Mind of Madness Concept Art

RIFT Lead Concept Artist Sven Bybee has just uploaded various concept art for the Tier 3 20-man “The Mind of Madness” raid to his ArtStation profile.

Enigma Boss

First up is the Enigma boss and his boss room. What looks to be some kind of giant egg that is about to hatch.

RIFT Concept Art Enigma Boss Room Sven Bybee

RIFT Concept Art “Enigma Boss Room” by Sven Bybee. Full View.

It looks as though the ‘synapse forest’ has its roots extending towards the center platform.

And out bursts Enigma:

RIFT Concept Art Enigma Boss Sven Bybee

RIFT Concept Art Enigma Boss by Sven Bybee. Full View.

This is the final boss of the Unkown Wing, after Fauxmire.It seems the ‘synapse’ roots form into Enigma itself, with his ‘armor’ being a collection of the broken ruins floating above the room. Perhaps the entire forest before the boss room is part of Enigma.

From the looks of the boss, he’s probably using Regulos’ rig.

RIFT Enigma vs Regulos Rig

RIFT Enigma vs Regulos Rig. Enigma: Sven Bybee (concept); Regulos: Tyler James (concept) Hai Phan (model/texture)

Enigma even has the toilet bowl in the middle and that ‘split back/neck’ design. Some of Enigma’s glowing orbs even match up with Regulos’ eyes. Expect some arm-smash attacks and perhaps some laser attacks from the glowing orbs on Enigma’s hands.

Dark Genesis

And here’s the Dark Genesis. So the ape-man datamined a while back turns out to be a werewolf!

RIFT Concept Art Dark Genesis Sven Bybee

RIFT Concept Art Dark Genesis by Sven Bybee. Full View.

From a screenshot of the Dark Genesis that MassivelyOP has (below the Primalist video), it seems clear that the Dark Genesis is the final boss of the Heart of Darkness Wing. Not much else is known about him, although from the concept art, it seems his hair lights on fire.

Other Concept Art

Sven Bybee

Sven Bybee also posted up a few other concept art alongside the Mind of Madness ones. Be sure to check out full images below:

You can check out some of Sven Bybee’s other works in his Art Station gallery. He has created a lot of designs in RIFT including the Messengers of the Vigil, various mounts (Arclight Rider, Yarnosaur, Steeds), bosses, armors and weapons!

Stephen Mabee

Senior Concept Artist Stephen Mabee also posted up some new Planetouched Wilds concept art recently, including Ovog Shrine architecture, the skywhale and Teth. Check them out here! (Warning: Some NSFW figure drawings in the gallery).

Chris Bennett

Hungry for some high-quality images of Lord Arak as we delve into The Mind of Madness? Check out some glorious images of the dear leader, Lord Arak – designed, modeled and textured by Senior Character Artist Chris Bennett!

Arisen Arak Wallpaper

Are Chris’ Lord Arak images not enough to satiate your taste for Nightmares? Check out high-res versions of the ‘Arisen Arak’ background you see in most of the recent RIFT youtube videos!

RIFT Arisen Arak Wallpaper Preview

You can download high-res versions of the above image below:

Want the wallpaper in another size? Post a comment below and I’ll see what I can do!

If you want to see more of Lord Arak and his minions, you’ll have to journey into The Mind of Madness!

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