throne, new PA and Dimension Permissions. If you’ve already read the article, I’ve added the following to it since the time it was published:
    • Guard Rating tooltip has changed. You get a different damage reduction based on Tier of content. (Thanks to Arione@Brutwacht for the info!).
    • Minion Adventures give a sound effect when minions complete adventures.
Guard Stat Change

Guard Stat Change. Live vs PTS.

  • PTS Datamining 2nd Jan 2015: PTS Datamining information and screenshots are now up. You can check them out here. There are files on ‘Levitate’ and ‘Disc’ mounts, grass skirt-like costume, a Storm Legion-like armor skin and new PvP Warfront scoreboard icons/categories.
  • Back From Break. Looks like some of the devs are back on deck from their holiday break with Kervik and Vladd posting on the class forums. No actual fixes or changes announced as their posts are mainly stating they’re back and reviewing feedback.
    • Kervik is reading through the Mage Suggestions thread. Keep them coming! [r]
    • Vladd is looking through Rogue and Warrior Bug Discussion threads and hopes to have some of the bugs players have mentioned fixed before next patch. [r] [r]
    • Vladd is taking a look at certain buffs that are not supposed to be scaling. [r]
  • PvP – Ghar Station Eyn Changes. Daglar has announced the following changes to Ghar Station Eyn warfront for next hotfix: [r]
    • Deadly Numbers reduced from 11 to 5.
    • Carrying a Deadly Number increases your damage by 25%.
    • Overall point objective dropped from 1,500 to 1,000.
  • Minions-related Info:
    • Copying Minions to PTS. Currently not possible to copy your Minions from Live to PTS, making testing out new additions to Minions on the PTS difficult. Snedhepl is looking into making this possible. [r]
    • Shuffle Reset. Shuffling adventure deck costs will reset at midnight GMT each day (for both NA and EU). (This is still on PTS-only). [r]
  • IA UI Change. Tacitus has hinted that the Instant Adventure UI will likely change in “the not so distant future” and that post-3.1, he will update on Trion’s direction with IAs. [r]
  • Dimension Keys Stacking. Gingers has stated that she likes the idea of dimension keys stacking and has passed along the suggestion to the appropriate dev. She has also corrected a misquote that incorrectly suggested she was in favor of dimension item salvaging. [r]

Community Content

Below is a list of content created recently by the RIFT community!

  • Tempest Warrior PvE Guide [Video]. GrimTheGamer has uploaded a guide for Warriors looking to play their Tempest soul in a PvE context. Check it out here!
  • PvP Dimensions Items Not Just For PvPers [Dimensions]. Interested in making use of the PvP dimension items but not interested in PvP? Feendish takes a look at how you can make use of these items, and perhaps even cut some of your costs in the process.

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