Draumheim Districts – MikeD Teases

General Nightmare Tide Feature Image

RIFT Lead Content Designer MikeD has teased players by tweeting the following ‘map’ of part of the city area of Draumheim, one of the zones coming in RIFT 3.0: Nightmare Tide.

RIFT Draumheim Redistricting

Left: MikeD Teaser; Right: Mini-Map Compilation

It is a rather small image but it shows off some of the names of areas in the city of Draumheim. I’ve added in the right image which was our old mini-map compilation. You can find a large size image of it here. There’s also a large (but low-res) WIP map of three of the zones in 3.0 found here.

The Districts

District Names shown include:

  • Bottom Town
  • Polyp Promenade
  • Tribulation Square
  • Gauntlet Street
  • Zeuxis District
  • Prosperity Heights
  • Margle Palace
  • Choseburg
  • Lost Knot
  • Lucid Strait
  • DRH 99 Pl

These do not – however – represent all the districts in the city area of Draumheim as there are a lot of other areas not shown in the teaser.

Size of 3.0 Zones

TehFrank had previously datamined some of the districts including Bottom Town, Tribulation Square, Zeuxis District and Margle Palace through porticulum filenames. All four of these had porticulums with the “tm_drh_porticulum” prefix. This is quite surprising given how close these districts are on the map teased by MikeD.

Does this perhaps indicate just how big this zone is? Some things to consider:

  • The walled-off city area is about 1/3rd or less of the zone.
  • All those tiny, gray ‘blocks’ you see in the image above are buildings.
  • Bottom town, Tribulation Square, Zeuxis District and Margle Palace are quite close to each other looking at the map but they seem to all have porticulums which means they are likely to be a decent distance away from one another.
  • Consider the size of Tempest Bay, which only has one porticulum.
  • Consider the proximity of porticulums in Mathosia, Brevane and Dusken.

Here’s what the Draumheim zone looks like for a size comparison:

Draumheim Zone Map WIP

Draumheim Zone Map WIP

From the datamined models, Margle Palace (the building in the middle) is quite massive and could even potentially dwarf the size of Tempest Bay’s Haunted Terminal.

Margle Palace Model

Margle Palace Model

However, one point that could potentially temper size comparisons would be that the two porticulums at Bottom Town and Tribulation Square may be Guardian and Defiant porticulums, which would explain their close proximity. Think City Core and how close the Guardian and Defiant porticulums are to each other.

Margle Palace might end up being a separate instance (like the Tower of Dawn in Kingsward which has its own porticulum inside), thus why there’s 3 porticulums in such close proximity in the city of Draumheim. This doesn’t explain why there’s a porticulum as close as Zeuxis District though.

It is starting to look as though a single zone in Nightmare Tide may end up being the size of 2-3 Storm Legion zones.

Want more 3.0 map information? Check out the WIP map for three of the zones datamined by TehFrank, or check out larger versions of specific sections of the maps that we’ve compiled from minimaps here.

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