Crafting in 3.1 – New Epic/Relic Amenders, Earrings and more!

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With the recent RIFT 3.1 Hotfix #3, Crafting in RIFT has gotten a boost with a whole bunch of new recipes, including Epic and Relic amenders. There’s currently no upgrade paths that use the new amenders, but Senior Gamer Designer “Morticus” has stated that the recipes were introduced early to give players a head-start in obtaining them.

Crafting in 3.1 Hotfix #3:

Artificer Earrings Trainer

Artificer Trainer – Earrings Recipes


  • Earring recipes can be found at any Artificer trainer. The Level 60-62 earrings will upgrade to Level 65. Some of the earrings are better than some Expert earrings.
  • New Epic/Relic Amenders for each Craft professions. Also Epic/Relic crafting materials for Apothecary, Dream Weaver and Mining.
  • New “Strands of Draum” and “Strands of Arak” crafting good that cost a significant amount of craft marks each.

Each of the recipes cost a significant amount of mats, enough so that you won’t be getting more than one at a time due to caps on the various craft marks.

What will the Epic/Relic Amenders Upgrade?

Armorsmith Epic and Relic Amender Recipes

Armorsmith Epic/Relic Amender Recipes

It is unknown at this point what crafted gear these new Tormenting (Epic) and Nightmare (Relic) amenders will be used for, but Morticus has mentioned “epic item upgrades” for crafted gear [r] and also “Increase the Tiers of upgrades for Crafted gear to Raid quality” [r].

It is likely that you’ll at least see the fully-upgraded Rare (blue) -quality gear get an Epic (purple) upgrade.

Each recipe costs a lot of craft marks to obtain and require a lot of craft materials to make. These include some new crafting materials like Nightmare Distillate, Nightmare Amalgamation and Thalasite Nightmare Alloy.

Obtaining Recipes

Recipes can be obtained from the RIFT Store -> Crafting under each individual Craft progression as well as from any Artisan Recipe vendors at crafting stations at the Atragarian Well in Goboro Reef or Choreburg in Draumheim.

Due to their cost, you probably want to communicate with your guild and organize players to obtain certain recipes so that you do not double-up.

Temporarily Removed Recipes

A couple of new recipes were temporarily removed due to incorrect recipe costs (with craft mark requirements above their max cap). These are:

Recipe: Thalasite Dream Alloy (Mining)
Recipe: Thalasite Nightmare Alloy (Mining)
Recipe: Nightmare Distillate (Apothecary)
Recipe: Nightmare Amalgamation (Apothecary)

These will be added to Live next week.

Crafting in 3.1 Hotfix #4:

Next week there will be more crafting additions to look forward to. Morticus has made two large posts with screenshots showing off teasers to some of the upcoming craft additions.

  • You can check out his post here.


  • Dream Weaver Crafting Daily added in.
  • Dream Weaver Recipes “Surreal Dreams” and “Faint Dreams”. This is on top of “Hazy Dreams” and “Lucid Dreams” recipes which are already up on Live.
  • Mining Recipes “Thalasite Dream Alloy” and “Thalasite Nightmare Alloy” added in.
  • Apothecary Recipes “Nightmare Amalgamation”, “Nightmare Distillate”, “Nightmare Solution” and “Nightmare Ichor” added in.
  • Various Trinket recipes added to Apothecary, Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Artificer, Outfitter and Runecrafter.

Dream Weaver Crafting Daily

Dream Weaver Daily

Dream Weaver Daily

A new Dream Weaver crafting daily will appear in next week’s hotfix. Has the usual rewards for a crafting daily and will most likely be available at the crafting daily quest-giver at Choreburg in Draumheim /setwaypoint 5840 5521.

Costs 12x Dream Ribbons, 4x Sarleaf, 1x Essence of Reverie (reagent) and Solidifed Nightmare (quest item).

Crafting Material Recipes

Nightmare Crafting Materials

Nightmare Crafting Materials

A bunch of new crafting materials used in the new Tormenting and Nightmare amenders will appear next week. These are for Apothecaries, Dream Weaver and Mining.

Interestingly, the Thalasite Dream Alloy (Mining) recipe uses 2x Rhenium Superalloy, which uses metals from Storm Legion.

New Trinket Recipes

RIFT Trinket Recipes

RIFT Trinket Recipes

A first for RIFT, there will be craftable Trinkets with next week’s hotfix. These can be crafted by all crafting professions except Dream Weaver. These are similar to how Augments and Seals work, with each profession catering to a specific class/es.

Only the base gear was shown by Morticus, and only for a few Trinkets. These will likely upgrade to Level 65. It is unknown at this stage whether the trinkets have procs.

Friday Livestream

Be sure to check out this Friday’s RIFT livestream at 3:30PM PST on Trion’s Twitch Channel. Trion’s livestream schedule states that they’ll be talking about Minion and Crafting changes for this week’s livestream.

As such, they’ll likely talk about the most recent updates to Crafting as well as go over next week’s update. Perhaps we’ll get previews to the new upgraded Epic and Relic crafted gear and information on how many slots the new Outfitter bag will have.

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