Livestream Summary: 13th March 2015

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Trion had their 13th March 2015 Friday Livestream where they briefly talked about some of the additions coming in RIFT 3.2, and revealed some more information about the upcoming Wardrobe system changes.

Click here for a replay of the 13th March 2015 Livestream video on

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Trion had their 13th March 2015 Friday Livestream with Community Manager Eric “Ocho” Cleaver, Game Director Christopher “Archonix” Junior and Lead Content Designer Julia “Darkmoon” Flemming. Guest appearance by Radar, the super-corgi.

As always, everything can be subject to change prior to the content hitting Live.

3.2 Information

A few tidbits of information were provided during the short livestream for RIFT 3.2: Echoes of Madness:

Tier 2 Raid Testing

Sign-ups are open for Tier 2 Raid Testing. Check out CM Ocho’s thread here for more info.

Intrepid: Hammerknell

Intrepid: Hammerknell. It will be a Tier 2 Raid. Archonix stated “Intrepid: Hammerknell” so it’s looking like it will be more or less the same raid, but beefed up to 65. Exact quote: “Yep, Intrepid Hammerknell. Level 65 version. Some of the mechanics are being cleaned up”.

Looks like the “Return to Hammerknell” from PAX East might have simply been Trion saying that they are returning to HK, and not actually a “Return to” which Daglar once differentiated from “Intrepid” instances by stating that the “Return to” instances had additional/changed mechanics.

Lore for Intrepid: HK

Lord Arak, the leader of Tribulation has been spawning the nightmares of Telarans. One of those nightmares is Akylios, but the nightmare version of Akylios spawned as “Sanity”, a ‘good’ version of Akylios. Intrepid: HK is Lord Arak’s second attempt at spawning nightmare Akylios and all those that surround him in HK.


Archonix stated that Trion wanted to move raiding more towards HK-style raids.

The next tier of raiding has been in development for a bit. We do want to move back towards Hammerknell-style raiding. …More content being available at release when the zone comes out; maybe more choice on which ways you go inside the raid. – Archonix.

Tier 3 Raid

Archonix stated that by doing iHK now, they’ll have more time to perfect Tier 3.

Livestream Summary 13th March 2015 HK Reasoning Daglar

Daglar also mentioned in the livestream chat channel that the Tier 3 Raid [likely ‘Lord Arak Raid‘] will have all new art.

Hammerknell Instant Adventures

In 3.2 they’ll be opening up an Instant Adventure version of Hammerknell Fortress.

  • With sidekicking (mentoring), even a Level 10 can hop right in to the new HK IAs.
  • Different from raid bosses in the HK raid.
  • IA content for different group populations.

As for Instant Adventures in general, you will only be able to queue randomly [so not via zone-specific/etc I would assume]. Change has been made to encourage larger groups.

There’s a lot of improvements for boss hp discrepancies between maps, and scaling issues with group size that Team Designer (and Live Content Watch Commander) Tacitus has been working on – some of those changes you’ve probably seen with recent hotfixes.

Wardrobe System Revamp

Various changes are coming to the Wardrobe System with 3.2 which Archonix went over briefly in the Livestream.

Collections System

You will be able to collect wardrobe items. Region-wide.

Basically once they land in your inventory they are unlocked… Any appearance you get in the game will be unlocked for all characters on your account, regionally. – Archonix.

[So it sounds as though there won’t be any additional ‘baubles’ for wardrobes or anything like that. Just get an item -> don’t have appearance collected? -> appearance collected, region-wide (EU and NA regions will be separate).]

Note that your current wardrobe will be maintained. Whatever you have in your current wardrobe sets will still exist. What will happen is that the items currently in your wardrobe sets will be sent to you “in a nice package” via in-game mail when the update takes place.

[I’m guessing this means that each wardrobe set will come in a separate mail so that your items aren’t all over the place].

Dye Bucket System

You will be able to unlock dyes, and any dyes you unlock will be account-wide.

Weapon Wardrobe

Weapon wardrobe! Archonix stated that weapons are also being included in the new system: “Moving away from transmog system”. [Looks like we won’t need to use transmog baubles for weapons any longer – and each wardrobe set can have its own weapon costumes].

Additional info: Pithos has confirmed that you will not be able to have a 2-hander weapon wardrobe shown off whilst equipping a 1h+oh for stats. This is because the animations will be based on your current equipped gear and certain animations will conflict.

Instead, you will be able to choose a weapon wardrobe for each weapon slot that your Class can equip (so Rogues won’t have a 2-handed option), and whatever type of gear you have on will have its look overlaid with the weapon wardrobe.

i.e. Say you equip a 1h+oh. Your 1h+oh weapon wardrobes will display. Say you switch to a 2-hander; your 2-handed weapon wardrobe for that wardrobe set will display.

Wardrobe Livestream

Livestream Summary 13th March 2015 Wardrobe Livestream Schedule

A special RIFT Livestream on the new Wardrobe System will come out in 2 weeks’ time (probably 27th March 2015). Confirmed both in chat and stream, although subject to change. Mark your calenders!

You can check out a screenshot preview of a heavy WIP, pre-alpha version of some of the wardrobe changes here.

Trion has also provided some further information and answered some player questions that you can find summarized here.

Planetouched Wilds

The zone “Planetouched Wilds” is coming.

  • It will be at the grayed out location next to Droughtlands in Mathosia.
  • Level 65 zone.

Other Info

5th Calling

Archonix mentioned that they were experimenting with a 5th Calling [current name ‘Primalist’] and that they hope to have it on the PTS for testing in a few months’ time.

Past information Trion have provided indicates the 5th Calling is slated for some time this year.

No comment on the ‘Primalist’ name that appeared in gear tooltips briefly on the PTS. (It was only available for one update, then removed).

Games Conventions

Trion are hoping to make the Gamescom show in Cologne, Germany (August 6-9th) for EU players. They might also make PAX Prime in Seattle, America (August 28-31st).

4th Anniversary Arclight Rider mounts will be given away, just like with PAX East earlier this month. They’ll also be given away during RIFT Livestreams.


Stuff in the works, but they’ll talk about it as they get closer to being able to announce them.

[PTS has been updated today. Thanks to player feedback, PvP gear has been reverted to original values and instead, bolstered gear stats will change. You can check out Vladd’s post with more information here.]

[Marauder’s Supply Caches will increase drop rate of pvp-dropped gear from 25% to 50% in the next hotfix] [r]

Druid Fix

Livestream Summary 13th March 2015 Eruption of Life Druid

Vladd will have Red Hawk take a look at the Cleric Druid’s Eruption of Life cast time.

Helm of the Demon Lord Dye Fix

Archonix mentioned on the livestream that he’ll look into allowing the Helm of the Demon Lord to be dyeable.

Vox Budgie Mount Promo

Trion briefly talked about the current promo where you can get a Vox Budgie Mount in RIFT if you reach Level 20 in one of their other titles, Trove. At Level 10 you also get a Cubic Cape costume for RIFT. More info can be found here.

They are also considering a cross-promo to give players something in Trove if they reach Level 65 in RIFT and asked those watching the livestream for ideas. Noithing confirmed. Go on the RIFT and Trove forums to post your suggestions!

The Screen

The Screen

The Screen

Although a little far away to tell, there was a mac displaying images in a slideshow behind the livestreamers. There was a box in front of it where staff were taking cupcakes from. Was this a clue for the audience? Could the screen have had teaser images to new content?

The Screen Images

The Screen Images

Unfortunately the screen was way too far away, and glare issues make it so that it’s hard to tell what the images are, especially since they were shown in groups of 2, 3 or 4, making the images even smaller.

There’s clearly some Staff photos so it’s probably not just completely random stock photos. Some might be Trove, Defiance and ArcheAge images as well. Others might not even relate to Trion games, but perhaps wallpaper images/etc from the computer of whoever mans that standing desk.

Livestream Giveaways

Livestream Channel Giveaways

During the Livestream, a handful of livestream chat channel viewers received:

  • 1x 4th Anniversary Arclight Rider Mount to 5 livestream viewers.
  • 1x Minion Card: Rough Raptor to 3 livestream viewers. [Rarest card in the game; only other time available was during Extra Life 2014 charity event].
  • 1x Helm of the Demon Lord to 3 livestream viewers.
  • 1x Molten Thresher Mount to 3 livestream viewers.
  • 1x Ultimate Nightmare Edition Pack to 2 lucky livestream viewers!

Congratulations to all the winners!

Livestream Summary 13th March 2015 Livestreamers

(From Left to Right: Ocho, (Radar), Archonix, Darkmoon)

Radar Corgi Livestreamer

Livestreamer Radar.

A few things already known via other channels, but the region-wide unlock for the new Wardrobe system and the fact you just need the item to collect it (as opposed to some players’ concerns about Cash Shop-linkage), or the weapon wardrobe and account-wide unlocks for dyes in the upcoming Dye Bucket system is completely new information. And very welcome information at that.

Look forward to a livestream about the Wardrobe system in about two weeks’ time!

Past Livestream Summaries can be accessed here.

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  1. March 13, 2015 at 8:09 pm #

    Good news, really excited for new wardrobe!

    • March 13, 2015 at 8:42 pm #

      Going to need on all loot now! 😛 Seriously though; probably end up leveling one of my alts up to get any quest-specific drops.

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