Guide: Accessing the Dummy Foundry

The Dummy Foundry is an instance on the Public Test Shard (“PTS”) that has a large collection of Level 60 and 62 Dummies. They are all Raid-debuffed and you are continuously Raid Buffed when you are in the instance. This place is perfect for testing out new builds, practice rotations and see how much dps, tank mitigation or hps you are doing. As the gear available in the Dummy Foundry is readily available to all players, they also act as a way of comparing your performance to other players with the exact same stats.

Even if you won’t use the Dummy Foundry for parsing purposes, it is still useful as it provides you with consumables and gear to instantly hit Level 60, Max PA and Max Conquest Points. It’s a great way of testing out a new class without having to spend all that time on Live leveling the character up first.

Below is a video guide on how to access the Dummy Foundry. The video also goes through how to obtain a variety of gear, consumables, maximum PA and maximum Conquest Points.

Dummies include Level 60 and 62 100% Raid Boss Dummies and Dummies with lower hp (to benefit from certain abilities, or to allow certain abilities to proc). Tank-based Dummies that will continuously deal damage to you – Physical, NonPhys and Magical Tank Dummies are available. There are also Healing Dummies with varying HP levels as well as a variety of clumped-up Dummies in varying patterns for AoE parsing.

To access the Public Test Shard, check out Trion World’s own topic on their forums.

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