PTS Datamining: Planetouched Wilds Map

Planetouched Wilds Mobs

A few more mob skins popped up in the latest PTS Update:

Thin Crystal Dino

I call this one the ‘Thin Crystal Dino’ because its face is clearly sharper/thinner than the previous red crystal dino we’ve seen.

Thin Crystal Dino Skin

Thin Crystal Dino Skin. Click image for larger view.

The image has been scaled down. Original file was 2048x2048px, which is quite a bit larger than the size of normal mob skins. This suggests that the crystal dino isn’t just a fancy name – this mob is likely going to be quite large in-game.

It might also be a boss, given there’s a separate file called in the latest update.

Shalistiri Mobs

Two Shalistiri skins have popped up in the latest files.

Shalastiri Silver Armored Mob Skin

Shalastiri Silver Armored Mob Skin

Shalastiri Gold Armored Mob Skin

Shalastiri Gold Armored Mob Skin

Nothing too exciting, since Trion has already posted up the concept art for the Shalistiri. You can check out the Gold Shalistiri here. Wonder if we’ll ever get our own Shalistiri Armor wardrobe set.

The gold version is probably a Shalistiri Lord as there’s a separate rig file called “shalistiri_lord” that uses the “dark_genesis” rig. The Dark Genesis is a separate entity though with its own animation config file.

Lizard Mob Skin

I’m actually not sure if this is related to the Planetouched Wilds, or if it’s meant for the Lord Arak Raid that is also coming in Patch 3.4.

RIFT PTS Lizard Mob Skin

Lizard Mob Skin

Looks like some kind of lizard-man. The armor pieces suggests it’s humanoid in appearance outside of the giant tail. Couldn’t find a colored version of the skin.

This ‘could’ be a “jornaru_abomination” mob. The data files had the following file:

Jornaru Abomination Rig

Jornaru Abomination Rig

So perhaps this lizard-man uses the same rig as Jornaru.

Bahmi Abomination Skins

A Bahmi Abomination with his shamble stick.

Bahmi Abomination Skins

Bahmi Abomination Skins

Pink Badger

A Pink Badger. Either a companion pet or perhaps its an NPC related to Callweddi.

Pink Badger Skin

Pink Badger Skin

The skin itself seems to indicate that this mob might have blue/purple fairy wings and perhaps even a spiral horn on top of its head.

Call to Callweddi Item

Call to Callweddi Item

Who knows, maybe this pink badger is ‘Queen Nissa’.

Of course, it could just be a generic mob in the zone.

Critter Pink Badger Rig

Critter Pink Badger Rig

Other Mob Rigs

A few other mob rigs popped up.

Various PTW Mob Rigs

Various PTW Mob Rigs

These make it easier to match up with existing skins.

Interested in more PTW mob skins and rigs? Check out the 30th July 2015 Datamining article!

Planetouched Wilds Architecture

Wolf Tribe Skins

It seems one of the factions in the Planetouched Wilds reveres the wolf.

The below banners clearly shows a wolf. There’s also a few wolf howling sound files in the latest data files.

Blue Wolf Banners Skins

Blue Wolf Banners Skins

PTW Wolf Architecture Skin 2

More Wolf Banners.

PTW Wolf Architecture Skin

PTW Wolf Architecture Skin

This probably relates to the concept art that Senior Concept Artist Stephen “Drakcoon” Mabee showed off last month.

If you look at the image below closely, you’ll see a Shalistiri or Bahmi with two wolves lying below him.

Planetouched Wilds Building Concept Art by Stephen Mabee

Planetouched Wilds Building Concept Art by Stephen Mabee

In fact, the horn/ivory structures on either side of the Shalistiri/Bahmi in the concept art looks just like the Wolf Banner skins above.

Red Crystal Key Skin

Looks like some kind of ‘key’ structure that is surrounded by red crystals.

Red Crystal Key Architecture Skin

Red Crystal Key Architecture Skin

Perhaps a door or quest item in the crystal caverns.

Other Architecture Skins

First one looks like it could be the ‘base’ for an onslaught location. Or perhaps where turrets can be built on the map.

PTW Architecture Skin

PTW Architecture Skin

Second image is a set of skins. There’s another circular-like object, some red crystals with heads carved on them and some ground texture, most likely used at the various towns/temples in the zone.

PTW Architecture Skin 2

PTW Architecture Skin 2

Finally we have a skin that might represent a door. The circular ‘hand’ object might represent an activation pad for whatever this mechanism is.

PTW Architecture Skin 3

PTW Architecture Skin 3

More heads, so it’s probably Planetouched Wilds-related. Couldn’t find a colored version of the skin in the latest update.

Shal Korva Updated

Another round of updates for Shal Korva models. Now with even more blimps and balloons!

PTW Shal Korva Models Updated PTS 1

Variety of Shal Korva Models, with Blimps!

PTW Shal Korva Models Updated PTS 2

Even bigger Shal Korva Blimps!

PTW Shal Korva Models Updated PTS 3

Some different Blimps!

PTW Shal Korva Models Updated PTS 4

Shal Korva, with Blimps and Sails!

I can’t tell where Shal Korva is located on the map. All the major architecture in the zone seem to consist of stone structures, whereas Shal Korva is clearly all wooden planks, sails and blimps. Someone with a sharper eye will probably be able to find it though.

Other PTW Files

A few other tidbits related to the Planetouched Wilds:

  • No rig or skin, but one of the files had ‘airship_bridge’ as part of its filename. Sounds like there’s an airship in the zone.
  • P_PTW_healingwell_01_on.kf. An animation filename. Could mean that the Planetouched Wilds has its own turrets.

Other Files

Sound Files

A few sound files were shown, although they are all general/combat sfx so there’s nothing more than a whole bunch of huffing, puffing and ‘arghs’.

  • Shalistiri Sound files. Nothing interesting – just heavy…airy breathing and general combat vfx. Files were called mob_shalistiri_lord
  • amb_ptw_poi sound files. Rain, wind, some sound like wind through a narrow gap; falling debris like rocks almost like you’re in a cavern and random rocks/etc are falling down the side. Various bird chirps. Sounds like you’re in a jungle clearing. Possible Porticulum sounds. Wolves howling. Some night sounds.
  • mob_colossus_earth. 92 sound files. Again, lots of huffing and puffing/etc. Rocky golem most likely given some of the sounds.
  • mob_crystal_dinosaur 232 sound files.
  • mob_crystal_dinosaur_foley. 17 sound files. Crystal/glass sounds.
  • mob_skywhale. 106 sound files. huffing and puffing sounds. Lots of whale-like sounds.

Nothing that interesting.

Here’s two sound files from amb_ptw_poi that weren’t 2-3 seconds long:

You can download and play the files in VLC media player if you are having issues with it.

Text + Blood Splatter

Interestingly the files had ‘Victorious!’, ‘Defeated!’ text as well as 3 different blood splatter skins.

Victorious Defeated Blood Splatter

The first two are probably just Warfront text, although they could also be related to some kind of new feature in the Planetouched Wilds zone. Blood splatter could be something they are adding to warfront kills (like what some addons currently do), or it could just be texture for objects in the Planetouched Wilds.

A lot of interesting additions with the latest PTS Update. Lots of Planetouched Wilds additions, some nice-looking weapons and armor skins and more blimps at Shal Korva!

You can also check out what’s up on the PTS itself via the PTS Update: Shielding Change article.

For past PTS Updates, click here. You can also find past datamining here.

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3 Comments on “PTS Datamining: Planetouched Wilds Map”

  1. August 26, 2015 at 2:19 am #

    Are crystal caverns all underground or those red lines on the map represent open parts?

    • August 26, 2015 at 2:45 am #

      Looks like they are all on a lower level, but open as well.


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    […] Interested in full Planetouched Wilds Maps? Check out the associated PTS Datamining article! […]

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