RIFT 3.3 – Waking Nightmares Launches

RIFT 3.3 Waking Nightmares Patch Notes Feature Image

Trion has updated RIFT with RIFT 3.3 – Waking Nightmares as at 7/15/15, at 7:00 AM PDT (NA) and 7/16/15 at 1:00 AM GMT (EU).

Patch file size is ~4.88GB. Note: Most of this seems to be edits of existing files (probably for performance purposes) so you shouldn’t be too concerned if your hard drive has limited space.

Known Issues:

As with all major patches, there’s usually a few bugs that creep in. CM Morgana has created a thread that you can read up on or post bugs here.

Summary/Additional Info:

  • Nightmare Saga Questline. A new Epic Cult Saga has begun: The Nightmare Saga. Level 65 players will find a letter with the first quest to the Nightmare Saga in your in-game mail. You’ll be able to do Act I on 3.3 release. Act II and III come in following weeks (2 weeks’ gap each).
  • Planar Crafting. A large system has been added in called Planar Crafting, with new planar-crafted gear, dimension items, planar fishing poles and a weekly quest to obtain Planar Crafting Rift Lures.
    • Planar Weekly opposite Howard (existing crafting weekly) in Choreburg, Draumheim via NPC Tephael the Usurper. /setwaypoint 5866 5521. Can only be opened in Tarken Glacier.
    • Planar Crafted Gear Upgrades. (Note: Images from PTS; some might be outdated; 2pc bonus is +150, not +250).
    • Imperishable Craft Mats can be obtained as rare chance via the associated Planar Crafting Rift; via fishing using the associated Planar Fishing Pole; or via RIFT Store -> Crafting for Credits.
  • Harvest Anything. You can now harvest any level node as long as you have at least 1 point in that gathering profession. E.g. With 1 point in Mining you can mine all mining nodes. (Thanks to dcrago for the heads up!)
    • Those gathering with a gathering profession that is at a lower level than the node’s level will generally receive less materials.
    • Those gathering with a gathering profession that is at or above the node’s level will now notice that they generally receive more materials than pre-3.3.
  • Fun Crafted Gear. There’s a whole slew of fun crafted gear that have been added in – pure fluff items. Check out your trainer as well as the Artisan Store (or RIFT Store -> Crafting -> [profession]) for recipes.
    • Weaponsmiths can craft some weapon costumes.
    • Armorsmiths can craft some Chain/Plate-based wardrobe bundles.
    • Outfitter can craft some Cloth/Rogue-based wardrobe bundles.
    • Runecrafter can craft ‘Glyphs’ with various vfx + party sticks.
    • Artificers can craft some companion pets.
    • Apothecaries can craft various potions that have some interesting and unique vfx.
    • Dream Weavers have some new Nightmare Tide dimension items they can craft.
  • No more Tyrant’s Anvil. You no longer need Tyrant’s Anvil to upgrade items dropped from Tyrant’s Forge.
    • Any existing Anvils have been auto-converted to 4,000 Abyssal Crusader’s Marks.
    • All sources of Tyrant’s Anvil drops now drops Hearts of the Frozen.
    • (It’s time to upgrade those Tyrant’s Forge legs/accessories into relics!
  • PvP-related:
    • Frenetic Gear. Dreambreaker (PvP) gear that drops from Marauder Supply Crates that you get for winning Level 65 Warfronts now has a new upgrade tier -> Frenetic. This gear has +150 hit.
    • Premade Marking. A number will now show up on a player’s name if they are in a Warfront premade. Number corresponds to the group they are in.
  • Shared Shard Vault. There is now a new vault in your Bank which allows you to share items between your own characters on the same shard. You cannot share soulbound items. Does not work cross-shard or cross-region. You cannot craft from shard vault, but an engineer is looking at this feature. [r]
    • Purchase is once per account and applied to all shards. [r]
    • If you delete all characters on a shard, you will not lose the items in that shard’s Shard Vault. (likely just need to create a new char or transfer one over on that shard). [r]
  • Tarken Glacier Instant Adventures. You can check out Tarken Glacier Instant Adventures via the Instant Adventure window. HK IAs have been moved to Intrepid IA queue.
  • Intrepid: Gilded Prophecy. New Tier 2 10-man raid. Right next to the old Level 50 version of the raid in Shimmersand. /setwaypoint 7116 6905.
  • Introduction/Hard Mode Raids. Rhen of Fate and new Intrepid: Gilded Prophecy 10-man raids now have Introduction and Hard Mode toggles at the start of the instance. Each Mode gives their Mode’s Chest + Chests from the lower-difficulty Modes for each boss defeated. (e.g. Hard Mode rewards Hard Mode + Normal Mode + Easy Mode chests).
    • All Modes give raid currency.
    • Introduction Mode Chest gives plat-only.
    • Normal Mode Chest gives two pieces of gear. (last boss in IGP gives Eye of Untold Madness + Relic Weapon + Epic Cape)
    • Hard Mode Chest gives:
      • Heart for Rhen of Fate.
      • Relic Accessory for IGP. (last boss in IGP also gives another Eye of Untold Madness)
    • You can check out Trion’s Livestream about IGP where they show off some of the loot here.
    • Note: You can keep changing the difficulty of the encounter until you have downed the first boss. Afterwards, you are allowed to change to a lower difficulty setting for future bosses, but you cannot increase the difficulty.
  • New Loyalty Tier: Silver. Silver loyalty tier is now available with a whole bunch of new items, including the Treasure boost and a special buff that gives all members in your raid a 5% boost to experience, favor, prestige, notoriety and token currency gained from all sources!
  • Random Chronicles. You can now queue up 1 or 2-man for Random Chronicles. Acts like Random Warfronts/Dungeons, but with half the rewards.
  • Mage Changes. There’s a bunch of Harbinger changes and change to Stormcaller’s Storm Locus. Major ones you’ll notice are that Empyrean Ascension no longer grants temporary abilities, and Phase Step no longer deals damage. Also, Stormcaller’s Storm Locus now only affects Air and Water damage.
    • Kerghan’s Guide to 54 Harbinger (3.3). Check out Kerghan’s guide to 54 Harbinger, written with the new changes in mind. Check it out here!
    • Burninalways’ Quick Harbinger Guide. Updated Harbinger spec with the new changes in mind. Check it out here!
    • Burninalways’ Quick Stormbinger Guide. Updated Stormbinger spec with the new changes in mind. Check it out here!
  •  Interrupts Standardized. Interrupts have been standardized:
    • Pure Melee/Tank soul interrupts are now 20m.
    • Ranged/Hybrid interrupts are now 30m.
    • All interrupt abilities now require caster to face the target.
    • Full changelog here.
  • Dimension Items/Keys. A whole plethora of dimension items and keys have popped up in a whole variety of locations: crafted, planar crafted, notoriety vendor, RIFT Store and even as Nightmare Saga rewards.
    • You can check out an excellent list of the items over at The Dimension Touring Company here.
    • Rift Dimension Addicts has also updated their dimension database with the new items here.

There’s also a whole bunch of other changes/additions to the game with 3.3 that I haven’t included above since there’s nothing to expand on. Please refer to the full patch notes below:

RIFT 3.3 – 07/15/15

A brand new saga questline which tells the story of Lord Arak and how he became the Lord of Nightmares has begun! All level 65 players have been sent a letter from Purgav, a concerned Ghar Researcher in Goboro Reef, to begin their journey into the realm of dreams and beyond.

Planar Crafting, a new sub-system has been added to Rift, allowing chosen professions to make new fishing poles, dimension items and powerful upgradeable weapons, armor & accessories!

* Seek out Tephael in Choreburg to get started!
* Using the weekly quest rewarded rift lures, players can open a rift, complete it and can possibly obtain the highly coveted and rare material used in the Planar Crafting recipes. This rare resource can also be obtained by fishing with the thematically appropriate fishing pole.
* The rift lures only work in Tarken Glacier, but the items can be crafted anywhere.
* All of the weapons, armor and accessories crafted can be upgraded at least once.
* Crafting rifts are back! New upgradeable weapons, armor and accessories. Two piece set bonuses on the armor. New dimension items. New planar themed fishing poles and lures.
* Besides the amazingly awesome amount of common crafting materials that are handed out via the crafting rifts, players also have a chance to obtain rare dimension items, rare tokens and rare crafting materials.

Once, Cosmologist Mann was the brightest scholar of planar phenomena in the universe – a leader among his peers. Nary a beam of light nor celestial body existed that he could not name. His curiosity knew no bounds, and yet, his gaze reached too far.

After discovering the Temple of Aia, he inspired the ire of the Goddess herself, and she filled his mind with visions of a life destroyed by mortals. Now, Mann schemes in the frigid depths of Tarken Glacier, driven by a mad desire to rewrite Telara’s cosmic history.

Relive the fight for the Glacier – and stop Mann from releasing Shigoroth upon the Dreaming Seas. Tarken Glacier is the new Featured Adventure!

We have added a shared Shard Bank Vault! It can be accessed from the regular bank merchant, and will appear as a new tab on the bank window. All of your characters on the shard that you play on can share items in this vault.

We’re expanding the upgraded Wardrobe systems even more. You can now collect more than 300 appearance sets and explore the fashions of Telara. Go to the new Appearance Sets tab of the character screen to track your progress. Existing appearance unlocks will automatically be unlocked in the new appearance sets, and you’ll be well on your way to fashion greatness!

You’re going to be rewarded for collecting all these appearance sets with a new string of achievements. Only full sets count towards the achievements, but appearance sets can come from everything from vanity costumes to raid-level gear. Collect enough full sets and you can earn the brand new title “the Dapper” for male characters and “the Chic” for female characters.

Tiered raid difficulty is now available in the Intrepid Gilded Prophecy and The Rhen of Fate instances! Players can now toggle between three different settings of difficulty settings: Introduction, Normal and Hard Mode (dungeons default to Normal). This is an experimental implementation of the system which we plan to iterate upon. More info can be found in the Dungeons and Raids section below!

The Intrepid Gilded Prophecy is a tier 2 sliver that introduces our new tiered difficulty system for rewards and progression. A revision of the classic Gilded Prophecy, players are reintroduced to original fights with the ability to select from Introduction, Normal and Hard mode difficulty which will change the mechanics, boss health and damage for fights! The entrance can be found in Shimmersand using Sliver Sight.

We snuck an awesome feature into 3.3. As of that patch, as long as you have at least 1 point in a gathering skill, you can harvest any node. That’s right, if you have Mining, Foraging, or Butchering skills, you can harvest any node or corpse that requires the skill. Wherever your adventures take you, your harvesting professions will be useful. If you have lower skill than what was previously necessary to harvest the node, you will get a slightly lower yield, but if you meet the old minimum skill necessary you will see slightly more resources on average (although no guarantees for a single node harvest – there’s some randomness in them loot tables!)

A new tier of loyalty is now available! A variety of new rewards await those who achieve Silver loyalty, including the Distinguished Levitation mount, Miss Money Piggy companion pet, a dimension called Everywhere, and much more!

You can now do a random chronicle for extra rewards, either solo or with a friend! Available to players level 60 and up, this feature works similar to the Random Warfront and Random Expert features in that you can store up to 7 charges and gain a new charge daily or through consumables that award charges. Upon completion, you are awarded a trove of Abyssal Crusader Marks, Fragments of Horror, and Fragments of Madness… even at level 60!

* We have added many convenience options within the RIFT user interface!
* Souls can now be reset from within the Soul Tree window; you no longer have to travel to your trainer.
* Soul slots and resets can now be purchased from within the Soul Tree window.
* In the Soul Tree window, click on Presets, and if you do not have access to a soul in a preset, you can now purchase that soul pack directly from there.
* Ran out of Dungeon or Warfront charges? Once you hit 0 charges, you can now purchase more of them directly through those windows.

* You can now send custom emote text when you play standard emote animations!
* You can now link wardrobe items through your chat console for other players to see and preview.
* Fixed a problem where if you had the option Auto-Loot by Default turned on and you were the leader of a Master Loot group, then you would not be able to loot bosses.
* Fixed a bug when planar essences would not update inside planar foci.
* Fixed a case where a player’s equipment would exit stealth on its own.
* Fixed visual issues when changing from one sky to another.
* Removed a superfluous icon from the buff list when using the console.
* Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur when changing zones.
* Implemented a possible fix to costume tint issues. If your costume tint changes unpredictably again, please report it to us!

* The Power Pack is now available in the RIFT Store, containing an all new Ember Lifter hovering mount, a 32 slot bag, loads of Transcendent Boosts and an Ascended Cloak that will scale with level all the way up to 60! Grab it while it’s available to score all of these awesome rewards for all characters on your account!
* From now until July 31st, purchasing a $100 / €100 / £100 Credit Pack in-game will also award the all new Nightmare Thresher to all characters on your account!
* Level 60 Character Boosts are now available on the RIFT Store.
* Level 65 Tier 1 Raid Necklaces are now available on the RIFT Store under Equipment -> Accessories.
* Players should now see their amounts for every currency applicable to a given section of the RIFT Store.
* When a purchase fails through Steam an error message now appears in the console.

* You can now drag items directly to Bank Vaults by dragging the item to the Bank Vault Tab!
* Raid frames: The Show Pets option now persists through logout.


* Standardized interrupts at 20 meters for pure melee and tank souls, 30 meter range for ranged or hybrid souls.
* Additionally, all interrupt abilities now require the caster to face the target.
* The following abilities have been changed:
– Cleric: Druid: Notion Theft: Now requires facing on target.
– Cleric: Druid: Grim Silence: Now requires facing on target.
– Cleric: Justicar: Interdict: Range decreased from 30 to 20. Now requires facing on target.
– Cleric: Inquisitor: Confound – Now requires facing on target.
– Cleric: Shaman: Bitter Wind: Now requires facing on target.

– Mage: Arbiter: Freezing Gust: Range decreased from 30 to 20. Now requires facing on target.
– Mage: Dominator: Arresting Presence – Now requires facing on target.
– Mage: Harbinger: Distracting Slash: Range decreased from 30 to 20. Now requires facing on target.
– Mage: Pyromancer: Scorch: Requires facing on target.
– Mage: Warlock: Aversion: Requires facing on target.

– Rogue: Bladedancer: Weapon Barrage: Fixed several cases where this ability would fail to interrupt abilities it should have interrupted.

– Warrior: Paragon: Flinching Strike: Range increased from 3 to 20.
– Warrior: Warlord: Neck Punch: Range increased from 3 to 20.


* Geyser can no longer be spell reflected.


* Lava Field has been moved from the 16-point Talent tier up to the 26-point Talent tier.
* Lava Spout has been moved from the 21-point Talent tier up to the 31-point Talent tier.
* Earthen Barrage has been moved from the 26-point Talent tier down to the 16-point Talent tier.
* Earthen Shards has been moved from the 31-point Talent tier down to the 21-point Talent tier.

* Natural Splendor’s healing radius has been increased to 30 meters, up from 7 meters.

* Fixed a bug that caused Transference to give mana to its target, rather than drain it. This ability now works properly against all classes of player and against NPCs.
* Removed a restriction from Reflective Command that prevented it from reflecting ground-targeted spells.

*Blade Rush: Can now be cast in combat, and stuns the target for up to 4 seconds.
* Conditioned Response: Greatly increased the healing done.
* Empyrean Ascension no longer grants temporary abilities while active. Instead, it increases the Harbinger’s damage by 25% for the duration.
* Furious Assault: This talent now affects all Harbinger and Ethereal attacks, instead of Slashing and Ethereal.
* Healing Reflex: Has been removed, and replaced with Rising Storm, a talent which increases the effect of Spell Power on Air and Life abilities.
* Improved Blade Rush: This talent has been removed. The previous effects of this talent are now baseline.
* Insult to Injury: The absorption shield will now damage enemies around the Harbinger when it expires.
* Phase Step: Has been redesigned. It now causes your next 3 damaging abilities to teleport you to your target.
* Razor’s Edge: The previous effects of this talent are now baseline. Vorpal Slash is always considered an instant attack. This talent now increases the DoT of Vorpal Slash by 50/100%.
* New Talent: Vorpal Edge: Your Slashing attacks have 4%/8% increased Critical Hit chance. This talent replaces Improved Blade Rush.
* Vorpal Slash: Now instant cast, from 1.5 second cast time.

* Updated the damage values of many Harbinger abilities. The changes are as follows at level 65:
– Blade Rush: Base damage increased by 7.6%
– Blazing Light: Base damage increased by 7.6%
– Glaring Fetters: Base damage increased by 7.0%
– Lightning Blade: Base damage increased by 6.5%
– Lucent Slash: Base damage increased by 7.5%. Damage over Time increased by 7.7%
– Luminous Weapon: Base damage increased by 6.9%
– Piercing Beam: Base damage increased by 7.6%
– Rending Slash: Base damage increased by 7.6%
– Reaper’s Blade: Base damage increased by 28%”
– Storm’s Fury: Base damage increased by 7.6%
– Storm Slash: Base damage increased by 7.6%
– Tempest Winds: Base damage increased by 7.6%
– Vengeful Shock: Base damage increased by 7.0%
– Vorpal Slash: Base damage increased by 7.6%

* Putrify: Now only affects single-target pet attacks. This eliminates a situation where a pet using an AoE would cause Deathly Calling stacks to be placed on an unintended target.

* Storm Locus now only affects Air and Water damage.


* Pet ability, Bite, now has a 3 second cooldown to prevent it from stomping autoattacks.

* Removed the weapon swing timer on damage when casting Rising Waterfall, Open the Stream, and Final Blessing.

* Soul Sickness will no longer benefit from the AOE portion of Reaper’s Crystal.

* Mysterious Travelers have begun appearing throughout Telara. Where did they come from? What do they want? Only time will tell.
* Quest: Everyone’s Staring At You: Reduced the amount of trivia wins needed from 6 to 4.

* A new quest giver has been added to Ghar Station Rosh as a thank you to one of our highest donors for Extra Life 2014! Look for Wibble near the Porticulum there.

* Uncle Stan in Tempest Bay will once again offer the fishing derbies to characters with over 375 fishing skill.

* It is now possible to change to a lower difficulty after killing a boss, however it remains impossible to change to a higher difficulty, e.g Normal to Introduction is permitted but Introduction to Normal is not.


How It Works
* The difficulty setting is governed by a set of three interactive objects located at the instance entrance.
* The difficulty setting can be changed repeatedly until the first boss of the instance has been slain, after which point the party will become locked to that difficulty setting for the remainder of the week.

* Players will receive up to three different chests containing rewards depending on their difficulty setting.
* Introduction Mode will reward a single chest that provides raid currency.
* Normal mode will contain a chest which rewards two pieces of equipment for the tier.
* The third chest will contain relic upgrade components in tier 1, while tier 2 will contain a special loot table populated with relic items.

NOTE: Players participating in Introduction mode will not be able to receive credit for most achievements. Additionally, some achievements are only available in Hard Mode.

* The Rhen of Fate has been updated to include the new tiered difficulty system!
* Players can now select between Introduction, Normal and Hard Mode to earn different rewards at differing challenge levels.

* The Foaming at the mouth debuff is now automatically cleared when Glasya is defeated.

* This dungeon now has exit portals!

* The camera will no longer be forced underwater in Wormwood’s Pond.

* Marauder Supply Caches have been updated to drop improved equipment!
* Dreambreaker gear can now be upgraded to “Frenetic”, bringing the max power available to that of Tier 1 Epic Raid drops.
* Added a number by a player’s name to show if they are in a Warfront premade. The number corresponds to which premade group they are in.
* With the upgrade of Marauder’s Box items, bolstering gear has been upgraded to compensate.
– The floor has been increased slightly.
– The ceiling remains unchanged at Raid Tier 1 epic.
* There is now an Empowered Dreambreaker upgrade path for Totems and Shields that adds Ethereal Touch.

* Fun crafting recipes have been added for the following builder professions: Apothecary, Artificer, Armorsmith, Runecrafting, Outfitter and Weaponsmith. Look for them on your appropriate trainer and the Rift store!
* Crafting merchants should now carry appropriate recipe items for each profession.
* To alleviate frustration we have added the crafting component, Catalytic Essence, to the profession trainers and Rift Store!
* Fixed a bug where skinning/harvesting wouldn’t get skill ups for what was previously considered hard difficulty.

* The following lures are now on their own cooldown groups:
– Magnetic
– Twisted
– Rare
* Magnetic lures have had their cooldown reduced from 6 to 2 hours.
* Crafted Rifts will now display a tooltip indicating they are crafting.

* There are now new Dimension Items in the game! Look for them throughout the game and on the trainer in Choreburg!
* There are now new Dimension sky projectors in the game! Look for them throughout the game!

* Tyrant’s Anvils have been retired as an upgrade token.
-All of the upgrade recipes requiring them have been altered to require two Abyssal Crusader’s Accelerators instead.
-The Anvils can now be consumed for 4000 Abyssal Crusader’s Marks.
-This is not affected by token boosts or token caps.
-All sources that dropped Tyrant’s Anvils will now drop Hearts of the Frozen.
* Fixed a bug that caused equipping the Icy Heart of the Marauder to trigger some Synergy Crystal effects.
* Fixed an issue causing the buff Last Bastion applied by Relic tank weapons from Hammerknell to show that it was lowering incoming damage by 0.
– It now properly reports its damage reduction when moused over.
* Fixed the tooltip on the Adventure Cache and Hammerknell Adventure Cache to display the correct level of rewards.
* Fixed a tooltip issue on the Embrace trinket in Rhen of Fate. It now reports all of the healing it will do when its shield expires from a target.
* Planar essences should now produce the proper procs.

Originally Posted by CM Morgana on 15th JULY 2015

You can check out previous patch notes here.

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  1. Stormbow
    July 15, 2015 at 8:30 am #

    Thanks, Khortish.

  2. Valys
    July 15, 2015 at 9:00 am #

    It seems that the official notes say that you cannot change the difficulty for ROF/GP after you have killed a boss. Do we have any confirmation that you will be able to lower the difficulty setting after a kill (on live)?

    • July 15, 2015 at 4:25 pm #

      Hmm, that’s unfortunate. Looks like they changed it from what they talked about on the livestream. The way it worked according to the livestream was a lot more flexible. No confirmation yet on Live but I’ll keep you updated.

    • July 15, 2015 at 5:07 pm #

      According to Lethaemis and Riane on the forums, you should be able to lower the difficulty after a boss kill (but not increase it).

  3. DarkDaemon
    July 15, 2015 at 10:02 am #

    I love you Marko

  4. dcrago
    July 22, 2015 at 12:02 pm #

    Might want to reread the patch notes they added things over the weekend to it, like being about to harvest anything if you have a skill point for that gathering skill.

    • July 22, 2015 at 7:59 pm #

      Thank you dcrago for the heads up! That’s quite the addition they snuck into the patch notes.


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