PTS Update 22nd June 2015 Part 2

PTS Update June 22nd 2015 Part 2 Feature Image

RIFT updated the Public Test Shard (‘PTS’) on 22nd June 2015. TEST-302-73-A-1014463. This is Part 2 of the 22nd June 2015 PTS Update with information mainly pertaining to the upgrades for the Planar Crafted gear.


  • Planar Crafting Upgrades. Upgrade stats cost info.
  • 3.3 Crafted Fluff Items Change. Some recipes now cost craft marks.

As always, everything below is subject to change prior to hitting Live and some things included below may never make it to Live release.

Planar Crafting Upgrades

Below you can find all the upgrade stats and upgrade costs to the Planar Crafting recipes coming in 3.3. You can check out the base stats + recipe costs in Part 1 here.

Can’t check out the new planar fishing poles or dimension items since they all require Imperishable craft mats that aren’t currently available on the PTS (besides for Credits) and their item previews are placeholder.

Upgrading Planar Crafted Gear

Planar Crafting appears under its own category under each profession’s craft window.

Upgrade items follow a certain type of pattern, with a few exceptions (that are probably due to bugs).

Heretic's Faetouched Girdle Upgrade Full PTS

Class-specific Imperishable

All Imperishable craft component requirements follow a similar pattern based on Class and/or role:

  • Cleric DPS = Imperishable Life
  • Cleric Tank = Imperishable Terrene
  • Warrior DPS = Imperishable Wind
  • Warrior Tank = Imperishable Terrene
  • Mage DPS = Imperishable Flame
  • Mage Tank = Imperishable Tide
  • Rogue DPS = Imperishable Darkness
  • Rogue Tank = Imperishable Tide

Only Imperishables that are used by multiple Classes would be Terrene (Earth) for Cleric and Warrior Tanks, and Tide (Water) for Mage and Rogue Tanks.

Planar Crafted Armor Upgrade Costs

All armor follow a similar pattern. They cost:


  • 3/12/9x Void Source Accelerator
  • 1x Imperishable [Plane]
  • 1x Nightmare [Metal or Leather] Amender
  • 4/8/3x Strands of Arak

(i.e. Belt requires 3x Void Source Accelerator; Chest requires 12x Void Source Accelerator; Helm requires 9x Void Source Accelerator)

Warriors and Clerics use Nightmare Metal Amenders; Mages and Rogues use Nightmare Leather Amenders.

Planar Crafted Weapons Upgrade Costs

All weapons follow a similar pattern. They cost:


  • 7/7/7/12x Void Source Accelerator
  • 1x Imperishable [Plane]
  • 1x Nightmare Weapon Amender
  • 3/3/3/8x Strands of Arak

Planar Crafted Accessories Upgrade Costs

All accessories follow a similar pattern. They cost:

  • 4x Void Source Accelerator
  • 1x Imperishable [Plane]
  • 1x Nightmare Ornament Amender
  • 1x Strands of Arak

It seems that thanks to the requirement of Strands of Arak in every weapon, armor and accessory piece, Apothecaries will get quite the work-out.

Upgraded Planar Crafted Gear

Below you can check out all the upgrade stats on the planar crafted gear.

A few tidbits:

  • Armor has 2-set bonuses.
  • Weapons and Accessories do not have bonuses/procs.
  • Trinkets only have healing or tank procs. No DPS procs currently on PTS. Morticus has stated that there will be 3 procs (dps/heal/tank). [r]
  • No shields.
  • Gear slots with Hit have +125 Hit for base item and +150 Hit for the upgrade, making the new gear Tier 1-equivalent (at least in terms of Hit).

Cleric DPS

Planar Crafting Cleric DPS Upgrades PTS

Cleric Tank

Note: Cleric Tanks seem to have a 2-handed staff. Probably a bug.

Planar Crafting Cleric Tank Upgrades PTS

Mage DPS

Planar Crafting Mage DPS Upgrades PTS

Mage Tank

Planar Crafting Mage Tank Upgrades PTS

Warrior DPS

Planar Crafting Warrior DPS Upgrades PTS

Warrior Tank

Planar Crafting Warrior Tank Upgrades PTS

Rogue DPS

Planar Crafting Rogue DPS Upgrades PTS

Rogue Tank

Planar Crafting Rogue Tank Upgrades PTS

Found any bugs or have feedback? Send them over via in-game feedback/bug report on the PTS, or post on the PTS Sub-Forums. There’s also a thread about Planar Crafting here.

You can also check out the base stats + recipes to all the Planar Crafted gear, including planar fishing lures/poles and dimension items here.

3.3 Crafted Fluff Items Change

Some of the crafted fluff items coming in 3.3 that were added to the PTS a few updates ago have been moved from the craft trainers and onto the RIFT Store for craft marks.

3.3 Craft Fluff Item RIFT Store PTS

They all cost 30 Grandmaster, 100 Master and 240 Artisan Marks. Ingredients required for the recipes are unchanged for the most part – no large increase in materials. They still cost next to nothing.

Below I’ve listed the items that are now up on the RIFT Store on the PTS.


  • Desolate Chain Bundle
  • Desolate Plate Bundle
  • Asphodel’s Bundle
  • Rasmolov’s Bundle
  • Infernal Chain Bundle
  • Infernal Plate Bundle


  • Desolate Cloth Bundle
  • Desolate Leather Bundle
  • Nyx’s Bundle
  • Zardonis’ Bundle
  • Infernal Cloth Bundle
  • Infernal Leather Bundle


  • Fantastic Barrage
  • Doral Fin Salve


  • Maynard the Companion
  • Molten Razortail Pup Companion


All the Party Sticks that add a small glowstick to your hands (that disappears when you use an ability) now require craft marks. Very strange choice since the Party Sticks are basically just more expensive versions of the 1 planarite Nico Lights that you can get from the Planar vendors in Sanctum/Meridian.

Finally got the Upgrades for each Planar Crafted gear compiled after copying a ton of my char on Live to PTS to purchase each recipe individually. There’s a few bugs and Trion might change the stats before they hit Live depending on player feedback. Look forward to Planar Crafting in 3.3 next month!

For past PTS Updates, click here. You can also find past datamining here.

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