PTS Datamining for 7th August 2014 Update

Datamining 7th August 2014 Feature Image

A large 1.8GB update hit RIFT’s Public Test Shard for the 7th August 2014. You can check out the changes to the PTS available to testers here. Changes include HP inflation, removal of TOUGHNESS, addition of GUARD stat and a whole slew of 3.0 achievements.

We’ve also got a few juicy datamined items, almost entirely 3.0-related:


  • Corpses – Onir and Mutant Soldiers
  • Draumheim Porticulum
  • Mermaid Decor Models
  • Mermaid Rig + Skin
  • Sea Colossus Rig
  • RIFT 3.0 Weapon Models
  • Void Menhir Model + Skin
  • Other Datamined Files – Interesting File Names; Critters; Ritual Stones; Oculon

As always, everything below is subject to change prior to hitting Live and some things included below may never make it to Live release.

First up, Sharp Mount Icon:

Shark Mount Icon

That’s the Thrasher/Thresher mount coming in 3.0!


Corpses – Onir and Mutant Soldiers

Onir People

RIFT 3.0 Nightmare Tide Onir Corpse Models

There’s a whole bunch of corpse models for the Onir. Looking at their ‘skirts’, it seems like these could potentially be the ‘pale dwarf’-skinned people whose skins have been datamined previously.

You’ll notice both normal ‘dream’ versions and ‘nightmare’ versions, with the nightmare versions having a more sinister look to their armor and a face-mask. Their chest is also protruding more – most likely where an ‘eye’ is located.

Their skins for the masks datamined in this update as well:

Nightmare Onir Facemask

The facemasks (or actual faces) look similar to Japanese demon masks such as the one shown here. The inverted, protruding fangs are especially telling. This isn’t too farfetched given that the Gyel Fortress is shown to have Oriental architecture. The eye coming out of its mask is particularly disturbing.

The ‘Nightmare’ versions of the Onir people seems to be clearly the ‘Tribulation Soldier’ concept art:

Nightmare Tide Concept Art

From the gaps in its armor, the ‘Nightmare’ versions seem like they are spirits wearing armor, rather than flesh and blood underneath.

Mutant Soldiers

RIFT 3.0 Nightmare Tide Mutant Soldier Corpses

It’s not just Onir corpses. We’ve also datamined Mutant Soldier corpses. This is also the first time we’ve seen the mutant soldiers in model form – all previous datamines have only contained their rig/skeleton.


Draumheim Porticulum

RIFT 3.0 Nightmare Tide Draumheim Porticulum

In this PTS update’s datamine, we see a Draumheim Porticulum revealed! It is quite different from the Goboro Reef Porticulum design, with two mermaid statues ‘holding up’ the archway. Note that the large ‘white’ arch area is likely not solid, but instead largely transparent, minus any intricate details added in that area. (My guess is it is a way to reduce polygon count).

There’s also a ‘green’ and ‘red’ version of the Draumheim Porticulum.

Below is potentially the skin for the Draumheim Porticulum. The left-most design is clearly the area the mermaid statues are ‘carrying’ whilst the large semi-circle in the middle is likely half the platform.

RIFT 3.0 Nightmare Tide Possible Draumheim Porticulum Skin

Potential Draumheim Porticulum Skin

Mermaids are quite a common theme in the Plane of Water, as you’ll see below:


Mermaid Decor Models

RIFT 3.0 Nightmare Tide Mermaid Decor

Quite a few wall decors with mermaids. You can almost imagine a huge city filled with mermaid statues, wall decors and Akylios statues. Quite eerie depending on how populated the place is.

RIFT 3.0 Nightmare Tide Mermaid Wall Decor Skins

Nightmare Tide Mermaid Wall Decor Skins

These are potentially the skins for those Mermaid Wall Decor models.


Mermaid Rigs + Skin

RIFT 3.0 Nightmare Tide Mermaid RigA mermaid rig/skeleton. There’s both a ‘heavy’ and ‘light’ version although the rigs look the same. They probably look like the sirens off the west coast of Ember Isle.

RIFT 3.0 Nightmare Tide Mermaid Skin

And here’s a skin for one of the mermaids! Not surprising – like the sirens – they seem to have very long hair and the lower half of their bodies are fish-like. Not too much else can be garnered from the skin.

They also have quite a lot of ‘purses’ of different colors:

RIFT 3.0 Nightmare Tide Mermaid PurseWhat are these for? No clue. Perhaps a quest item, or just something you see near mermaids – like a bag they use to collect sea shells/dreams, or perhaps it’s actually a lot smaller than it appears and is carried on a mermaid’s hip.

“Mermaid Purse” is also reference to Shark Eggs [r] (Thanks to Zelwin for discovering this!) So…do the mermaids produce the Skelf?


Sea Colossus Rig

RIFT 3.0 Nightmare Tide Sea Colossus Rig

More on that Sea Colossus – we now have his rig! Things are starting to ‘fit’ together now. This skin here which I assumed was a Skelf skin is clearly the Sea Colossus skin – the colors, tentacles/etc just match.

That massive mouth and the rest are also shown in our previous datamine mentioned before.

The below image also seems to be the skin for – perhaps – his mouth:

RIFT 3.0 Nightmare Tide Sea Colossus Mouth Skin

Will be amazing to see this guy in action in 3.0!

RIFT 3.0 Weapon Models

RIFT 3.0 Nightmare Tide Weapon ModelsA couple of Nightmare Tide weapon models have been datamined! Some of these are clearly part of the Nightmare Tide Weapons Concept Art shown below, although others might be either newly-revealed or NPC-only weapons.

RIFT 3.0 Nightmare Tide Weapons Concept Art

RIFT 3.0 Nightmare Tide Weapons Concept Art

RIFT 3.0 Nightmare Tide Weapon Skins

A few of the skins have also been placed onto the PTS, as per above. As you can see, not all are nightmare-related.


Void Menhir Model + Skin

RIFT 3.0 Nightmare Tide Void Menhir Model

A Void Menhir. We’ve seen an Akvan Totem which is quite similar. Interestingly, this one seems to come with a skin of a potential ‘Akvan’ (or a crude sculpture of one).

Void Menhir Skin

This is probably a crude sculpture of an Akvan, or perhaps an ancient version of one.

Other Datamined Files

Other interesting datamined files include:

Interesting File Names

  • character/creature/skelf/rig/ – Relates to this skin here datamined previously. This seems to indicate that there’s both a Skelf Shaman and Skelf Shaman (Charred version).
  • ep2_assets/map/drh_sanctum_sliver/drh_sanctum_slivergamedata_0.pak – A Sliver for Sanctum. Perhaps a Nightmare version of Sanctum for a Chronicle.
  • anim\unarmed_swim\move\asset\spirit_kelari_lesser_fire_02_unarmed_swim_move_backward.kf – Not much, except that you’ll see swimming fire spirits.
  • rig\asset\R_N_ground_horror_03_skinned.nif
    Nightmare Rift filenames. Some pretty spooky doodads in these rifts.

Mount-based filenames:

  • anim\mount\jump\asset\elf_male_mount_gargazelle_jump_cycle.kf
  • anim\mount\swim\idle\asset\elf_male_mount_doopah_swim_idle.kf
  • anim\mount\swim\idle\asset\dwarf_male_mount_hellbug_swim_idle.kf
  • anim\mount\swim\idle\asset\dwarf_male_mount_crocnard_swim_idle.kf
  • anim\mount\swim\move\asset\dwarf_male_mount_floating_stormlegion_swim_move_forward.kf
  • anim\mount\swim\idle\asset\dwarf_male_mount_shark_swim_idle.kf
  • anim\mount\run\asset\dwarf_male_mount_shieldsled_run_forward.kf

Quite a few mount-based filenames pulled from the recent PTS update.

  • What’s ‘Gargazelle?’ New mount? This could potentially just be the filename for Vaiyuu mounts which look closest to a gazelle out of all the current mounts.
  • ‘Doopah’ might also be another existing mount. It apparently means ‘butt’ in Polish. The more interesting point is that this ‘Doopah’ mount now has an _swim_idle animation, which means it is an Aquatic or Amphibious mount!
  • Hellbug, Crocnard, ‘floating_stormlegion’ (probably Cyclone) and Shark mounts will also be able to swim! Crocnard was known already (including Tartagon mounts), but Hellbug and Cyclone mounts being able to be upgraded to an Amphibious mount was unknown until now!
  • The ‘Shieldsled’ mount is probably the temporary Sled mount that you get in Iron Pine Peak for the Sledding Race during the annual Fae Yule World Event. Would be nice to get this as an actual mount instead of just a temporary ability.


RIFT 3.0 Nightmare Tide Further Critters and Misc

  • critter/critter_fish_a/rig/
  • critter/critter_fish_a/rig/
  • critter/critter_skate/rig/
  • beast/beast_wild_bear/rig/

A couple of critters. Above you can find their rig file names as well as potential skins. Some of the skins above are also random without any noticeable file-name associations.

Ritual Stones

RIFT 3.0 Nightmare Tide Ritual Stones

Three ritual stones for various planes + nightmare version. Found under “prop/common/quest” so they are likely quest-based, although these could in fact be part of Nightmare Rifts as interactables.

The below image looks like the skin for the

RIFT 3.0 Nightmare Tide Fire Ritual Stone Skin


RIFT 3.0 Nightmare Tide Oculon

Oculon. Again, another quest-related object. The skins are a guess as to what the models refer to, but they seem to be quite related. The “” orb is the eye and the skin to the right of it looks like its associated skin. This skin also seems attached to the bottom model and skin in the image above.

(perhaps you have to kick the eyeball to destroy the death spine). This could also be potentially attached to some giant colossus as one of its ‘weak points’.



Quite a few new 3.0-related models, rigs and skins added onto the PTS.

For past PTS Updates, click here. You can also find past datamining and 3.0-related news updates.

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3 Comments on “PTS Datamining for 7th August 2014 Update”

  1. Zelwin
    August 12, 2014 at 12:29 am #

    “Mermaid Purse” is also a term for shark eggs.×222.jpg

    • August 12, 2014 at 12:52 am #

      Oh wow, nice find Zelwin! Adding that in! The mermaids make the Skelfs? @,@?

    • Zelwin
      August 13, 2014 at 12:13 am #

      I doubt the Mermaids make the Skelfs, but they definitely look like shark eggs and Skelfs look like sharks, so maybe some sort of Skelf hatchery?

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