RIFT News Tidbits 19-20th September 2014

General Nightmare Rift Feature Image

A small collection of info for RIFT for 19-20th September 2014. Check them out below:


  • Bindings of Blood: Writs. Writs will drop 100% from Bindings of Blood bosses for this reset week only. This was introduced with RIFT 2.8 Hotfix #8. If your raid killed any bosses prior to the hotfix (18th Sept) and you didn’t receive a Writ drop, please have your raid lead contact support in-game. [r]
  • Further Cleric Inquisitor Changes. Kervik has posted the following additional changes to Cleric Inquisitors that will hit PTS: [r]
    • Spiritual Scrutiny now prevents Bolt of Judgment from consuming stacks of Echoing Concord (from Unified Theory)
    • Increased the stack size of Echoing Concord to 10.
    • Symbol of Corruption now deals its damage over 3s.
    • Radical Coalescence now also grants Fanaticism when cast.
  • Fix for Faction Change Autoflag. Tacitus has confirmed that Trion are working on a fix for the issue of becoming auto-flagged sometimes after you die when you’ve used the faction change scroll, resulting in your character getting kicked out of multi-faction raids. No ETA on the fix, but likely after 3.0. [r] In the mean-time, check that you don’t have PvP quests from your previous faction – the “Disrupting Guardian/Defiant Operations” quests can cause you to auto-flag when you die because you are counted as contributing to the quest when you die (which auto-flags you for PvP quests). [r]

Nightmare Tide-related

  • NM Rifts in Old World. MikeD has posted a screenshot of a Nightmare Rift appearing in the old world/Sanctum. With the Nightmare Tide expansion, Nightmare Rifts will pop up in all zones. That said, you can always mentor up and join the bulk of players in the 3.0 zones – it’ll probably be more active there. [r]

    Nightmare Rift in Old World

    Nightmare Rift in Old World

  • Minions Currency. As Daglar mentioned before, there will be a ‘minion currency’ that you can earn as an alternative to using Credits to ‘Hurry’ adventures. Faratha has revealed that the currency is called “Aventurine” and will also work to pay for promotional adventures (the 10hr adventures that have a fee attached to start them). [r]
  • No Plans to make Earrings cost Credits. Daglar has re-iterated that there are no plans for Earring Unlock to be available for credits. You will need to either purchase them in-game via Void Stones (Nightmare Tide planar currency) for per-character unlock, or purchase one of the Nightmare Tide Digital Edition Packs for account-wide unlock. [r]

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