PTS Update + Datamining for 4th August 2014

PTS Update General Feature Image

A relatively small ~200MB update hit RIFT’s Public Test Shard for the 4th August 2014. STABLE-208-2-A-928050 is a ‘Stable’ patch so this may be the last PTS update prior to RIFT 2.8: Madness Wakes (which comes out on 6th August 2014).

Updated information and TehFrank’s Datamined files shown below:


  • Random Great Hunt Lures
  • ‘Night Terror’ Zone Event fixes.
  • Interesting Nightmare Rift-Related NPC at Endeavor
  • 3.0 Prelude Quests Complete
  • Fortress of the Broodmother Zone Event Announcement
  • Datamined 3.0 Sound Files – Lady Glasya, Sharknoid, Skelf, Water, Rivers and Infinity Gate SFX.

Random Great Hunt Lures

RIFT Random Great Hunt Lures

There’s some new Random Great Hunt Lures found under Rift Store (default key “]“) -> Rifts under the bottom section, ‘Consumable’. There’s:

  • Lure: Random Great Hunt I-III
  • Lure Random Great Hunt IV-V

According to the tooltip, “the final loot chest pulls randomly from all six planes”.

Interestingly, there’s no Achievement requirement for these lures. For the normal, non-random Great Hunt Lures, you need to do all the Great Hunts of the previous Tier in order to be able to buy higher-tier Great Hunt Lures. There’s no such requirement for these lures.

‘Night Terror’ Zone Event Fixes

Night Terrors Zone Event

Night Terrors Zone Event

Tacitus held a short-notice PTS Test for the upcoming ‘Night Terror’ zone event – this time in Silverwood (previously Freemarch) with a bunch of fixes compared to the previous test last Friday. Bosses are no longer immune; UI bars working; there are now map indicators for all objectives and some invasion spawn rate increase. Still a few issues for Tacitus to work out but it should be interesting when it hits in Patch 2.8.

Note: Look up at the sky during the zone event for something moving throughout the zone. It starts at the Wreck of the Endeavor (for Silverwood version of this event) and moves across the sky throughout the event until the ‘Nexus’ shield.

Interesting Nightmare Rift-Related NPC @ Endeavor

Tirhin Vohonar Location

An interesting NPC has popped up at the Wreck of the Endeavor on the Public Test Shard called Tirhin Vohonar. The Wreck of the Endeavor can be found between Silverwood and Meridian zones at (6398, 4042). The Wreck of the Endeavor was originally a starting point for Storm Legion prelude quests but these quests have since been wrapped up into the Air Saga, a World-Event-turned-permanent-Saga-quest-chain.

Wreck of the Endeavor Location

Tirhin is located on the island (not in the ship). Speaking to him will take you through some brief dialogues and onto the “Nightmare Rift instance” dialogue. The Nightmare Rifts are probably available in the open world (once 3.0 hits), so this ‘instance’ is probably just for testing purposes.

However, attempting to progress will take you to a “You must own RIFT: Storm Legion to enter this map.” error, which displays if you don’t have access to the 3.0 content on the PTS.

Tirhin Vohonar Speech

It’s unknown how long this NPC has been at the Endeavor but he’s probably been there for a while. Thanks to hilosx on the PTS for discovering this! Chances are when 3.0 hits live this NPC will no longer exist so for non-testers this will be – at best – a way to take a photo of a temporary NPC.

(Note: If you ever get 3.0 tester access or if a public beta is ever made available – don’t forget this NPC if he still exists at that point in time).

3.0 Prelude Quests Complete

A working, complete version of the 3.0 Prelude Quests is now available on the PTS (there are still some bugs for certain players though). If all goes well, the quests may end up appearing at 2.8 release.

These quests are a prelude to the 3.0 patch, introducing some of the lore of the Plane of Water. It will link up to the new prelude dungeon, Nightmare Coast – thus it is recommended to do the quests first if you prefer to learn the lore in a nice progressed timeline.

As mentioned previously on RiftGrate, the starting quest NPC (Cyril Kalmer; might become Asha Catari for Defiants) is in Tempest Bay in the room to the left of the Porticulum (where Queen Miela used to be).

Cyril Kalmer 2.8 Prelude Quest

3.0 Prelude Quest Start

Be sure to pick it up when 2.8 hits this Wednesday!

Fortress of the Broodmother Zone Event Announcement

Fortress of the Broodmother Announcement Goboro Reef

Not particularly ‘new’ for the PTS, but the first time I’ve seen a 3rd Goboro Reef zone event: Fortress of the Broodmother.

Not much else is known, although it will be interesting if this ‘Fortress’ refers to Gyel Fortress as the Broodmother doesn’t quite sound like it is referring to Lady Glasya – who I assumed was originally the owner of Gyel Fortress.

The other zone events known are: Crushing Force and Flame Wave:

Crushing Force Zone Event Goboro Reef

Flame Wave Zone Event Goboro Reef

More Datamined 3.0 Sound Files

TehFrank datamined some more sound files for 3.0. There’s Lady Glasya, Sharknoid, Skelf, Water, Rivers and Infinity Gate SFX. Note that all the NPC files are 1-3 second long and don’t reveal much. The ambient SFX (water/river/Infinity Gate) are generally between 5-8secs long. Just very short attack/movement/damage-based sound effects. Warning to turn your volume down if you choose to listen to these. Again, these are SFX, not roleplay/emotes.

You can find the files here.


As it is a ‘Stable’ patch, it sounds like this will be the final PTS update prior to RIFT 2.8: Madness Wakes.

For past PTS Updates, click here. You can also find past datamining and 3.0-related news updates.
Want to know what’s coming in RIFT 2.8: Madness Wakes? There’s a few bits of information we’ve been able to obtain prior to tomorrow’s patchnotes here.

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