PTS Update – New PvP gear/mounts, Bindings of Maelforge + other stuff


PTS has been updated with a whole bunch of new PvP gear related to the release of Conquest: Steppes of Infinity. Estimated ETA on the new Conquest is next week (12th March 2014), dependent on the QA team giving the OK.


  • New PvP Gear:
    • Conquest Capes with CP – upgradeable to Relic; Warlord’s Conquest Cells; Warlord Essences; Mortiferous’ Sigil/Source Machine (BiS PvP/PvE focus); CQ Mounts.
  • Runic Athenaeum/Tier 3 Raids:
    • Maelforge encounter is up; Akylios Achievements; Mallaven – New mob; Hero’s Unrest Rifts.
  • Datamining: Spectral Cyclone Mount possible.
  • New Promotions Achievement – “I’m All Gears” + Gold and Blue Empyreal Walker Mount + Black version.

Table of Contents:

  • New PvP Gear
  • Bindings of Blood
  • Promotional Stuff
  • TehFrank’s Datamining
  • Others

As always, anything below is subject to change prior to hitting Live.

New PvP Gear

A whole bunch of new PvP gear has been added to the PTS. Likely aimed towards the release of Conquest: Steppes of Infinity as per past information about the new map.

Conquest: Steppes of Infinity will likely arrive next week on Live. [r]

Conquest Currencies

Daglar stated in the past (around September 2013) that with the introduction of Conquest: Steppes of Infinity, they would get rid of Freelancer’s Marks of Conquest to make way for Warlord’s Marks of Conquest. Any items that required Freelancer’s Marks of Conquest would have that requirement converted to Favor.

Warlord’s Marks of Conquest will be earned in Conquest: Stillmoor and Conquest: Steppes of Infinity in the same way the Freelancer’s Marks of Conquest are currently earned on Live.

According to past information – Conquest: Steppes of Infinity will be in a random rotation with Conquest: Stillmoor with every match; although initially there may be an excess of Conquest: Steppes of Infinity.

Interestingly on the PTS, Freelancer’s Marks of Conquest were converted 1-for-1 to Warlord’s Marks of Conquest.


Will this carry forward to Live? Ocho has confirmed that Freelancer’s Marks of Conquest will be converted to Warlord’s Marks of Conquest [r]. The cap has also increased from 5,000 to 10,000.

Conquest Capes with CP


The new Conquest Capes cost 8,000 Warlord’s Marks of Conquest and 180,000 Favor each. They can be found in the Rift Store -> PvP -> Accessories section on the PTS.

They have the Critical Power stat, whereas the Myrmidon Capes have Spell Power/Attack Power. Like the Myrmidon Capes, they are upgradeable to Relic.

Each has a unique design based on the faction:


Below are the Stats:

Each faction has the same stats. Upgrade requires Radiant Infinity Cell and 6x Reconfigurations Cells.

Reconfiguration Cells cost 1,500 Platinum or 800 Credits (720 for Patrons) each. That’s 9,000 Platinum or 4,800 Credits (4,320 for Patrons) in total to upgrade.


Warlord’s Conquest Cells


Warlord’s Conquest Cells are the upgrade components for CQ Trinkets and Seals. They require Warlord’s Marks of Conquest and Favor.

Warlord Essences


Freelancer’s PvP Essences have now been converted to favor-only – 120,000 Favor each to be exact.

New Warlord’s PvP Essences are up on the PTS which cost 4,320 Warlord’s Marks of Conquest and 4,800 Infinity Stones each.

Mortiferous’ Sigil/Source Machine


A new BiS PvP Focus (Sigil/Source Machine) is up on the PTS under Rift Store -> PvP.

This is obtained with 9,600 Warlord’s Marks of Conquest and provides the following stats:

  • END+50

The stats makes it a BiS Focus for both PvP and PvE players.

Update (03/24/2014): Daglar has confirmed that the PvE version does not exist on Live and it was changed into the PvP version prior to the focus hitting Live. [r]

There also seems to be a PvE version with:

  • END+50
  • AP+75
  • SP+75

The PvE version is currently not readily obtainable on the PTS, but Daglar had the sigil equipped/linked on the PTS during the previous Conquest: Steppes of Infinity playtest.

CQ Mounts


There are two new re-skinned/modelled Armored Tiger mounts available under both Rift Store -> Mounts and Rift Store -> PvP -> Mounts on the PTS. They each cost 8,000 Warlord Marks of Conquest and 250,000 Favor.


These require Level 60. There’s no faction requirement – at least on the PTS.

Bindings of Blood

Bindings of Maelforge

There’s a new portal on the 1st floor of the Runic Athenaeum with Bindings of Maelforge. This makes the 4th boss encounter for Tier 3 that is available on the PTS, the others being Bindings of: Greenscale, Akylios and Laethys.

Bindings of Maelforge is located in Mount Carcera on Ember Isle – same location as the Level 50 Tier 3 Raid: Infernal Dawn.

Magcilian’s Egg


First up, Magcilian’s Egg is situated in the spot where Maelforge is located in Infernal Dawn during Eggs encounter. You can see the platforms and lava raised up already.

Chances are this is a mini-boss/add/event prior to Maelforge.

Note: HP is just the egg. Likely if he ‘hatches’, he’ll have ~100m hp.



Maelforge begins where he ends up in the Infernal Dawn encounter. He has a debuff “Chilld of Death: The curse of Regulos cripples Maelforge, requiring most of his strength to resist.”

Whether in the future phases he ‘breaks free’ of this curse is unknown, but it’s interesting to note that he doesn’t spread his wings.

Further Platform?

anotherspireIt’s interesting to note that the platform Maelforge is on isn’t the highest one. There’s another one leading up to a Spire/Building that looks similar to the Bloodfire Stronghold’s portal/entrance building.

Will further phases in the Bindings of Maelforge encounter lead you up these further steps? Who knows. Will be interesting if they do though.



Like all the other encounters, there are NPCs here as well – heroes of the past. Unfortunately two of them are under the ground right now. The NPCs are:

  • Karine <The Bard>
  • Ula Burilgi <The Reaver>
  • Asias <Cabalist of Madness>
  • Talos Roda <The Purifier>

Bindings of Laethys: New Mob


There’s a new mob/mini-boss in a different section of the Bindings of Laethys encounter called “Mallaven”. Likely a mini-boss like Magcilian in the Bindings of Maelforge encounter.

Bindings of Akylios Achieves


Three new achieves have popped up under Achievements -> Bindings of Blood related to the Bindings of Blood: Akylios encounter. Not very revealing, although it does indicate that there are still Stingers and Lashers and that the NPC heroes-of-the-past will be part of the mechanics like the other Bindings encounters.

Promotional Stuff

There’s two additional achievements under Achievements -> Promotions. These relate to Mech Week so it is likely that we will be getting another Mech Week soon.

I’m All Gears


I’m All Gears is clearly imitating what Trion has done with Budgie Week (in terms of being able to get a free lockbox by doing quests). Looks to be three new quests when Mech Week arrives:

  • Smashing the Competition
  • Power Play
  • To the Strongest!

You receive a Temporal Flux Vault as a reward – which is the lockbox that has a timer that must expire prior to opening it up. Contains a rare chance at a new Blue and Gold Empyreal Walker Mount.


If we check the old Promo image for the first Mech Week that occured – the ‘Blue and Gold’ mount could potentially be the one on the right. They may even introduce the other two in the above image for the next Mech Week – or leave them for future Mech Weeks.



Gotta Catch Them All Rift Achievement is an old achieve that was available during the first Mech Week last year. You must collect all the companion pets that are obtained from the Temporal Flux Vaults.

Rewards a Pack of Squirrels 2.0 that you can summon.

Black Empyreal Walker Mount


There’s a new PRI Quartermaster in Tempest Bay where all the other PvE gear merchants/dailies/weeklies are called Mari.

On top of the Tropical Budgie Mount, she now sells a Black Empyreal Walker mount that costs 850 Temporal Gear gained from the Temporal Flux daily quests or from Temporal Vaults during Mech Week Promotional Weeks.

ETA on the next Mech Week is unknown.

TehFrank’s Datamining

TehFrank has done some more datamining for the current March updates on the PTS. You can find his updated March thread here.

Spectral Cyclone Mount


Although it doesn’t say specifically in the file name “mount_floating_stormlegion”, the skeletal model is clearly that of the Cyclone mount. The fact it says “mount_floating_spectral” probably means that this is a new, Spectral version of the Cyclone mount.

When will it appear? The other Spectral mounts (besides the horse) come from Autumn Harvest Annual World Event – so I would speculate that is when this mount will come.


As you can see above – Left is the Cyclone Mount and Right is a Spectral Ash Strider Mount. Hopefully it gives you an idea of what the Spectral Cyclone mount will look like.

Two New Icons


There’s two new icons.

The right one is clearly the Pink Budgie mount – TehFrank dug up the skin previously.

The left one is potentially the Spectral version of the Cyclone mount, although it could also be another armored mount. It may even be an Armored Drake combat pet. Or perhaps even the water/amphibious mount – skin.


Hero’s Unrest Rifts


There’s a new quest at the Runic Athenaeum relating to “Hero’s Unrest Rifts” and a “Thing That Shall Not Be Named”.

Unfortunately there’s a bug with the current quest – but once it is up and working, more information will be provided!

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