Livestream Summary: 13th June 2014

Trion had their 13th June 2014 Friday Livestream where they showed off a new Auction House UI with massively improved functionality as well as the upcoming Blighted Antechamber Warfront on the PTS. Daglar was also there to answer some questions and indicated that Trion would post some 3.0 info next week on the Rift Website.

Click here for a replay of the 13th June Friday Livestream video on


  • Improved Auction House UI
  • Blighted Antechamber Warfront
  • Other Information

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Trion had their 13th June 2014 Friday Livestream with Livestreamer “Cole”, Senior UI Artist Amber “Gingers” Alexander, Live Content Designer Michael “Kerilar” Handsen and Game Director Bill “Daglar” Fisher.

As always, everything can be subject to change prior to the content hitting Live.

Improved Auction House UI

Gingers showed off the new and improved Auction House UI during the livestream. Note that what was shown were photoshop images and they are concepts. The stuff mentioned below is what Trion would like to do, but due to time constraints they may not be able to achieve everything listed.

Anything below is just initial concept for the UI and the final LIVE version is likely to look a lot better.

Note: The back-end of the AH will be changed with the new UI so addons will likely need to do some re-coding.


Improved Auction House UI 1

The BROWSE Tab has multiple improvements:

Search: STATS

You can now search for specific STATS, including a Min and/or Max STAT value/range. (i.e., you can put WIS with a minimum value of, say, 74 – your current max gear stat – to look for upgrades).

Additional Checkboxes

3 additional checkboxes are available when browsing:

  • Usable Only – Will only display auction listings that have items that your character can use.
  • Buyouts Only – Will only display auction listings that are Buyout-only (i.e. no bidding).
  • My Bids Only – Will only display auction listings that you have bids on.

Improved Timer

Instead of only showing Short, Medium and Long for the time remaining on auctions, it will now show the actual time left.

“Bid” “Buy 1+” “Buyout” Buttons

At the very bottom of the window are “Bid”, “Buy 1+” and “Buyout” Buttons. The Bid and Buyout buttons are the usual ones you see in the current Auction House. Buy 1+ is the new button:

  • “Buy 1+” – This button allows you to purchase less than the full stack of the auction listing. So a partial purchase of a listing. (i.e. Seller has a 99x stack of Lucidflowers. Buyer can purchase 40x Lucidflowers and the Seller’s listing will have 59x Lucidflowers left).

Price History/Item Preview Button

Improved Auction House UI 2

In the top-right corner of the new Auction House UI, there is a button that toggles between “Price History” and “Item Preview”.

Item Preview is the same as what is available in the current Auction House. However, Price History is new and improved. When you click on the Price History Button in the BROWSE Tab, this is what shows up.

Price History Chart

A Price History Chart is displayed at the bottom of the screen for the item you have selected/highlighted. In the Legend to the right you can choose via drop-down/checkboxes:

  • Drop-down for No. of Days to display (i.e. Last 60 Days). (Ideally they want to be able to show pricing history as far back as a year) [r]
  • Amount of units sold per day.
  • Range of highest and lowest sale price.
  • 30 Day moving average.
  • 7 Day moving average.
  • Median day price.

These will all hopefully provide more informative data for those looking to get a little more serious with the Auction House in the game.


Improved Auction House UI 3

The CREATE Tab allows you to create auctions. It too displays Price History for each item you highlight or when you try to create an auction.

Partial Stack Checkbox

A major addition to the Auction House system is the ability to click on a checkbox to ‘allow purchases of partial stack’. What this effectively means is that players can now buy less than a listing’s full stack. Sellers have the option of allowing this ability or not through this new checkbox found in the top-left corner of the window.

(i.e. Seller has a 99x stack of Lucidflowers. Buyer can purchase 40x Lucidflowers and the Seller’s listing will have 59x Lucidflowers left)


Improved Auction House UI 4

The BROWSE BUY ORDERS Tab allows you to browse Buy Orders. Buy Orders are orders that Buyers put. So for instance, someone might want to buy 200 Lucidflowers at 60g each. Once they create their Buy Order under the “CREATE BUY ORDERS” Tab, it is listed under the “BROWSE BUY ORDERS” Tab and the Buy Order will start to fill out until the order is completely met.

The BROWSE BUY ORDERS Tab allows sellers to fulfill other players’ Buy Orders by selling their items at the price that the buyer requests in their Buy Order.

My Craftables Only Checkbox

Ticking the ‘My Craftables Only’ checkbox will make the Auction House window only display Buy Orders for items that your character can create with their current Gathering/Crafting Professions. This makes it easier to find items that you can craft and sell.

Ready To Fulfill Only Checkbox

Ticking the ‘Ready to Fulfill Only’ checkbox will make the Auction House window only display Buy Orders for items that your character currently has on them. This allows you to quickly find Buy Orders of items in your inventory so you can quickly sell them off.

New vs Old UI Comparison

Improved Auction House UI 5

The above is a comparison of the current Auction House UI vs the new Auction House UI. The New AH UI is larger to account for all the additional information.

Auction House Relisting

Improved Auction House UI 6

A very welcome feature attached to the new Auction House UI is the ability to re-list expired Auction Listings via your in-game mail. The above image shows the current Mail UI for “Auction Expired” mail and the new UI.

(Note that the new UI’s graphics are concept-only just to get the idea of the features across and the actual Live version will look similar in graphics to the old mail UI).

When you open an “Auction Expired” mail, you will get the option of either taking the item into your inventory or relisting the item.

This should be a huge time-saver.

ETA – Auction House UI

All these changes will be coming to the PTS in a few weeks and will hit Live shards in Patch 2.8.

Other Auction House-related Information

  • Depending on time constraints, Trion would like to add the ability to right-click an ingredient from your Crafting Window and have the Auction House search for that item. [Source: Gingers]

Blighted Antechamber Warfront

Blighted Antechamber Map

Dev Kerilar went over the Blighted Antechamber Warfront. There’s a few adjustments to previous playtests of the Blighted Antechamber Warfront including the addition of mouseover tooltips for the Flags so you don’t get confused which flag is which. Dev Kerilar has also replaced the two reactive-based jump pads in front of each faction’s base with four automated jump pads that automatically jump you to 4 different locations of the map from your base.

Blighted Antechamber Fans Base

As not much else has changed, you can check out more information from a previous playtest summary here.

Other Information

A few other tidbits of information was talked about on the Livestream today:

  • Cross-shard AH is something Trion wants to do, but they’re concentrating on the new AH features first. No ETA on Cross-shard AH. – Daglar
  • No anti-inflation measures in the works, for now. – Daglar
  • 3.0 News coming next week on the RIFT Website. “If you want 3.0 news, you should probably check out the RIFT Website next week”. – Daglar
  • No plans for a Tier 3 10-man. – Daglar
  • There’s still a 2.8 in the works. – Daglar. There will not be a 2.9. – Gingers [r]
  • Global Hotbars – Working on global hotbars.- Gingers
    • Can go into settings and set one or more of your action bars to change from a Per-Character to Global action bar.
    • You can’t set the Main Bar, but all the other bars can be set.
    • When you flip between Global and Single it will keep the settings/icons on each bar.
    • You will therefore be able to – say – have certain bars that use the same abilities and changing or adding icons to these global bars will make all characters match. This is great for storing same abilities like Call of the Ascended, Rescue Medic, PA Summons and PA Lures across characters.
  • Expert Dungeons possibly giving Tier 3 currency option – “The plan was yes, whether it happens or not, we’ll see” – Daglar
  • Summerfest coming this Summer. New items. – Daglar
  • Warrior Reaver to become DPS Info: Vladd mentioned he is working on Warrior’s Reaver and its transition to becoming a DPS spec. Currently looking at making adjustments to Warrior’s Endurance Gift.
    Vladd on Reaver DPS 13th June 2014

Livestream Giveaways

During the Livestream, a handful of livestream chat channel viewers received:

  • 10x Temporal Flux Vault II (lockboxes) each to 13 livestream viewers.
  • 365x Sparkle Troves (lockboxes) to one lucky livestream viewer. (yes, Three-Hundred-And-Sixty-Five lockboxes).
    Sparkle Troves Giveaway Trion

Quote of the Stream:

“Next week is a good time to find out about 3.0, a very good time”. – Daglar

Livestream Summary 13th June 2014 Image

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4 Comments on “Livestream Summary: 13th June 2014”

  1. Gingers
    June 19, 2014 at 4:03 pm #

    Great write up by the way!

    • June 19, 2014 at 7:34 pm #

      Thanks Gingers! Love all the new UI improvements! Much appreciated!

  2. Ginese
    June 28, 2014 at 3:58 pm #

    O man, I’m stoked for the AH revamps and some fresh PvP action!


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