PTS Update + Datamining 22nd June 2015

RIFT updated the Public Test Shard (‘PTS’) on 22nd June 2015. TEST-302-73-A-1014463. Lots of Planar Crafting stuff added. You can also check out Part 2 which has all the upgrade information here.


  • Planar Crafting. Bunch of new crafted armor, weapons, accessories, dimension items and fishing lures/poles.
  • New Runecrafter Glyphs. Glyph of the Fire Wurm + Drunkard. Fire wings!
  • Datamined Icons. Upcoming warfront announcers + fishing pole icons.
  • Other Tidbits. Intrepid: GP dominance leaderboards; artifact fishing lure CD reset; Catalytic Essences on RIFT Store for 2p. Easy/Hard Mode RoF?

As always, everything below is subject to change prior to hitting Live and some things included below may never make it to Live release.

Planar Crafting

[Update 06.23.15 – Full upgrade stats can be viewed here.]

Trion has added Planar Crafting recipes and items onto the PTS in preparation for its RIFT 3.3: Waking Nightmares release. There’s new ‘Planar Crafting’ filter in various sections of the RIFT Store -> Crafting.

Please note that all the gear values and costs mentioned below might be placeholder.

Tip: There’s a lot of images. Use CTRL+F to find what you’re after. Headings are as follows:

  • Imperishable Relic Craft Goods
  • Planar Crafting: Fishing
    • Imperishable Motes
  • Planar Crafting: Dream Weaver
  • Planar Crafting: Armorsmith
  • Planar Crafting: Outfitter
  • Planar Crafting: Weaponsmith
  • Planar Crafting: Artificer
  • Other Planar Crafting Info

Imperishable Relic Craft Goods

Imperishable Relic Craft Components PTS

“Imperishable Flame” and other similarly named items are the new crafting good required for all the Planar Crafted dimension items, gear and fishing poles that will appear in the game with 3.3.

These can be obtained in the following ways:

  • RIFT Store -> Crafting for 750 Credits (675 for Patron).
  • Rare drop from new Planar Craft Rifts. The Imperishable item you get is based on the Rift. I.e. the Fire crafting rift will drop Imperishable Flame.
  • Rare drop when fishing using new Planar Fishing Poles. The Imperishable item you get is based on the planar fishing pole. I.e. the Fire Planar Fishing Pole will drop Imperishable Flame.

Planar Crafting: Fishing

Planar Crafting Fishing PTS

RIFT Store -> Crafting -> Fishing has new Planar Lures and Planar Fishing Poles for each of the Planes.

  • Each recipe costs 265 Grandmaster, 875 Master and 3,500 Artisan Marks.
  • Planar Lures ‘slightly’ increase chance to fish up Imperishables of the Plane’s type.
  • Planar Fishing Poles will act like normal fishing poles but with a chance of catching up the Imperishables of the Plane’s type.

Interestingly, you need an Imperishable in order to make a Planar Fishing Pole. So you will need to farm the new Planar Crafting Rifts before you can attempt to get the new mats via fishing.

Imperishable Motes

Another point of interest is that the Planar Fishing Poles require 30x “Imperishable [Plane] Mote”. My guess is that these will drop more frequently from Planar Crafting Rifts compared to the main Imperishable mats.

Since there’s still no NPCs outside of major cities (excl. Margle Palace), there’s currently no way of testing out the new Planar Craft Rifts so at this point there’s only speculation on how to obtain the Imperishable Motes.

Planar Crafting: Dream Weaver

Planar Crafting Dimension Items PTS

RIFT Store -> Crafting -> Dream Weaver has new dimension items that are crafted using the new Imperishables.

  • There’s two dimension items per Plane.
  • Each recipe costs 265 Grandmaster, 875 Master and 3,500 Artisan Marks.
  • Each recipe’s mats are rather similar with the main difference being which Plane’s Imperishable it requires and a difference in the last item required.
  • Currently the items are all WIP. Recipe names are placeholder. The preview for every dimension item is the tube shown above.

Planar Crafting: Armorsmith

RIFT Store -> Crafting -> Armorsmithing has planar crafted chest, belt and helms for Clerics and Warriors.

  • Each recipe costs 265 Grandmaster, 875 Master and 3,500 Artisan Marks.
  • Tooltips aren’t showing that they can be upgraded, but according to Morticus they should have at least one upgrade path.

Cleric Planar Crafted Armor

Cleric armor has:

  • Spell Crit tertiary stat for DPS and +200 Spell Crit for the 2-set bonus, Fae Empowerment.
  • Guard tertiary stat for Tank and +200 Guard for the 2-set bonus, Earthen Resolve.

[Update 06.23.15 – Full upgrade stats can be viewed here.]

Planar Crafting Armorsmithing Cleric PTS

Warrior Planar Crafted Armor

Warrior armor has:

  • Attack Power tertiary stat for DPS and +250 Attack Power for the 2-set bonus, Electrocution.
  • Dodge tertiary stat for Tank and +200 Dodge for the 2-set bonus, Praetor’s Evasion.

Planar Crafting Armorsmithing Warrior PTS

Interestingly Warriors are the only Class that has AP as tertiary stat, and +250 AP for bonus. All the other classes just have increased crit chance (sc/pc).

Planar Crafting: Outfitter

RIFT Store -> Crafting -> Outfitter has planar crafted chest, belt and helms for Mages and Rogues.

  • Each recipe costs 265 Grandmaster, 875 Master and 3,500 Artisan Marks.

[Update 06.23.15 – Full upgrade stats can be viewed here.]

Mage Planar Crafted Armor

Mage armor has:

  • Spell Crit tertiary stat for DPS and +200 Spell Crit for the 2-set bonus, Firestorm.
  • Block tertiary stat for Tank and +200 Block for the 2-set bonus, Battle Mage.

Planar Crafting Outfitter Mage PTS

Rogue Planar Crafted Armor

Rogue armor has:

  • Physical Crit tertiary stat for DPS and +200 Melee Critical Hit Chance for the 2-set bonus, Blood Frenzy. (Not sure if this is a typo, of it’s really only a bonus for Melee abilities).
  • Guard tertiary stat for Tank and +200 Guard for the 2-set bonus, Enduring Tide.

Planar Crafting Outfitter Rogue PTS

Somehow Mage tanks got short-changed. Guard > Block.

Outfitter Skins

Planar Crafted Armorsmith and Outfitter skins use old Storm Legion and Mathosia skins. These are all existing skins, with the exception of:

  • Bloodthirster’s Abhorrent and Arcanist’s Blazing skins.

Planar Crafting Outfitter Skins PTS

These are technically existing skins, just with different base colors. You’ll notice they’re the same as Myrmidon’s skin, except not all green.

  • Bloodthirster’s Abhorrent Hood
  • Bloodthirster’s Abhorrent Tunic
  • Arcanist’s Blazing Cowl
  • Arcanist’s Blazing Robe

Planar Crafting: Weaponsmith

RIFT Store -> Crafting -> Weaponsmith has 1h and 2hs for the various Classes. There’s no shields.

  • Each recipe costs 265 Grandmaster, 875 Master and 3,500 Artisan Marks.

[Update 06.23.15 – Full upgrade stats can be viewed here.]

Cleric Weaponsmith

Other Cleric weapons like off-hand and ranged are under Artificer in the next section below.

Planar Crafting Weaponsmith Cleric PTS

Mage Weaponsmith

Most Mage gear under Artificer in next section.

Planar Crafting Weaponsmith Mage PTS

Warrior Weaponsmith

Planar Crafting Weaponsmith Warrior PTS

Rogue Weaponsmith

Planar Crafting Weaponsmith Rogue PTS

Weaponsmith Skins

Skins from the Planar Crafting weapons are from old raids: Greenscale’s Blight, old Hammerknell Fortress, Infernal Dawn, Frozen Tempest, Endless Eclipse and Planebreaker Bastion.

Planar Crafting Weaponsmith Skins

(Too bad the skins don’t include the amazing “Azusn’s Talon, The Blade of Time” and “Blade of the Timewalker” [img] from Planebreaker Bastion)

Only a few of these are considered ‘new’ for Wardrobe purposes, although all of these seem to use old models. When these hit Live you’ll probably find a few under the following names:

  • Bloodthirster’s Abhorrent Stilleto
  • Imbued Diviner’s Telluric Mace
  • Praetor’s Tulleric Battleaxe
  • Heretic’s Faetouched Rod
  • Praetor’s Telluric Rifle
  • Destroyer’s Charged Shortbow

Planar Crafting: Artificer

RIFT Store -> Crafting -> Artificer has off-hand, wands, staves, rings, earrings and trinkets for the various Classes.

  • Each recipe costs 265 Grandmaster, 875 Master and 3,500 Artisan Marks.

[Update 06.23.15 – Full upgrade stats can be viewed here.]

Cleric Artificer
Planar Crafting Artificer Cleric PTS
Mage Artificer
Planar Crafting Artificer Mage PTS
Warrior Artificer
Planar Crafting Artificer Warrior PTS
Rogue Artificer
Planar Crafting Artificer Rogue PTS

The planar crafted gear from Artificer has stats for each Class that matches those they get from armor and weapons.

  • Bug: “Diviner’s Telluric Quarterstaff” has Cleric Tank stats (wis > int), but it’s a 2-handed staff. Clerics use 1h + Shield to tank.

Cleric Trinket Upgrade

Heretic's Faetouched Talisman PTS

Loccca on the PTS had enough craft marks for a single recipe and linked the upgrade to the Cleric DPS trinket. The upgrade gives your crit heal/absorb spells chance to heal up to 3 nearby allies for 3615 to 3996hp + an additional 760 hp over 5s.

(Thanks to Loccca for linking on PTS!)

Other Planar Crafting Info

A few other bits of information related to Planar Crafting:

  • Planar Craft Rifts are currently unavailable since there’s no NPCs in Margle Palace. It will eventually be obtainable from a craft weekly quest.
  • A lot of the stuff mentioned above is probably placeholder. That said, wouldn’t hurt to send feedback on the PTS client or the PTS Sub-forums just in case anything slips through the cracks and onto Live.
  • There’s no shields. Might be an oversight.

If you aren’t maxed on craft marks, you might want to consider working towards that before 3.3 hits. 3.3 is slated for some time next month (July).

New Runecrafter Glyphs

As some of you might recall, Morticus announced a while back that the Glyph of Defiance and Glyph of the Guardian were being removed as they used incomplete models. [r]

Glyph of the Fire Wurm Drunkard Icon

These have been replaced by the Glyph of the Fire Wurm and Glyph of the Drunkard. Unfortunately I don’t know what the Drunkard does because there’s no vfx/change. I’m guessing it’s a bug and you’re supposed to feel woozy.

Glyph of the Fire Wurm

Glyph of the Fire Wurm is a little more interesting:

Glyph of the Fire Wurm PTS

The fire vfx kind of ‘falls’ down within the confines of the wings so that it looks like it’s actually on fire.

Glyph of the Fire Wurm Recipe PTS

It doesn’t cost much. 1x Branching Star, 1x Wandering Star, 1x Radiant Nucleus and 1x Empyrean Essence.

Like other Glyphs, it lasts 5min and won’t disappear when you are in combat.

Note: There’s currently a bug where if you zoom all the way in to 1st person view and then zoom out, the wings will disappear.

Datamined Icons

A few icons were datamined from the latest PTS update. Nothing else of interest. It was a rather small update that seems to mainly ‘activate’ the Planar Crafting recipes to become visible to the public.

Datamined Icons 22nd June 2015

1st Row

1st row of the datamined icons is more than likely upcoming Warfront Announcers. Lady Glasya, Finric, Skelf, Cosmologist Mann, Faceless Mann and Arethea.

Finric and/or the Skelf’s warfront announcer sound files were datamined in the past. You can hear them here (Firefox users might only hear sound from one ear. Try using Chrome or Internet Explorer).

2nd Row

Planar Fishing Pole icons.

Other Tidbits

Catalytic Essence is up on RIFT Store -> Crafting.

Catalytic Essence on Store PTS

Short Term Fishing License is up on RIFT Store -> Crafting and RIFT Store -> Services.

Short Term Fishing License PTS

Domination leaderboards for Intrepid: Gilded Prophecy are up.

Domination Gilded Prophecy Leaderboards

Easy/Hard Mode Rhen of Fate?

Also, whilst on the PTS there seemed to be a raid in Rhen of Fate even though there’s no portal (due to removal of NPCs in the open world, that also includes rifts and instance portals). This seems to indicate they entered with dev assistance. This would also indicate that something needed testing in Rhen of Fate.

With the announcement of Easy Mode coming in Intrepid: Gilded Prophecy in the previous livestream, there might be an Easy and/or Hard Mode coming to Rhen of Fate.

Quite a lot in the latest PTS Update despite the relatively small ~100mb file size. Lots of Planar Crafting recipes (although many probably have placeholder stats/costs). There’s also a nice Glyph of the Fire Wurm and a few other tidbits.

For past PTS Updates, click here. You can also find past datamining here.

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6 Comments on “PTS Update + Datamining 22nd June 2015”

  1. Boase
    June 23, 2015 at 1:00 am #

    The wings are completely 2d Q_Q

    • June 23, 2015 at 1:57 am #

      Ah, just like Overload. I thought the wings looked familiar.

  2. June 23, 2015 at 7:19 am #

    incomplete wings were more complete than the new ones lol

  3. Jenesuispasla
    June 23, 2015 at 10:01 am #

    Underpowered warriors having the best bonus for the new crafted set.
    Why am I almost not surprised?

  4. yshaarj
    June 23, 2015 at 10:06 am #

    Since i cannot comment on the official forum
    When the tsunami of dim items are gonna stop?
    Its not worthy destroy them nor sell it
    It should be fair either salvage or sell at a fair price to a NPC

    • June 23, 2015 at 2:30 pm #

      I think the problem with selling to an NPC with a fair price is that it would add a bit too much plat to the economy just from the sheer amounts of it that go around. At least gathering mats are usually traded between players (thus no plat is generated in the game, but instead some is pulled out via AH fees), and then the mats are consumed (removed from the game) through crafting.

      Salvaging would have issues as well because some of these items can be bought fairly cheaply on the RIFT Store. If it salvaged to – say – dream ribbons, the price of dream ribbons would just collapse.

      Probably your best option right now is to use one of the Minion addons since they have a very easy option to get rid of dimension items in your inventory. Just hover of the minion addon button and scroll your mouse wheel and it’ll delete the items for you. You can even set rarity threshold just in case you want to sell high-rarity dim items.

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