RIFT News Tidbits 13th October 2015

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RIFT news tidbits for 13th October 2015.


  • MMOHuts Into the Wilds Gift Giveaway. MMOHuts.com has an amazing giveaway, with an “Into the Wilds Gift” that gives you one of 6 planar squirrel mounts, 1mil PA XP and 4x Nightmare weapon skins. Keys are limited so be quick! [Giveaway] [Further Details].
  • Planned Region Downtime. Both NA and EU will go down for RIFT 3.4 Hotfix #3.
  • About Planetouched Pinatas. Archonix has confirmed that the Planetouched Pinatas we received on Tuesday via the daily Primalist Celebration Gifts is bugged. For Level 65 players: The thrower gets Level 65 loot, but the “10 random players” get Level 60 loot. [r]
    • However, you can consume your Pinata as it won’t be fixed. Instead, a 2nd, correct version of the Pinata will be given to everyone on Friday, 16th Oct 2015. [r]
    • More info on how this all works here.
  • Further Info on Callweddi Puzzle. Dead Simon has clarified that for the 4pc Mosaic, you do not have to have the original puzzle piece from the Pentomino Permutator puzzle. Instead, once you complete the Permutator puzzle for the first time, all four locations of the puzzle pieces for the 4pc Mosaic where you can find Disguised Puzzle Boxes will appear and will remain in those locations forever and at all times for your character (and only that character). [r]
  • Skill Shot Proc Bug. The Skill Shot proc bug for Primalist Vulcanist soul is still being looked into for a fix. [r]
  • PTW Quest: Spirit Buster Bug. The bug preventing the Spirit Buster quest to be completed in the Planetouched Wilds will be fixed in Wednesday’s hotfix. [r]
  • Primalist Hit Issues. Hit stat issues with Primalist weapons will be fixed in Wednesday’s hotfix. [r]

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