PTS Datamining: New Icons

RIFT’s Public Test Shard (‘PTS’) was updated on the 16th November 2015 with ~23mb download. Small update with nothing new on the PTS from checking all the usual places, but there’s some new icons in the data files. There’s also a few uninteresting rig files for Lady Justice and Lord Arak in the Mind of Madness raid.

Patch version is TEST-303-80-A-1057659.


  • New Icons. Fae Yule-related, some new mounts and Trove dimension key.

As always, everything below is subject to change prior to hitting Live and some things included below may never make it to Live release.

New Icons

Not much in the latest PTS update except for these new icons.

PTS Datamining for 16th Nov 2015 Icons

First Row

First row shows the Santa’s bag backpack, Xmas stocking backpack and the two capes that were shown off in last week’s RIFT 3.5 Livestream, shown again below:

Livestream Summary Fae Yule 2015 Santa Backpacks Concept Art

Livestream Summary Fae Yule 2015 Capes Concept Art

Second Row

The second row has three mounts as well as the Trove dimension key.

PTS Datamining for 16th Nov 2015 Icons

New Mount Icons

The three mounts are: Nightmare Budgie, White Greathound and Gold Arclight Rider. They’ll probably appear in either Promo Weeks in the coming weeks, or perhaps part of the sales that are happening around Thanksgiving this year (Nov 26th). The White Greathound might also be the elusive 3rd new Fae Yule mount that Archonix mentioned.

Just a bunch of speculation, but there’s some obvious similarities between previous events/years. (Nightmare Budgie seems like something for a Budgie Madness Promo Week; Gold Arclight Rider for Arclight Ascendancy Promo Week; and White Greathound is similar to the Snow Ki Rin, which is a Fae Yule achievement reward).

Trove Dimension Key

That final icon is clearly the Trove dimension key that Archonix mentioned. This will be coming in a cross-promo with one of Trion’s other games “Trove” some time in December. You’ll need to do something in Trove to get the Trove dimension key in RIFT, but what that is exactly is currently unknown.

The dimension key is supposed to look like the Peaceful Hills biome in Trove.

Whilst we’re talking about Trove – the December cross-promo might be a good opportunity to also get the Cubic Cape and Vox Budgie mount. The Cubic Cape is given to you in RIFT when you reach Level 10 using any class in Trove. The Vox Budgie mount is given to you in RIFT when you reach Level 20 using any class in Trove.

Not sure what you need to do to get the Trove Dimension key, but perhaps you’ll be able to snag the cape and Vox mount whilst going after the dimension key. Keep and eye out for more info in December!

Small update, but given what we know about Patch 3.5 and the upcoming Fae Yule World Event from the RIFT 3.5 Livestream, we’ll probably see a few beefier updates in the coming weeks.

For past PTS Updates, click here. You can also find past PTS/Live datamining here.

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