Unexpected NA Shard Downtime

Shards Down Feature Image

The NA shards have experienced an unexpected shard downtime starting at 7:50PM PDT. Cause is unknown at this point.

Will keep you posted.


[7:50pm PDT] – NA shards crash.

[8:07pm PDT] – CM Ocho has stated that Trion is aware of what is causing the issues and will be working to bring the shards back up. [r]

Hey folks,

Just wanted to drop in and let you know we’ve identified the cause of the downtime and are working to bring the servers back up shortly.

[8:20pm PDT] – Looks like the issue might have to do with random chronicles, since they will be disabled when the shards pop back up: [r]

We actually already have a fix for this issue, and will deploy it. In the meantime Random Chronicles may be disabled till we can schedule a build with the fix.

[8:54pm PDT] – NA Shards are up!

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