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RIFT 3.4 is coming out on Wednesday, 7th Oct 2015 with a new zone, dungeon, class, warfront, artifact types, dimension items, new tiers of crafted items and more! With the Primalist calling coming out shortly, it seems the fansites, livestreamers and youtubers have started ramping up their giveaways and contests.

Primalist Calling Pack RIFT Store

Power Pack Ascended Mantle Magenta Rarity

Want the chance at a Primalist pack, The Wilds Pack or a Power Pack? Check out the following contests/giveaways and get your entries in posthaste!

Primalist Giveaways & Contests

Road to Primalist: Pack Giveaway & Contest

Intim’s The Wilds Pack Giveaway

Worrisomefool’s The Wilds Pack Giveaway

Kiwi’s Holy Sweet Sheep Sweepstakes

  • Criteria:
    • Build a place worthy of worshiping King Oroi’s sheep; (dimension)
    • Create an outfit honoring THE sheep; (wardrobe)
    • OR both!
  • Prize Pool: 2x Power Packs and The Wilds Pack.
  • Contest Holder: Kiwi
  • Date End: Saturday, 10th October at 12PM PDT.

Rift-Wardrobe Oct Halloween-themed Contest

  • Criteria: Themed Wardrobe Contest with 2 wardrobe winners and 1 scene winner. Theme: Autumn/Halloween/Scary.
  • Prize Pool: 2x Power Packs and 1x The Wilds Pack. [r]
  • Contest Holder:
  • Date End: Sunday, 25th October 2015. (to be eligible for the 28th Oct Wardrobe Wednesday stream). Entries are judged for the final week of the month on a weekly basis throughout the month.

Best of luck in all the contests and see you in RIFT 3.4: Into the Wilds!

Got a Primalist-related contest or giveaway currently running (or planned)? Send me a message in the comments below, via e-mail form or RIFT forum private message!

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