RIFT 3.5 Hotfix #4

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Trion has updated RIFT to RIFT 3.5 Hotfix #4 as on 13th January 2016. ~130mb download.

Summary/Additional Info:

  • Equipment Picker. Rolling over an equipment slot will highlight all equipment in your bags that can be equipped to that slot.
  • Arclight Infiltration Promo Week Info. Extended to 3:30PM server time on Jan 18th 2016. Scout Captain Feldain should be back in the Dungeon: King’s Breach (just before the entrance to the bunker where the final boss is). He can also now be found in Trollblight Caverns (Scarwood Reach at /setwaypoint 3228 4444 inside the cave). The Attractor Minion Mission is no longer required for Lifter Larceny achievement.
  • Raid Rift Nerfs. A whole bunch of nerfs to the Raid Rifts “Plane Crawler Project” and “The Darkest Magic” to encourage players to do them instead of just Sea of Ladon.
  • Mind of Madness Fixes. Various fixes to Dark Genesis and Lord Arak (2nd boss).
  • Minion: Haligan the Pyretouched. Haligan the Pyretouched has had its attributes changed from 18/17/12 to 7/17/15 Fire/Death/Assassination. Minion Card Database adjusted accordingly.
  • A whole bunch of other fixes, including to fix a bug where your FPS would dramatically drop when targeting mobs and to fix the double-linking AH/RIFT Store bug.
RIFT 3.5 Hot Fix #4 – 01/13/16

* You can now quickly equip items without having to search your bags! In the character sheet, roll over an equipment slot to see all available items that can be equipped to that slot.

* Scout Captain Feldain is back on duty for the remainder of Arclight Infiltration.
* Scout Captain Feldain can now also be found in the Trollblight Caverns.
* The Arclight Infiltration event will now run until Monday, Jan. 18th to allow for players to complete their achievements.
– Note: The old countdown timer will still tick down, and a new one will start immediately afterwards. Do not be alarmed!
* Removed the Attractor Minion Mission requirement from the Lifter Larceny achievement.

* After a server restart, items in personal and guild dimensions will still be visible.
* The client will no longer crash when you try to buy an extra character slot if you have the maximum number of character slots.
* Fixed a bug where recipes and other non-harvest nodes say ‘recommended ’ instead of ‘requires’
* Minion: Fixed the stats of Haligan the Firetouched.
* The minion reset time should now properly occur at 4 AM server time.
* Targeting mobs should no longer cause dramatic FPS drops.
* When a character’s level is changed via mentoring, an appropriate message is displayed in the General console window informing the player of the level change.

* Added a possible fix to issues with the Warfront scoreboard rapidly rearranging the UI.
* When dragging equipment from bags or the bank, if the character sheet is open, the corresponding slots will now be highlighted where the equipment can be placed.
* Linking an item
from the RIFT Store or Auction House will no longer sometimes link it twice.


* All of the level 65 contextual abilities that had a cooldown timer but did not display one now do.


* Text edit to the quest Into the Wilds.

* Finding the Finder: Reduced the outgoing damage of Researcher Jessa and Corrupted Hatchlings.

* The Khadluu Kahn Yearling’s Pound will do less damage.
* Corpse Maggots in Planetouched Wilds will no longer drop loot.
* Quest: Khadluu Ukher: Increased the cast time and cooldown of “Roar of Terror”.

* Removed the initial rift stage, reducing the number of combat stages from six to five.
* Increased the amount of time players have to reflect Pulse Turret.
* The Plane Crawler no longer casts Doom Cannon back-to-back and the cast time of this ability has been increased.
* Reduced the health of Unstable Tethers by 60%.
* V’Goth no longer casts Energy Shield.
* V’Goth now summons Earthen Launchers less frequently.

* Stage One now has only one Rabbit boss.
* Maximum HP of the Rabbit boss has been increased.
* Lograr no longer casts Lesser Evil or Greater Evil.
* Reduced the HP of Lograr’s Unlit Braziers by a third.
* Reduced the number of Shadows summoned by Silenek.

* Maelforge: The ability ‘Dark Cabal’ has been changed so the buff is dispelled upon leaving the instance.

* Fixed an issue that could cause Nightmare Eruption warning VFX to not show up during the Hydal Ithral encounter.

* Dark Genesis: Fixed the reliability of and achievement firing off correctly.
* Dark Genesis: Duo Diligence can no longer be soaked by a player pet.
* Dark Genesis: The End will continue to cast on target death.
* Dark Genesis: Jumping off the third ring will now teleport you to the opposite side (of the current side) of the middle ring.
* Dark Genesis: Player pets no longer receive damage from soul fire.
* Dark Genesis: Fixed a bug where Shadow Genesis would not cast any abilities.
* Lord Arak: Despair crystals will refrain from crossing the room while Divide and Conquer is in progress.
* Lord Arak: Added safeguards to stop some instances of Despair crystals from moving diagonally across the room.

* The Warmonger’s PVP trinkets are now properly part of the Warmonger’s Vengeance set.
* The upgraded Reinforced Warmonger’s Axe now has the correct weapon proc.

* Fixed an issue where the mount, The Nightmare, could not be targeted with Underwater Mount Training.
* The upgraded versions of Empyreal Conqueror’s Slippers now properly award the Worldly Cloth Boots item appearance.
* Recovered Greatspear from IGP renamed to Ancient Recovered Greatspear. Ancient Recovered Greatspear now correctly upgrades into two different relic weapons: Nalsoth, the Agony Shard and Nalsoth, the Hope Shard.

* Fixed a skinning issue with the Bahmi female animations on raptor mounts.
* Death foothold now has VFX in personal dimension.
* The Nightmare Coast final boss “Destroy Reality” ability now has correct warning and AoE VFX.
* Violet Twistflower now has VFX again.

Originally Posted by CM Morgana on 13th JANUARY 2016.

You can check out previous patch notes here.

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