RIFT 2.7 Hotfix #5

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Trion has updated RIFT with RIFT 2.7 Hotfix #5 as at 10:30AM PDT on 28th May 2014 (NA) and 1AM GMT on 29th May 2014 (EU). Approximately 270MB update.


  • Unicornalia Promo Week Extended! Now ends at 3:30PM on Thursday, June 5th. Also fixes to Ezmodeamus’ hit points for the Hooves and Horns zone event. [Guide]
  • Another fix for cross-shard NPC emotes.
  • Rumble mount skin updated, found under the Referral Rewards tab in the Rift Store. It now looks grayish-cyan. [Image]
  • Runic Athenaeum Daily Quests now reward their proper PA XP and Runeguard Notoriety upon repeated completions. [Guide]
  • Various Cleric, Mage, Rogue and Warrior Class Changes. A variety of Cleric and Mage AoE abilities are no longer consumed by pets.
  • A multitude of buffs now persist through death.
  • Bindings of Blood: Laethys and Maelforge mini-boss (Mallaven and Magcilian) fixes.
  • Planebreaker Bastion – Krizzix has new stuff. (no further information provided; probably new Mage Tank loot).


RIFT 2.7 Hot Fix #5 – 05/28/14
It looks like Telara just can’t get enough of unicorns! Through some Planar magic, Unicornalia has been extended until 3:30 PM server time next Thursday, June 5th.

If you are level 30 or higher you can find daily quests in your home city that award the currency, Sparkle Essences! These currencies can be used to purchase an Opal Unicorn mount from Mari, the PRI Quartermaster.

Limited Edition: Sparkle Troves, available on the Rift Store and from completing the achievement A Rainbow in the Dark, have a chance to contain an Onyx Unicorn mount. Participate in the new zone event Hooves and Horns in Moonshade Highlands for a chance at additonal Limited Edition: Sparkle Troves!

* Fixed a few issues with levitate/dash/knockback effects and the physics “stick” code.
* Fixed a couple places where NPCs were bellowing so loud players visiting other shards still heard them.
* Fixed a bug where sometimes specific chat channel slots would never persist, requiring the user to join the channel that was supposed to be there every time the player logged in.

* Zone event: Hooves and Horns: Fixed an issue where Ezmodeamus’s hit points were a little too Ez-mode!

* Updated the skin on the Rumble mount available via the Referral Rewards section of the Store.

* Quests: General: Fixed various typos and misspellings. (Thanks, editor Ytara@Laethys!)

* The daily quests available in Runic Athenaeum now properly award Runeguard notoriety and Planar Attunement XP upon repeated completions.

* Quest: Carnage: Blackcloud Clash: Should once again be available. (Thanks to Tylia@Zaviel!)


* The following Cleric AOE abilities will no longer select pets as targets of the AOE.
– Justicar: Doctrine of Authority, Doctrine of Loyalty, Salvation
– Oracle: Glacial Mark
– Purifier: Cauterizing Wave, Flame of Life, Gathering of Flames
– Sentinel: Divine Call, Empowering Light, Enraptured Breath, Healing Communion, Marked by the Light
– Warden: Curative Waters, Downpour, Geyser, Healing Cataract, Healing Effusion, Healing Flood, Monsoon, Orbs of the Tide, Overflowing Renewal, Pool of Restoration, Ripple, Shared Excess
* The following buffs now last through death:
– Cabalist: Unbounded Obliteration, Condensed Obliteration, Focused Obliteration, Sign of Asias
– Defiler: Rage Blight, Grief Blight
– Inquisitor: Armor of Awakening, Armor of Devotion, Armor of Treachery, Shroud of Agony, Spiritual Scrutiny
– Purifier: Caregiver’s Blessing, Sign of Anticipation, Sign of Daring, Sign of Faith, Sign of Wrath
– Sentinel: Healer’s Blessing, Marked by the Light
– Shaman: Glory of the Chosen, Vengeance of the Winter Storm, Vengeance of the Primal North, Courage of the Bear, Courage of the Eagle, Courage of the Panther, Furious Assault
– Warden: Bosun’s Blessing, Shared Excess

* Furious Assault, Courage of the Bear, Courage of the Eagle and Courage of the Panther: No longer toggled buffs. Now last up to 1 hour.
* Furious Assault: Now applies all Shaman Courage buffs when cast.

* The following Mage AOE abilities will no longer select pets as targets of the AOE.
– Archon: Cleansing Flames
– Chloromancer: Cleansing Rush, Flourish, Lifegiving Veil, Lifebound Veil
* The following buffs now last through death:
– Arbiter: Aqueous Blessing, Ebb and Flow, Energized Vitality
– Archon: Archon’s Bulwark
– Chloromancer: Lifegiving Veil, Lifebound Veil, Living Aegis
– Dominator: Pain Armor
– Elementalist: Elemental Armor, Prismatic Armor
– Harbinger: Eldritch Armor, Lightning Blade, Luminous Weapon, Lightning Charge, Reaper’s Blade
– Pyromancer: Fire Armor, Pyromancer’s Armor, Pyromancer’s Aegis, Glyphs of Power
– Warlock: Dark Armor, Warlock Armor

* The following buffs have been changed to persist through death:
– Assassin: Debilitating Poison, Enfeebling Poison, Leeching Poison, Lethal Poison, Malicious Poison, Virulent Poison
– Marksman: Electrified Munitions, Rending Munitions, Silver Tip Munitions, Static Shock Munitions, Vampire Munitions
– Nightblade: Ebon Blades, Fell Blades, Hellfire Blades, Smoldering Blades
– Riftstalker: Planebound Resilience
– Physician: Preventive Medication

* Torrents can now be interrupted through various crowd control mechanics such as debilitate, stun, and polymorph.

* The following buffs have been changed to persist through death:
– Champion: Dominating Bearing, Juggernaut’s Bearing, Reaper’s Bearing, Slayer’s Bearing, Soldier’s Bearing
– Liberator: Aegis of Advocacy, Aegis of Sanctuary
– Paladin: Protector’s Fury, Shield of the Chosen, Shield of the Hero, Shield of the Vengeful
– Paragon: Way of the Mountain, Way of the River, Way of the Sun, Way of the Wind
– Riftblade: Avatar of Flame, Avatar of the Rift, Avatar of Water, Avatar of Wind, Blade of Elemental Affinity, Blade of the Ascended, Planar Blade
– Reaver: Binding of Affliction, Binding of Death, Binding of Devouring Darkness, Binding of Shadow, Crest of the Abyss
– Tempest: Close Training, Electromagnetic Shield, Empower, Enhanced Conductivity, Storm Blade
– Void Knight: Accord of Power, Accord of Resilience, Accord of Shifting, Accord of the Rift, Unstable Void, Void
– Warlord: Deadly Posture, Defensive Posture, Ready Posture, Recovery Posture

*Life’s Rapture: No longer target pets.


* Fixed several pathing issues.

* Mallaven:
– The Heart of Stone buff will now correctly amplify the basic attack damage of Mallaven. But, do not fret: it is now correctly purgable!
– Fixed a bug where Boulders were not casting shatter as responsively as intended during the encounter.

* Magcilian:
– The homing lava balls of death are no longer clairvoyant and will not predict where you’re going to land.
– Instead they will hit where you were standing when they were launched.
– Also, after much contemplation, Magcilian realized that standing around doing nothing was no way to kill people. As a result he will no longer take breaks while incinerating players.

* Krizzix now has some new goodies!

Originally Posted by CM Morgana on 28th MAY 2014

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3 Comments on “RIFT 2.7 Hotfix #5”

  1. Beariepoo
    June 1, 2014 at 8:32 pm #

    This week, Krizzix dropped 1 piece of loot instead of usual 2. Am assuming this is as a result of the update, but don’t know if the loot reduction was intended or not. There’s a post up in the forums

    • June 1, 2014 at 8:53 pm #

      Wow, just read that thread. Something really screwed up must have occured there – especially since he was supposed to provide something ‘good’ now according to the patch notes. Hopefully fixed up this week.


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