PTS News: Jan 29th Patch 2.6 Update on PTS (323MB Update)


A new 323MB update has been released on the Public Test Shard (PTS) which likely includes bug fixes and further additions to Patch 2.6 – as well as some encounters now open to the public for Tier 3 Raids.

This is on top of the 500MB update back in December which added in some of the 2.6 stuff as well as Fae Yule additions and the two other updates on 16th January (510MB Update) and 22nd January (260MB Update).

January 29th PTS Update Banner


  • Tier 3 Raid Encounters
  • Bounties System Updated
  • Raid Weeklies Updated
  • Combat Pet Skins
  • Dream Weaving Changes
  • Relic Cape Upgrade
  • New Tank Runes
  • Budgie Mount
  • TehFrank Datamining
  • Others:
    • Ghost Clock Dimension Item.
    • Xumpothazon Achieve.
    • Cult Saga Achievements added.
    • Invasive Species/Sinister Tide Lures.
    • Planar Squirrel Mounts Updated.
    • Magma Walker Mount skin Updated.
    • Tracking Icons Color-coded.

Tier 3 Raid Encounters


Note: Tier 3 Raids aren’t slated for 2.6 and likely won’t hit live for a few months.

Update 01.31.14: Tier 3 Raids will start to appear on Live at the end of Patch 2.6, and more will be added to Live during Patch 2.7. [Ref]

Two of the raid encounters for SL Tier 3 20-man Raids are available for open testing on the PTS:

  • Bindings of Greenscale.
  • Bindings of Akylios.

Tier 3 seems to be mainly concentrated on the Dragons themselves. It is about journeying to the past to prevent past failings from spilling over to the present and future.

As such, the Bindings of Greenscale instance is in a time period prior to Prince Hylas and his crew. The Bindings of Akylios are in a time period where Hammerknell Fortress is largely undamaged and the dwarves corrupted by the Shade still reside within.

Dev Anony Tier 3 Boss Encounters

As Dev_Anony mentioned above, the encounters will have one boss each – the Dragons themselves, rather than several bosses in a single instance. There are however a small amount of trash packs prior to the dragon encounter.

Other possible encounters

TehFrank also dug up information about a Bindings of Laethys.

Furthermore, an interesting conversation propped up over how many Dragons will be included in Tier 3.

Rift Dev Anony Tier 3 Raid Dragons

Does this potentially hint at us fighting every Dragon in a past timeline for Tier 3 Raid? Hope so!

From the way we access the Tier 3 bosses, it could be possible that lockouts will be on a per-boss-basis. Why? Because each boss encounter available thus far is in a separate instance. More on that later.

How to get to Tier 3 Raids


The entrance to the two Tier 3 Raid boss encounters currently available on the PTS can be found in the Moonshade Highlands zone in Mathosia at (7643, 1560).


When you see the two rickety bridges leading to the cave entrance, you’ll know you’re on the right track.


You’ll find a cave called “The Buried Path”. It’s a pretty long cave with nothing in it (that might change prior to Live) as well as an underwater passage in the middle that leads to nothing (that could also change).

At the end, you’ll find the entrance to second Runemaster’s Library (the main one is in Hammerknell Fortress) called “Runic Athenaeum”.


In the Runic Athenaeum, you can speak to a man named Voradrin who talks about the lore surrounding the library and the Tier 3 Raids. Basic premise is that you journey to the past to prevent the failings of the past that threaten to spill over into the present and future.

  • For Bindings of Greenscale, you are there prior to Greenscale being bound by the Plane of Death (the bindings that you free him from in Greenscale’s Blight).
  • For Bindings of Akylios, you are there prior to the ruin of Hammerknell Fortress when the dwarves are still there.

Click on the runes to the side of the library to teleport to the second floor.

  • The Blue Portal ports you to the Binding of Akylios instance.
  • The Red Portal ports you to the Binding of Greenscale instance.

Given the architecture of the library, it is highly possible to add portals for the other 4 Dragons in this library. This would also effectively make them instance-locked on a per-boss-basis since it is one boss per instance.


Porticulum: Runic Athenaeum


There’s a Porticulum in the Runic Athenaeum so you can easily fast-travel back here.

Future Updates

Dev Cyzo hinted that they may be adding lower-level content to the area surrounding Runic Athenaeum – and Dev MikeD posted that in Patch 2.7 they’ll be expanding the underwater tunnel (that leads to nothing) in the cave before Runic Athenaeum.

Bindings of Greenscale

Rift Bindings of Greenscale Tier 3 RaidBindings of Greenscale uses the old Greenscale’s Blight encounter instance, but changes up the pre-Greenscale trash area. There’s no maze, because this is a time prior to Prince Hylas’ Aelfwar.

The Trash

The Trash is in the room prior to Greenscale. There’s no changing flora because there’s no maze. The path leads right and is made by Noxious Bracken and Strange Plants.

Bindings of Greenscale Trash Pack

The Trash themselves include packs of Toxic Shamblers, Lifebound Stalkers, Saguine Mender/s, Lifebound Beasts and a Murderous Overgrowth at the end of the path.

The path to Greenscale itself is filled completely with Noxious Bracken and Strange Plants. Chances are – the way the instance is set-up – it is probably intended for you to kill the Murderous Overgrowth in order to remove the Noxious Bracken and Strange Plants from the tunnel before Greenscale. That said, right now you can just walk through.

The NPCs

You are assisted throughout the instance by several NPCs:

  • Thorvin Strenhammer <Justicar of Theodor>
  • Amunet <The Stormcaller>
  • Dhel <The Beastmaster>
  • Naveer <Greatest of Cats>
  • Diona <Warden of Ixalou>
  • Durnes <The Ranger>

Speaking to an NPC makes that NPC follow you and the player is given a reactive that corresponds to the NPC. Currently you can have all NPCs follow you, but it is intended for only 1 NPC for 1 Player.

Rift Bindings of Greenscale Tier 3 Raid NPC Abilities

There’s varying cooldowns for each of the abilities and they are off-GCD. Thorvin bugged out but DEV_Anony gave the breakdown of his ability (AoE mass-dispel).

DEV_Anony has mentioned that you don’t need to use any of the NPCs, but they clearly help. Chances are there will probably be an achievement to down Greenscale without using any of the NPCs’ reactives.

The Lore

Here’s something for the Lore buffs out there:

drekanoth of fate

Was our beautiful Goddess of Fate actually this ugly Guardian ancient? Or is this just a ‘messenger’ for the Goddess of Fate?



Greenscale has 81.8M hp. He has 7 phases. An Air Phase pops up at 75% hp.

Rift Bindings of Greenscale 7 Phases

  • There’s a Venom Cloud anti-melee mechanic that does 29k Life Damage.
  • Caustic Bulwark raid-wide damage that occurs during Venom cloud that does 28k Life Damage.
  • Noxious Fumes dragon breath.
  • AoE Wisps; Werewolves, Treant Add Packs, Shamblers, Plants/etc.

Lots going on, and that’s just the first and/or second phase. There seems to be plenty of variety and mechanics to watch out for from just the first one or two phases.

As always, everything subject to change.

Bindings of Akylios

bindingsofakylios1Bindings of Akylios encounter is the Blue Portal on the second floor of Runic Athenaeum and uses the Akylios encounter area in Hammerknell Fortress.

The Trash


The trash are the Runeguard dorfs themselves. There’s not a lot – less trash packs in the dock than the old Hammerknell Fortress.

You’ll find dorfs littering the halls on your way to the dock, and a small roleplay with a giant wave annihilating some of them in the tunnel prior to the dock.

Afterwards, you’ll see the Runeguard trash packs (originally friendly) turn hostile as they become mind-broken.



bindingsofakylios3The dock. It seems to have the Wreck of the Endeavour – or a similar ship. There’s also a ferry and boat to the left- i.e. like a real dock. This is at a time when Akylios first makes his appearance in Hammerknell Fortress. Perhaps we’ll even see General Stanig Malm (Scotty’s father) in this fight!

It is possible that this fight will also include NPCs like General Stanig Malm.

If you check the screenshot above, you can see one of Akylios’ red head-spikes poking up from the water’s surface (it sways from side to side in the instance).

Not much else is known about the encounter at this point. You’ll likely need to clear the trash (or at least the ones at the dock) to begin the encounter.

Bounties System Updated

The Bounty System has been updated on the PTS with a ton of achieves (600 points worth), Trophy rewards, animal Call rewards and the potions NPC.

The Achieves

Soul-based Bounty Achieves


There’s now a 10-point achievements under Achieves -> Character -> Bounties for every single soul in the game (excl. 3.0 souls). These are likely pvp-related and not referring to the NPC humanoid mobs that might use the abilities of certain souls.

It will be interesting to see how this works. The others are supposed to work by gaining Bounty Artifacts and completing Bounty Artifact Sets gained as a chance from killing creatures [r].

If these are indeed PvP:

  • What happens if someone you kill is in a 61 Inquisitor, 8 Defiler, 7 Justicar spec? Does that mean you get a chance at Bounty Artifacts relating to Inquisitors, Defilers and Justicars? Or just the highest-point soul?
  • Do you gain the Artifact automatically? Or do you have to loot the corpse? If looting, is it a roll for the entire team, or you have looting rights?

Rift Bounty System Class Slayer Wall Mounts

Collecting all the Soul-based Bounties related to a Class will earn you a 20-pt meta achievement for that class, as well as a wall mount dimension item.

Rift Bounty System Headhunter

Completing all the Class Metas gives you the Title: Headhunter.

Other Meta Achieves

Rift Bounty Meta Achievements

The other Bounty meta-achieves relate to number of Bounties collected. Each rewards Animal Call and/or Wall Mounts/Trophies with the final 100-Bounty Achieve adding the Cloak of the Bounty Hunter cape.

The Goods

Animal Call

Animal Call Wolf

The Animal Calls are interactive items that allow you to make the sound of the associated creature. 15sec CD. Prepare to be invaded by various cries and howls throughout Tempest Bay.

There’s 13 of them in total.

Trophies/Wall Mounts

Rift Bounty Wall Mounts

The Wall Mounts. More could come in the future via other means – who knows. These are Dimension Items.

Even if you aren’t into dimensions, throwing up some of these wall mounts would be pretty nice. Heck, you might even be able to pay a dimensioneer to build a cabinet for you or properly place these up on your wall.

Note: Currently there is one missing because the ‘Bear Trophy’ uses the ‘Architect Trophy’ preview.

The Potions


There’s a new NPC helping out XJ12 Infiltrator <Bounty Hunter> called ZN14 Provider <Bounty Hunter Supplies>.

Just a recap – You go to XJ12 Infiltrator in Tempest Bay to turn in Bounty Artifact Sets just as you normally would turn in normal Artifacts to the Artifact Collector/Vendor.

ZN14 Provider provides a large series of potions for every type of creature that is attached to the bounty system.

Potion of Bogling Slaying

He sells a large variety of potions for slaying each type of creature. They are locked until you have completed a meta achievement – the lower down the list of potions, the higher the meta achievement required to unlock it.

  • Each one costs 5 platinum or 10 Credits (9 for Patron).
  • 30min CD; Bind on Pickup; Consumable.

It states “Use: You are currently focused on hunting Boglings”. My guess is that this is either a tracking potion (so the Boglings in this instance will appear on the mini-map), or it improves the chances of getting Bounty Artifacts from that particular mob.

Rift Bounty System Potion of Slaying

Will we eventually get wall mounts for each of these creatures? That would be interesting!

Raid Weeklies Updated

Patch 2.6 Raid Weeklies

The Raid Weeklies have been changed. There seems to only be 2 now (one for Tier 1 10-man and one for Tier 1 20-man) instead of the 3 available in the previous PTS update.

The rewards have also changed. It now gives 400 Empyreal Slayer’s Marks (Dungeon and Tier 1 Raid currency) as well as 200 Frozen Eclipse Stones (Tier 2 Raid currency) as well as 2,500 Lycini Notoriety instead of the previous Dendrome Raider’s Cache.

This should encourage Tier 2 raiders to run the Tier 1 content and should also help Tier 1 raiders obtain Tier 1 gear, work their way to Tier 2 gear and also gain some of that Lycini rep.

You can obtain the Raid Weeklies from Tard Birdesa <Raid Master> in Tempest Bay at (13128, 11502) where all the other Merchants/PvE Dailies/Weekly NPCs are.

Combat Pet Skins


As per the reveal during the 24th January 2014 Livestream, Combat Pet Skins are now up on the PTS.

They’ve added additional ‘Legacy’ skins since the livestream – basically the older models for each pet. Prices have also been adjusted at 400 Credits (360 for Patron) for Legacy skins and 800 Credits (720 for Patron) for the new skins.

To reiterate:

  • Obtained from Rift Store -> Pets -> Combat Pet Skins.
  • Combat Pet Skins are Account-wide purchases and automatic – doesn’t go in inventory.
  • You can choose a Skin by summoning your Combat Pet (i.e. not companion pet but a Pet from a pet-based soul) and then going to your Character Screen (default key “c“) -> Pet and choosing the skin from the icons below your pet.









Dream Weaving Changes

Cooldowns Added


Some of the Dimension Keys that Dream Weavers can craft have had Cooldowns imposed on them.


  • Azcu’azg Oasis – 20hr CD
  • Malluma Track – 20hr CD
  • Anywhere – 20hr CD
  • Edgestone Ridge – 6hr CD
  • Gloamwood Glen – 6hr CD
  • Karthan Ponds – 6hr CD

Dream Weaver Recipes Added to Rift Store


Some of the Dream Weaving recipes have been moved from the Trainer to the Rift Store and now cost Platinum or Credits.

Thanks to Accol on the forums for finding these recipes!

Dream Orb CDs Dropped

Currently on the PTS the Dream Orbs have CDs.

Note: The next PTS patch will reverse these changes so that the Median and Greater Dream Orbs will no longer have a CD. Instead they will cost more Dream Ribbons than they currently do. The exact amount is unknown.

Source: Faratha.

Relic Cape Upgrade

Patch 2.6 Relic Cape Upgrade

The Relic Cape Upgrade path is finally in! This is probably going to make it to Patch 2.6.

It costs 2x Empyreal Marauder’s Large Cells (7,800 Empyreal Slayer’s Marks) and a top-tier Torvan Cape (60k Planarite; 12,300 Infinity Stones) as the upgrade pieces.

The base Relic Cape (Perpetual-quality) that you can craft will also keep its augment when upgraded to (Legendary Perpetual-quality).

Note: Right now on PTS the Upgrade cast doesn’t work.

New Tank Runes


Runecrafter Runes

There’s a few new Tank-focused rune recipes; all using Celestial Essence (that craft item bought from trainer that nobody ever used for anything). They are meant to replace the old Level 50 runes that Tanks have been using.

Rift New Runes for Patch 2.6

Notoriety Runes

Qaijiri and Eternal City Survivor notoriety Tank runes have been added for Helm and Legs respectively. You can access them from their individual Quartermasters or from the Rift Store -> Equipment -> Runes.


The new Helm notoriety runes provide:

  • MAIN STAT + 18; END + 10 for The Qaijiri: Honored reputation level.
  • MAIN STAT + 35; END + 19 for The Qaijiri: Glorified reputation level.


The new Leg notoriety runes provide:

  • MAIN STAT + 18; END + 10 for Eternal City Survivors: Honored reputation level.
  • MAIN STAT + 35; END + 19 for Eternal City Survivors: Glorified reputation level.

These runes should give a nice boost for Tanks in Patch 2.6, on top of the Dream Orbs coming with the Dream Weaving craft profession.

Budgie Mount


There’s a new category in Achievements called “Promotions” with a single achieve, “Chicken Run!”.

This is likely where most cash-shop achieves will end up in the future. Either that or achievements for the current Rift Store Promotion will end up here, and then be moved elsewhere once completed.

As Dev Tacitus has mentioned before, Rift Store Credits-based achieves don’t reward achievement points.


And here’s the first achieve on the list! “Chicken Run!” that has you completing Budgie races in Silverwood, Cape Jule and Pelladane. You gain a Limited Edition: Budgie Trove lockbox that has a chance at a Frosty Budgie mount.

Remember these mount skins that TehFrank datamined?


Four of those look like the new Budgie mounts. You’ve also got Dev Archonix’s teaser image he posted back in December:


Given this is a zero-point achievement, my guess is that you’ll need to buy a Budgie mount in order to participate in this achievement in the first place – similar to the Courage and Flame Horse-type events during Summerfest that requires the Ascend-a-Friend rewards to participate.

Either way, if you’re interested in a Budgie mount, get those Credits/REX stocked up!

TehFrank Datamining

Each update comes new datamined files by TehFrank.

  • Bindings of Laethys assets.
  • Gyel Fortress models.
  • Possible Mount.
  • Warfront 11.
  • 3 Faction Icons.
  • Doctor Bag dimension item.
  • Promo Event Icons.

Check out the article below:


Other stuff added to this update include:

  • Ghost Clock Dimension Item.
  • Xumpothazon Achieve.
  • Cult Saga Achievements.
  • Invasive Species/Sinister Tide Lures.
  • Planar Squirrel Mounts Updated.

Ghost Clock Dimension Item


A Ghost Clock dimension item has been added to the Avid Reader achievement. Unsure if this is a VFX dimension item – might have moving handles and perhaps even flip upside down given its design.

Xumpothazon Achieve


Defeat “Xumpothazon” during the Bloodfire Army zone event. As revealed in the earlier 510MB PTS update this month, the Bloodfire Army zone event will start appearing with Phase 3 of the Air Saga World Event.

Cult Saga Achievements


The two Air Saga quest achievements “An Approaching Inferno” and “Such Sweet Sorrow” that were available in the previous update have now moved from Planes -> Air to the Character -> Cult Saga achievement category.

There’s also now 3 new achievements with three new Titles to earn: “of the Icewatch”, “Watcher” and “Stormbreaker”.

Invasive Species/Sinister Tide Lures


You can now find Invasive Species (hellbug) and Sinister Tide lures under Rift Store -> Rifts for 800 planarite each or 14 Credits (13 for Patron).

These are in direct response to higher-level players invading lower zones and opening a ton of Fire or Water rifts in an attempt to open one of these two lures.

This is a good addition – both because it allows those hunting mounts to not have to fill up an entire zone with abandoned rifts; and because it gives Lycini grinders a much faster way to get their Invasive Species/Hellbug rifts.

Planar Squirrel Mounts Updated


The Planar Squirrel Mounts have been updated. The three skins that weren’t up on PTS yet: Water, Air and Earth are now up!

These are the Rivertail, Cloudtail and Gemtail respectively.

Magma Walker Mount Skin Updated

Magma Walker Mount

The Magma Walker mount, which is a mount that you ‘grow’ during the Epic Air Saga World Event linked to the Bloodfire Stronghold has had its preview updated. Although you can’t see it in the preview image above, this mount seems to have a fire glow, according to this datamined file:


Look forward to riding one of these in Patch 2.6!

Tracking Icons Color-coded

Tracking icons are now color-coded.


  • Ores = Yellow
  • Wood = Brown
  • Plants = Green
  • Fish = Blue
  • Artifacts = White (includes Twisted Artifacts)

Want more information on Patch 2.6? Check out the following articles!:

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  1. January 30, 2014 at 4:59 pm #

    Very Exciting

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    Did no one notice mounts are now called “Land Mounts” ??? Meaning we might get Air Mounts or Sea Mounts

    • February 5, 2014 at 3:14 pm #

      Yep, mentioned it here.

      TehFrank also datamined the Water and Amphibious Mount classifications as well as a possible Water/Amphibious Mount skin here.


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