Notice: IA Achieves to become Legacy in 3.2

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Tacitus has made a post notifying players that Instant Adventure achievements will become Legacy when 3.2 hits.

What is the Legacy category?

An achievement turns Legacy when it is being removed from the game. They will reward zero points and will no longer be earn-able. If you do not have the achievements completed by the time they are moved to the Legacy category when 3.2 hits, you will no longer be able to view the achievements in your achievement window.

Special Titles

Although the IA achievements are being moved to Legacy, anyone who has the 500-Adventures achieve or Kill-all-IA-bosses achieves done for each zone will get special titles. For instance, those who complete 500-adventures achievement in Gloamwood would get the title “[charname] Gloam” and those who complete it for Stonefield will get “[charname] Stone”.

These are rather special, because most suffix titles have “the” or a comma. For instance, “[charname] the Dreamer” or “[charname], Avowed”. The IA titles are more like surnames, “[charname] Gloam”.

The Achieves

Example IA Achievements Becoming Legacy

You’ll find the 500-IA-completion achieves in some of the zone achievement sub-categories. These can be found in Achievements (default key “h“) -> Zones. Note that some, like Silverwood/Freemarch and Gloamwood/Stonefield will only show up on your Guardian/Defiant characters respectively.

Some zones also have “Kill or defeat all” IA boss achievements like the Gloamwood Advanced Adventurer.

Tacitus has stated that you can do either the 500-IA or kill-all-IA-boss achievement for a zone to get that zone’s title.

3.2 ETA

ETA for 3.2 is some time in April. No exact date has been given yet.

[Source: Tacitus]

If you’re interested in some of these titles or just want the achieves to forever remain as a Legacy achievement – make sure to get your IA on!

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